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Scringo's Co-Founder Ran Avrahamy gave a superb lecture at StartApp event. Check it out!


  • 1. Social apps Ran Avrahamy App Developers MeetUp, April 2013 @RanAvrRan@Scringo.com054-5837677 01/23

2. agenda What is a social app?Why should I make my app social?Sounds good, now what?!Case StudyQ&A 02/23 3. what is a social app? Social software applications include communication tools and interactive tools often based on the Internet... They focus on establishing and maintaining a connection among users, facilitating the mechanics of conversation and talk... Social Software, Wikipedia03/23 4. what is a social app?04/23 5. what is a social app?05/23 6. what is a social app?06/23 7. what is a social app?07/23 8. what is a social app?08/23 9. what is a social app?09/23 10. what is a social app?10/23 11. what is a social app?11/23 12. What other social apps do you know? 12/23 13. xWhy should I make my app social? any 13/23 14. Why should I make any app social? - The developer pane FocusDistributionSocialMoneyI need to focus on developing my core features"How can I reach out to more relevant users?"I want to retain and engage my apps community""How can I make more money out of my app?" 14/23 15. Why should I make any app social? Understand your usersMore stu to do on the app Increase in recurring sessionsMore time spent on appSatised users 15/23 16. Sounds good, now what?! Social login / graph / share / inviteGet feedbackEnhance your contentLive feedChatLocation 16/23 17. Cross-platform SDKDeveloper ZoneNo UI interface Fully customizable Completely free 17/23 18. Case study - Fans app19/23 19. Case study - Fans app20/23 20. Case study - Fans app21/23 21. Case study - Fans app22/23 22. Thank you! Ran Avrahamy App Developers MeetUp, April 2013 @RanAvrRan@Scringo.com054-5837677 23/23