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My presentation at the Millennial Mega Mashup in May of 2012. The deck looks at Social TV, Transmedia Storytelling and something I call Intermedia.


  • 1. THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT ONLY BE TELEVISED it will be available via exclusive, downloadable content on our website; unlocked by twee7ng our hashtag, or by ac7va7ng your Shazam app
  • 2. Hi, my name is Rick Liebling Creative Culturalist @ Y&R New York @Rick_Now DISCLAIMER! #megamashup @rick_now
  • 3. What are we going to be talking about today? Social TV Transmedia Storytelling The Future#megamashup @rick_now
  • 4. Social TV#megamashup @rick_now
  • 5. Social TV is coming of age. We can feel the beginning of a shi7 to infuse social in just about every TV produc?on product. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 6. What is Social TV?Social TV is creating the cyber-living-room andcyber-bar to enable increased interactivityaround shared programming both live andtime-shifted.#megamashup @rick_now
  • 7. What is Social TV?Twitter version:Social TV - The enabling of a distributed,massive multi-person experience aroundshared programming. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 8. An abridged look at Social TVtools, apps and platforms#megamashup @rick_now
  • 9. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 10. #megamashup @rick_now
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  • 12. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 13. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 14. "Sales of Fashion Starmerchandise exceededexpectations," Macysspokesperson HollyThomas told TV Guide. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 15. @AgentMom - Best dressed list! All three colors ofRoss Benne shorts headed my way from Macys#fashionstar@_AMATO - Looks like someones going to macystmrrw! Not only is there a sale. But those really cuteshorts are in stores tmrrw as well #fashionstar@dejabelle6 - So I am waiting to buy those trousershorts at Macys online. Thanks. #fashionstar#megamashup @rick_now
  • 16. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 17. Social TV analytics, data andother number-crunchinggoodness#megamashup @rick_now
  • 18. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 19. #megamashup @rick_now
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  • 23. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 24. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 25. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 26. USA Networks and Ford reported a 23% engagement rate with Sync Ads During the Super Bowl, SSN found that brands that ran Sync Ads had a spot recall 45% higher During the Oscars, SSN showed that mobile ad interaction was 42% higher during commercial breaks than during programming#megamashup @rick_now
  • 27. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 28. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 29. What is Transmedia Storytelling?Transmedia immerses an audience in a storysuniverse through a number of dispersed entrypoints, providing a comprehensive andcoordinated experience of a complex story.#megamashup @rick_now
  • 30. What is Transmedia Storytelling?Twitter version:Transmedia Storytelling - Creating a multi-platform, coordinated experience within animmersive universe. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 31. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 32. Hunger Games Transmedia? #megamashup @rick_now
  • 33. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 34. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 35. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 36. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 37. Mark of the Spiderman#megamashup @rick_now
  • 38. So, whats next?
  • 39. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 40. What is Intermedia?Intermedia is characterized by the real-timeinteraction between content consumers,content producers, the contents participantsor notable third parties.This engagement may play a role in the on-goingor future development of the content in the formof voting, surveys, commentary or other formsof interaction.#megamashup @rick_now
  • 41. What is Intermedia?Twitter version:Intermedia - Real-time interaction amongst &between viewers, content producers and/orcharacters across two (or more) platforms.#megamashup @rick_now
  • 42. #megamashup @rick_now
  • 43. If you only remember 3 things:1. Understand your consumers complimentary content consumption behaviors2. Think how your brand can be part of the story people are interested in3. Be open to the possibilities of real-time interaction#megamashup @rick_now
  • 44. #megamashup @rick_now


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