small business blogging techniques to convert readers into customers

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  • Small Business Blogging Techniques to Convert Readers Into Customers

  • Theres an old saying that you can lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink

  • If this feels like your blog readers, its time to convince them not to die of thirst

  • Your small business blog holds a lot of power

  • You can inspire readers to buy, book appointments,or give your company a call

  • Blogs are a sales tool that can boost business and generate serious cash flow

  • Heres how.

  • Inspire Purchases With Education

  • Catering your blog toeducation helpsconvince your readersto take action

  • Pet stores can blog about two brands of dog food, ultimately leading the customer to make a purchase from your store

  • Photographers can blog about the best colors to wear for your skin tone, which can prompt a call to book a session

  • Education through business blogging is all about moving your customer through another part of the sales funnel

  • Plant The Seed of Action

  • Planting the seed of action means you are putting things in motion for your reader to make a future purchase

  • One method forthis is composing a blog series around a product or service

  • You can turn an in-depth question into a series

  • Or create a series with how-tos and case studies

  • A blogging series helps customers get comfortable with making decisions

  • And it continuously allows you to keep the action seed growing

  • Solve The Worlds Problems

  • Maybe not all of the worlds problems, but at least the problems of your customer.

  • Turn your blog into a helpful information hub with free advice

  • This doesnt mean giving away all of your inside industrysecrets for free

  • Give advice thats general enough to be helpful, but not too vague

  • A dentist can offer advice to temporarily relieve a toothache until the patient can make an appointment

  • And an attorney can outline how to handle the beginning stages of a fender bender

  • This makes you appear as a reliable and knowledgeable professional; a company that your customers can trust.

  • Which leads us to our next point

  • Security Sells

  • 81% of US consumers trust information and advice from blogs

  • With so much weighing on trust factor, you can bridge the gap with an authorities company blog.

  • So how do you build trust through your blog?

  • 1. Blog Consistently

  • 2. Educate And Mentor

  • 3. Answer Questions

  • 4. Be Timely

  • Converting readers to customers isnt as tough as you think

  • The tough part is that establishing credibility and trust through your blog takes time

  • Dedicating yourself to these strategies while blogging consistently will maximize your business blogs performance and win committed customers.