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1. Example: 2y-3x=5 Linear equation are equations that have one ormore unknowns in the first degree. Non linear equations have one or more unknownsin degrees greater than one.This is just a meaning, learn how Example: x + 2x + y 3y= 0 to solve equations. This is notso important. Just get toknow what does the terms mean. 2. The unknown should be From the linear equation, an substituted into the non- linear unknown should be expressed equation. This forms a quadraticin terms of other unknown.Let itequation in terms of other be y or xunknown. Obtain the values of secondSolve the quadratic equation to unknown by substituting the obtain the values of the firstvalues of the first unknownunknown using factorisation or into the linear equation. the quadratic formula. 3. Example: 5. Overall, when y=3, x= -2 and when y=1, x= 2Solve the simultaneous equation. You may choose unknown ofx+2y = 4y but you will get complicated whichx+xy+y = 7 y= 4-x 21. Choose an easier 2. Use the value of x to substitute unknown from the first equation into second equation to get to get third equation. the value of y such: From this question, (4-2y) + (4-2y)y + y = 7unknown of x is easier.x+2y=4Factorisation x= 4 - 2ymethod4.Substitute the values of y into the3. Expand it and you will get third equation that you formed. y 4y + 3 = 0 4 2(3) and 4 2(1)(y 3) (y 1)= 0 You will get x= -2 and 2 y = 3 or y = 1