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2. The ability to share our reaction within seconds hascemented social media sites into the experience ofwatching our favorite shows 3. In the USA, the episode 9 of the3rd season of the HBO fantasyseries "Game of Thrones" hit241.700 tweets during the show,an incredible 172% increasecompared to an average episode(88.900 tweets). The last 10minutes of the show saw close to80,000 tweets.45% of peopleexpressedshock, often witha big WTF?!17% of theconversationwas posted in allcapital letters 13% of peoplewere devastatedby the episode7% said they willnever watchGoT again (wellsee about that)3% of GoT buzzcame from non-fans asking whathappenedSource: 4. On May 26 alone, there were in the US more than 2.3million TV-related tweets.That included over 600,000 for that nights NBA game,230,000+ for The Bachelorette and nearly 58,000 forArrested Development 5. Challenging the new normal 6. Traditional TV: More Time (A little less) Reach(Source: CIM Audimtrie 3/2005 vs 3/2013)15-34200515-34201235+2005 35+2012Men2005Men2012Women2005 Women2012SG 1-42005SG 1-4201245%50%55%60%65%70%75%80%85%2:52:48 AM 3:21:36 AM 3:50:24 AM 4:19:12 AM 4:48:00 AM 5:16:48 AMDaily Reach % 7. Facebook is a mass media5.200.000 profiles (socialbakers June 13)5.025.000 total unique visitors (comScore May 13)80% of Belgian internet users are on Facebook52% Women 48% MenOver 66% return daily, over 85% return at least once a weekSources: socialbakers, comScore 8. Recently, TV has partnered with onlinedevices for social and realtime experiences"Audio synching allows consumers to sync theirsmart phones or tablets to interact with a showand participate in:trivia, polls, quizzes, predictions, voting andmore." 9. 60% of the Belgian owned a Digital TV(Source: Multiscreen & Mobile Survey (MMS) Havas Media Belgium 12/2012)Despite the penetrationof the newdevices, alternativeconsumption of linearTV is mainly watchfrom a traditional TVset.But, opportunities ofmedia meshing aremultiplied by theabundance of devices 10. Multi-Tasking & Multi-Screen is not to be neglected(Source: Multiscreen & Mobile Survey (MMS) Havas Media Belgium 12/2012)Second ScreenInteractivities linkedwith TV content aregrowingTraditional TV Sets arein competition withComputer and TabletsContent Portability totraditional TV Set isexpected 11. Social&TV: Augmented Snack, augmented, add-on content that adds value to large screen. Behind thescenes, VIP, Wikipedia, Twitter feeds, 360 Video, 12. Social&TV: Gamification Playing along such as with Million Pound Drop UK, Intuitie in Holland, 13. Social&TV: Transmedia Storytelling across multiple devices, platforms and format that can use second screen technologies"The future isnt either traditionalor digital: its a feedback loopbetween the two.Television fans want to getinvolved and be counted. Its howcreative we are in engaging thosefans - and keeping themconnected even as they moveaway from the traditional network- that will determine how potentand profitable we will be in thefuture."Kevin Reilly, President ofEntertainment, Fox Broadcasting 14. Social&TV: Discover & disseminate Facebook is driving new viewers to watch specific TV programs. Nearly half of the Internet usersresponding to a September 2012 Nielsen survey reported that they started watching a showbecause of opinions expressed on FacebookCredits: Prophets 15. Social&TV: Communities & Conversationsa huge opportunity for building relationships with viewers 16. Social&TV: Commerce Being able to buy (micro payments). Satiate the need for consumer to impulse spend. 17. Second Screen Ad Injection systems willautomatically place interstitials and / or reward theviewer by sending exchangeable coupons or specialoffers which can be tracked from reception toredemption 18. Twitter Ads 19. Facebook introduces hashtagHeres why: Its all about the second-screen audienceIts been Twitters major pitch to advertisersto tack little hashtag addendums andcatchphrases onto the end of theircommercials.From there, a viewer can do a quick searchfor the hashtag to track conversation aboutthe ad and connect with other folks. Samewith TV marketersTwitter lets advertisers stick promoted tweetsfor their products in with those specifichashtag searches. Soon on Facebook 20. Social & TV: The Voice Belgique & TVVV 21. Social & TV: The Voice Belgique 22. Social & TV: The Voice Belgique 23. More Data 24. Data Mining from the second screen social activityand connected TV will change the game of TVmetrics. Web-style analytics will give data from theVOD servers, TV browser pages, TV and secondscreen apps and even the devices themselves.Facebook and Twitter posts related to TV theconsumer is watching can be tracked and sentimentmonitored on massive scale - which could be part ofthe new ratings. 25. Social & TV: Marcom OpportunitiesLeveraging the small screen duringbig live eventsIncentivizing ad engagementGamifying TV adsBridging a campaigns TV and digitalelementsSyncing e-commerce and socialrecommendations with TV contentSponsoring second-screen extrasSpurring social chatter with hashtagsEnabling real-time interactivity 26. THANK YOU