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Social Media Blogger LIVE TWEETING - Melissa DiVietri

Author: melissa-divietri

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Social Media BloggerLIVE TWEETING - Melissa DiVietri

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About Melissa DiVietri

Unofficial social media blogger for Detroit events in art & music or entertainment. Featured in the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Fox 2 Detroit News and Metro Times for marketing small biz owners in Detroit, Mich.

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Audience Ranges 28 Social Networks

Audience expands in advertising, music, culture, art, graphic design, travel, technology and Detroit happenings.

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What is LIVE Tweeting?

LIVE Tweeting happens when an event takes place and certain social media bloggers will send status updates on what is currently happening. LIVE Tweeting can be a video-based application using Meerkat that records a live stream during the event or published tweets on Twitter that happen rapidly throughout the event.

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How does LIVE Tweeting operate?

Effectively market a hashtag that differentiates the event for users to search in social spaces & connect with the venue in real-time.

Example: #SXSW

Go to - type in any hashtag -- real-time social media data will appear to interact with users across multiple platforms in one browser.

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How-To find users to engage?

Utilize social media listening; which happens when a person posts a status & another user will respond in “real-time”.

Best Practice: Serve a branded message about the venue or reply with a Favorite, Retweet or Follow.

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Additional Social Media Listening Tool

Filter results by time,tweets, photos, videosand more! *Topsy

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Pre-Event Tweets

Create pre-event tweetsthat will build the excitement.

Schedule these tweets ahead of time to rotate before the event.

Tag any necessary users &respond to social media followers.

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Grow your audience with LIVE Tweeting:

Connect with dozens of users in minutes by applying a LIVE Tweeting approach to any conference, venue or event.

Schedule posts, review streams of influential keywords and engage in real-time using TweetDeck.

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Snapshot profile for live count

Real-time info onhow many followers,what keywords weresearched and wherethe users are located.via Twtrland

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Pull data via TweetReach

How many accounts were reached?

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Understand the influence of activity

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What to expect with LIVE Tweeting?

Create a buzz online for the event that will host the LIVE Tweeting. Each curated post will include tagging pertinent companies or speakers, utilize the designated hashtag and be more personable when talking to users online.

Instant gratification is expected for LIVE Tweeting.

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How to get started?

Package 1: Twitter Tools include Social Media Listening, Engagement, Schedule Posts & Report. (15 Tweets per hour)

Package 2: Twitter Tools include Pre- Event Tweets, Social Media Listening, Engagement, Schedule Posts, Snapshot Profile & Report. (25 Tweets per hour)

Package 3: Twitter Tools include Pre- Event Tweets, Live Video Streaming, Social Media Listening, Engagement, Schedule Posts, Snapshot Profile & Report. (25 Tweets & 2 live-videos per hour)

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