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Document Strategy Forum – Nov. 2, 2011. Simplify, Optimize and Secure every Stakeholder Communication Lessons for Successful Customer Communications Management Lorne Gladstone, Managing Partner, Centtric [email protected]

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  • 1. Simplify, Optimize and Secure every Stakeholder Communication Lessons for SuccessfulCustomer Communications Management Lorne Gladstone , Managing Partner, Centtric [email protected]

2. Challenges CMOs in the most successful enterprises are focusing on relationships, not just transactions.They are using data to stimulate interest in their organizations offerings and form bonds with customers to a much greater extent than their peers in less successful enterprises . *IBM Insights from the Global CMO Study, 2011 3. More Challenges A consumer products CMO in Singapore commented,The perfect solution is to serve each consumer individually. The problem? There are7 billion of them. *IBM Insights from the Global CMO Study, 2011 4. Even More Challenges % of CMOs reporting unpreparedness: *IBM Insights from the Global CMO Study, 2011 5.

  • 6 Billion revenue
  • 17,000 employees
  • 2,000 locations
  • 5 Million+ customers (50% of the market)

Case Study 6.

  • Customer correspondence
    • Customer complaints due to document errors
    • Inconsistent branding
    • Heterogeneous environment: different departments working separately
  • Communication processes
    • No control on what goes out
    • Old product lacked automation
  • These challenges led tohigh costsin:
    • Inbound support calls
    • Bad image (customer complaints in national press)

Even modest investments in optimization of document-management services can deliver significant financial results. McKinsey on Business Technology Challenges 7.

  • Belgacoms customer centricity strategy
  • Improved customer experience
    • Correspondence automation
    • Reduced help desk calls
    • Multi-channel output
    • Corporate brand consistency
  • In control of communication
    • 360 view of customer communication
    • Full integration with existing systems
    • Full accountability on processes

I want the customer to be King at Belgacom. I want to follow the customer from the very first contact until the installation of the solution or the payment of the invoice.Didier Bellens, CEO (Belgacom annual report 2009) Objectives 8. Optimize new accountopening processes andcreate customizedon-boarding materials Optimize every customer contact!! Marketing Collaterals Data Driven Direct Marketing CustomerOn-boarding Loyalty and Retention Marketing Provide sales channels with personalized,cross-media marketing materials Increase response rates while reducing cost per response Enhance theeffectiveness ofcommunication withtargeted messages & graphics

  • Build meaningful customer relationships through timely and relevant communications and improve loyalty and enable repeat business
  • Reduce time to market for time-sensitive promotions, product launches, and competitive campaigns
  • Increase revenue and significantly improve marketing ROI
  • To win and on-board new customers through precision-based insight and multi-channel communication

Objectives Remove Slide? 9.

  • 100% based on Open Standards (sustainable & future proof)
  • Easy graphical business process automation
  • Full accountability on all processes
  • Built-in checks to avoid errors
  • Easier template management
  • Continuous innovation
  • Team of specialists nearby

Technical Solution Remove Slide? 10.

  • Centralized communication platform for ALL output processes
  • Integration with & embedding in existing applications
  • Specific integration with existing Documentum installation

New homogeneous platform: Departments workas one Ordering Complaints Billing Sales Customer Service customer email Letters Text-messages Social media Invoices Contracts Solution 11.

  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • 23% decrease help desk calls
  • Efficiency gain
  • Multi-format
    • Multi-lingual
  • Faster time-to-market
  • ROI of 6 months
  • Total Value of Ownership
  • Consistent branding
  • Improved customer experience
  • Future proof
  • Increased quality

ROI 12.

  • Via thepreferredchannel
  • Delivered at thebest possible moment


  • Personalizedcontent
  • Focusedpropositions


  • Simple and transparentcommunication
  • Error free : correct use of known data

CLARITY Customer Benefits 13.

  • Business
  • Process visualization
  • Innovation
  • Cost reduction
  • ROI

Marketing 360 customer view High personalization Multi-channel Easy to use IT Open standards Hardware independent Easy integration Future proof Results 14. From opportunity to strategy One ring to rule them all. thing Customer Communications Management 15. Facilitating CCM 16.

  • Create a communication hub:
  • Focus on your customer experience
  • Identify common elements and linkcustomer touch points
  • Add customer choice of channels
  • Create a cohesive strategy

Lesson 1:Simplify 17.

  • One central system
    • ADF 2 (Gartner 2007)
    • Multi channel
    • Integration
  • Management & monitoring
    • Tracking & tracing
    • Reporting
    • Accountability
    • Closed loop
    • End-to-end

Apply ADF 18. Facilitating CCM 19.

  • Youre no longer in the drivers seat, customers are
    • Give themChoice
    • Communicate and listen
  • Share content or templates for multiple communications
    • Multiple languages, mediums, brands
    • Reduce human error
    • Become one voice
  • Automatically deliver digital copies to your archive

Lesson 2:Optimize 20.

  • Dear Mister Dummy Dummy
  • Customer was shocked
  • Made National press
  • Other errors as well
  • High costs:
    • Late payments
    • Inbound help desk calls (+23%)

Why control matters: Painful example 21. Facilitating CCM 22.

  • Customer made minor fraudulent contract changes
  • Overlooked by legal
  • Costly
  • Fraud = hidden cost suspect

Costly example Fraud is expensive, costing American businesses an estimated $652 billion each year, additional costs like legal and administration not included. Tracy L. Coenen , Essentials of Corporate Fraud 23.

  • Example:
    • The policy document stipulates coverage of $50,000
    • At claim, the customer presents a policy document with a coverage of $500,000
  • Ensure that each document is unaltered:
    • D igital as well as Printed
    • Hybrid signature

Lesson 3:Secure 24. Secure:Hybrid signature ! + Cannot be printed Too slow for business Best of both worlds 25. Example: Original Countersigned 26. Automated comparison 27. Finding the RIGHT platform

    • Your communication hub should accomm o date:

28. 29.

  • Choice. Relevance. Clarity.

The Solution Lorne Gladstone, [email protected]