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  • C O N T R I B U T E

  • C O N T R I B U T E

    Dont forget to publish your experiments

    Code Samples, HW design, fails will be useful to other people

    We all start by copy/pasting ;)

    Your own website, github,, instructables your call!

  • W E R E H I R I N G !

    Field Evangelist Europe

    Run workshops

    Talk at conferences

    Support the community

  • U S E F U L R E S O U R C E S

    Workshop slides




    Add your own !


  • R E G I S T E R

    Provider: Arrow // SmartEverything

    Country : France

    Device ID: sticker on the board

    PAC: check the list

  • H E L L O W O R L D

  • S M A R T E V E R Y T H I N G T E S T

    Open the Arduino IDE

    Select the board

    Board type : Smart Everything Fox (USB)

    Try one of the File > Examples > SmartEverything samples

    Sigfox : File>Examples>SmartEverything>Sigfox>DataModeEu

  • H E L L O W O R L D S K E T C H#include


    void setup() {




    SigFox.print( +++ );


    void loop() {

    char output;

    SigFox.print( AT$SF=CAFECAFE");

    SigFox.print( \r");



  • M E S S A G E R E C E I V E D ?

    Navigate to the devices menu in the top bar

    Click on the ID of your device

    Enter the messages menu from the left navigation column

  • F I R S T C A L L B A C K

  • C A L L B A C K S E T U P

    Device Type menu

    Click on your device type name

    Enter the Callbacks menu

    Select new default callback

  • C A L L B A C K S E T U P


    Choose a CHANNEL : URL (EMAIL for a quick test)

    Url pattern: URL of your own server

    Use HTTP method: GET/POST/PUT

  • C A L L B A C K S TAT U S

    In the Devices > Messages panel, you have a indicator of the callback status (an arrow)

    Black : in progress

    Green : Callback OK

    Red : Callback KO

    Click the arrow to display details.

    KO means at least one of the callbacks failed

  • D O W N L I N K

  • H O W D O E S I T W O R K ?

    Send a message, with a downlink flag

    Once message is sent, the module gets back to sleep

    After 20s, it will wake up automatically, in Rx mode

    It will wait 20s for a downlink message

    Afterwards it will get back to sleep

  • D O W N L I N K S E T U P

    To setup an automatic callback :

    Device Type > Info > Edit

    In the Downlink data settings, set the following :

    Downlink Mode : DIRECT

    Set the following value : 123400000BADCAFE

  • H O W T O R E Q U E S T A D O W N L I N K

    Same AT command, with additional parameters

    AT$SF=[hex byte]*, 1

  • H A N D L E T H E R E S P O N S E

    When entering Rx mode, the module will display


    Received frame (if any) will be displayed as: +RX= [byte] [byte] [byte] [byte] [byte]

    [byte] [byte] [byte]

    End of Rx mode

    +RX END

  • D O W N L I N K C A L L B A C K

    In Device Type > Info > Edit

    change Downlink mode to CALLBACK

    Create a new default callback, with TYPE : DATA | BIDIR

    Then set up your URL

  • S A M P L E I N P U T O U T P U T

    AT$SF=55 50 4C 49 4E 4B, 2, 1



    +RX=44 4F 57 4E 4C 49 4E 4B

    +RX END

  • S A M P L E C O D E


    Server side

    PR welcome in different languages

  • K E E P I N T O U C H

    [email protected]


    @disk91 @alexrbucknall @Anth0_ @nlesconnec