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Social Enterpreneurship: Business for Good Παρουσίαση του Michael Thornton, Skoll Scholar & Founder of Odyssey Labs, στην εκδήλωση Επιχειρώ Κοινωνικά στις 26/9/2013


  • 1. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: BUSINESS FOR GOOD Michael Thornton Oxford University Odyssey Labs September 26, 2013

2. ABOUT ME C A R B E X illuminating carbon risk 3. Urban Design / City Planning Baetian Urban Area Plan Guangzhou, China SOM 4. Stormwater / Wastewater Tools Langfang - China 5. Pearl Island Panama Work Products: Master Planning Hart Howerton 6. Water Tools Pearl Island - Panama 7. Sustainable Infrastructure Publisher: John Wiley & Sons September 2010 8. WHAT IS SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP? 9. DEFINITION 1 Social Entrepreneurship: A simple equation, really + = Social Entrepreneur Social Entrepreneur Social Entrepreneur 10. What makes them social? Model Impact Income model Distributed funding Sustainable purchasing model Income and protection of input markets Employment model Disenfranchised group supported through employment or ownership Integrated impact through a product or service The service or product sold IS the impact 11. Social Entrepreneurship refers to the PRACTICE of combining INNOVATION, OPPORTUNITY and RESOURCEFULNESS to address a market or government failure that generates social and/or environmental challenges for one or more population groups. DEFINITION 2 The Pamela Hartigan Definition 12. Charity Advocacy Corporate Social Responsibility DEFINITION 3 What is NOT Social Entrepreneurship 13. Divine Chocolate Women on Top Sherwood Design Engineers / Sherwood Institute DEFINITION 4 What IS Social Entrepreneurship 14. Divine Chocolate Creating fair markets and trade for farmers, and showing consumers that business can do more than make a profit BE ENTREPRENEURIAL 15. WOMEN ON TOP Provide mentorship for women looking to learn from those who have come before. Leverage experience to lift all boats. AIM FOR BIG IMPACT 16. (creativity-ecology-engineering) SHERWOOD DESIGN ENGINEERS Revolutionizing civil engineering by making ecology and aesthetics as important as functional engineering. DISRUPT STAGNANT INDUSTRIES 17. ENGINEERING | PLANNING | ECOLOGY CIVIL ENGINEERING GREEN BUILDINGS INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN ECOLOGICAL DESIGN WATER RESOURCES URBAN DESIGN MASTER PLANNING Sherwood Design Engineers Sherwood Institute ENGINEERING | PLANNING | ECOLOGY RESEARCH | POLICY | STRATEGY SDE EXPERTISE + PLATFORM FOR ACADEMIC, REGULATORY, CORPORATE COLLABORATION TECHNICAL TRANSFER FOUNDATIONS AND GRANTS OUTREACH AND EDUCATION DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS YOUTH MOBILIZATION 18. WHAT KINDS OF PROBLEMS DO BUSINESSES SOLVE? Opportunistic Needs & Lifestyle Societal The business opportunity continuum 19. HOW DO YOU SOLVE SOCIETAL PROBLEMS? Public /Cultural Awareness BusinessGovernment 20. Social entrepreneurship is business with a theory of change, business based on systems thinking that has as a primary purpose sustained and permanent improvement in environmental or social conditions. MY INTERPRETATION 21. Climate Change / Limited Resources 22. Rising Population. AND Rising Per Capita Resource Consumption 23. Investment in social enterprise is rising around the world Biggest economic opportunities are around solving societal needs Big benefits for countries that pursue it NOT JUST THE RIGHT THING, A BIG OPPORTUNITY 24. TESLA MOTORS Built to catalyze the electric car industry SPACE X Built to expand the human race to Mars Both built because he saw no one else would BIGGEST ENTREPRENEUR IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW 25. 1. Start with a problem, bigger the better. 2. No idea is bad. The crazy one may be the road to genius. No nos, yes and 3. Understand context, trends and inevitabilities. 4. Fail and fail rapidly. 5. Support each-other relentlessly. 6. Talk to everyone. 7. Sometimes, ignore everything. WHATS WORKED @ ODYSSEY LABS & THE OXFORD ENTRE- PRENEURSHIP CENTRE 26. 1. Support them like family 2. Learn about the challenges 3. Support them like family 4. Create a risk-tolerant environment 5. Support them like family 6. Find ways to get lots of people from different backgrounds together 7. Support them like family ATHENS: SUPPORT YOUR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS 27. 1. Find your problem 2. Find your passion 3. Start Today and dont stop SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS: GET EXCITED AND GET BUSY! 28. THANK YOU MICHAEL THORNTON @ODYSSEYCHIEF QUESTIONS?