social media: local government use

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For a webinar hosted by LocallyGrown Northfield: Audio and video from:


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Social Media:Local Government Use

Steven Clift [email protected]

Slides available now:

IntroductionGovernment by Day, Citizen by Night15+ years of experience interacting online within and around government TodayHosts 30+ Local Issues Forums

Mix of technology e-mail, web, web feeds, Facebook, Twitter

Ford Foundation-funded Inclusive Social Media effort in low income, high immigrant communities (including Somali community in Minneapolis)

PerspectiveModel Use of Social Media1. What the government lawyers dont scare you (officials) from using.2. What the open government advocates and social media mavens want.3. What the public expects and to which they actually respond.

Discussion on CityCamp Exchange:

Digital Embassies - EdelmanReaching people where they are via third party social media tools versus websites you own

Pick a tool, any tool

Source: Jeffery Levy, EPAGov Online PewInternet.orgApril 2010 report brings fresh data:

82% of internet users (representing 61% of all American adults) looked for information or completed a transaction on a government website in the 12 months preceding this survey:

48% of internet users have looked for information about a public policy or issue online with their local, state or federal government

46% have looked up what services a government agency provides

31% use online platforms such as blogs, social networking sites, email, online video or text messaging to get government information

23% participate in the online debate around government policies or issues

Agree or disagree on impact of social media in government

Gov Online PewInternet.orgApril 2010 report further reports:

21% who feel government posting on Facebook, Twitter very important:17% Whites31% African-American33% Hispanic

18% College Educated30% W/O High School Degree

ExamplesNecessity Helps Disaster ResponseUse of Twitter during San Bruno gas fire in California #sanbrunofireTweeting assisted by nearby San Carlos gov that used Twitter activelyMore:

Official City Facebook PagesCollecting links:

Why does St. Paul have more fans? Also on YouTube5857 Mpls, 6700 St. PaulWhat is a Liker worth?

Representation Mayor RybakUses mix of social tools. Official blog.Why must official sites be boring?

Representation Mayor RybakVery active on Twitter and Facebook

Appear to be personal use.

Not officially linked.

Representation Cllr. Cam GordonCity of Minneapolis provides toolkit:Home page CMSMap, Picture, Pages with LinksE-NewsletterDate Book

Representation Cllr. Cam GordonCam represents across Net:BlogFacebook ProfileNeighbor Issues Forums

EngagementUK Budget balancer

Engagement - Public InputSanta Cruz UserVoiceKings County, WAManor Labs Texas

Engagement - LessonsOngoing v. time-limitedRecruit, recruit, recruitExpectations - Describe space accurately who is LISTENINGFacilitate First person is bestSeed and Weed Actively share information and address problems in dialogue.Engagement Ooops. Santa Cruz UserVoice was time-limited example now generates error, gather lessons when you can Excellent listing of projects and tools

Local Community Sites, FacebookStillwater, MN page has 10,000 friends (over 50% of local residents)

Citizen-run, what about government?

But wait, something is wrong Be the government that connects with people.Help your government get it.

Pick your tools and serveConclusion It is time for both government and elected officials to connect with their citizens where they are online and not wait for them to come to you.

Further ResourcesGovernment 2.0 Report Collection Government 2.0 Reports Linked

Earn Five Suns, 25 Draft IndicatorsDrafting guide for national League of Women Voters

RepresentationDecision-MakingInformationEngagementOnline Features

Webinars, UnconferencesUsing Technology to Build Community In-Depth Webinar, Podcast:

CityCamp Local Gov 2.0 meet Citizens 2.0 - Forum

Twitter Hashtags#edem General e-democracy#opengov Open Government#gov20 Government 2.0#opendata Open Data#hyperlocal Local News#citycamp Local mix of everything aboveContactSteven [email protected]@democracy on Twitter+1-612-234-7072netclift on Skype


Slides also available from: