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  • Lake Powell is located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area at the mouth of the Grand Canyon. The lake is breathtakingly beautiful with tall canyons, red rock formations, and sand dunes. Lake Powell offers visitors an

    abundance of recreational activities.

  • Rainbow Bridge is a massive natural arch of sandstone and has been preserved as Rainbow Bridge National Monument. It was carved over time by wind and water and stands as a reminder of the sculpting powers of erosion.

    Rainbow Bridge is only accessible by boat or a 14-mile hike across Navajo Tribal land.

  • Glen Canyon Dam is an impressive display of engineering

    and construction. It was constructed for hydroelectric power generation, water storage, and to provide recreation opportunities. Without the dam, there would be no Lake Powell.

  • This geological formation showcases multicolored cliffs, plateaus, mesas, buttes, pinnacles, and canyons. Available scenic recreational activities include horseback riding, mountain biking,

    backpacking, camping, hunting, and fishing.

  • A plethora of hiking trails are available

    to explore, with scenery of waterfalls, rock formations, and natural arches. There are existing trails to follow as well as the opportunity to blaze new trails. To get to smaller canyons, a kayak or powerboat may be necessary.

  • Fishing on Lake Powell is on its own level of serenity and relaxation. There are many private coves for casting a fishing line. Since Lake Powell spans Utah and Arizona, a fishing license for both states is required.

  • There are no fees to launch a kayak in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and all launch ramps are welcome to any kind of boat. Antelope Point and any of the beach camping areas offer easy launching points.

  • While in the area, take advantage of visiting the Grand Canyon. The North Rim features a lodge and dining facilities in addition to camping sites along the edge of the canyon. There are many sightseeing and hiking opportunities throughout the Grand Canyon.

  • Papillon is the worlds oldest and largest sightseeing company with over 600,000 passengers enjoying tours of the Grand Canyon annually. There are over forty excursions available including the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Monument Valley, and Page/Lake Powell. Excursions extend beyond flight and include horseback riding, hiking,

    river rafting, and more.

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    Phone: 1-888-635-7272

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    Lake Powell

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    Glen Canyon Arizona

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