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WGQH series high voltage solid soft starter 6KV10KV/300KW-9000KW PrefaceThanks for selecting WGQH Series Liquid Starter from Worldwide Electric Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech product suitable for various load class drive motors such as production machineries, fan and water pump, integrating soft starterenergy saving and protection. It is designed by our company with many years of experiences and we are responsible for professional production and sales. This manual provides the user with the relevant precautions for installation, setting of operating parameters, abnormality diagnosis, routine maintenance and safety operation. Please read this manual carefully before installation to ensure correct installation and operation of this product. As regards our products and our service, all the staff of our company firmly believes the principle that the customer is God. In case of any difficulty or unsettled problem arising in operation, please contact the dealer or directly contact us. After the arrival of the starter, check the product for its type, specification and etc. If any part of the product does not go well with the written documents or materials due to updating, consult our company. Check quality indicator, product manual, maintenance guaranteed manual and packing list. Contact the supplier if any problem. Please keep this manual well, which will be helpful for maintenance, take-caring and other applications in the coming future. Unpacking for check WGQH series solid soft starter for cage motor has passed the strict quality inspection and performance testing before ex-factory. After purchasing, please check whether there is any damage due to careless transportation, and whether the model of the product conforms to the ordered one prior to unpacking. In case of any problem, please contact us or the supplier. 1. Check if the information attached to the equipment is complete and in line with the content of packing list of the equipment. 2. Check the nameplate on the cabinet body to confirm that the equipment is in line with the ordered equipment. 3. Check whether the spare parts and components are damaged or lost. The spare parts and components shall be governed by procurement contract.

Application environment Rated voltage Matching motor Startup frequency Cooling-down method Phase order Protection class AC three-phase symmetric current, 6KV-10KV(+10%, -15%), 50HZ Standard three-phase AC asynchronous case induction motor Frequent startup, time space is 10 minutes Natural cooling-down or force wind cooling Working in the condition that input phase order is completely the same as output III class

Eagle TechnologyE-mailAddress: No. 201, L-2, B-11, Surya City, Chandapura, Bangalore, India- 560081. , Phone No- +91-9535-122013, Website:

EAGLE TECHNOLOGYCapacity of relay contact Environment Temperature Storage temperature Max relative humidity IP20 IP30 Altitude is not more than 2000 meters, no corrosive gas, no conductive dust, no severe shock (less than 0.5G), well-ventilated. -25 to +40 -40 to +70 5%- 95%

Note: Please notice us if you have special requirements

Safety Warnings Warning! Be free from raff handling or installation, rain and far away from the electromagnetic interference. Warning! Prevent the children and the public from touching or approaching to this equipment. This equipment, with dangerous voltage, controls the dangerous rotary mechanism. Warning! This equipment shall be only used for the purpose specified by the manufacturer; any modification without authorization or the operation not conforming to the regulations of this manual will result in severe personal injury and other injuries. Warning! Please read the installation operation and safety instructions of maintenance in this manual carefully before operating this equipment. WGQH series high voltage solid soft starter is high voltage equipment which has a potential voltage that can harm the human body. Only the authorized and trained persons can operate and maintain this equipment. For the induction high voltage on the motor, it is dangerous after powering off. Thus the operation can be done only after discharging. All the panels and cabinet doors have to be closed during normal operating. Take care of the interlocks of the high voltage switchgear and the soft starter because they are the important methods for safety. There are high voltage power supply and control power supply of the soft starter. Pay attention to switching off the control power supply after powering off the high voltage power supply before the operation. When operate the charging equipment, do stand on an insulating plane to ensure that the operation men are not grounding. The safe operation of this equipment need correct transportation, operation, installation and maintenance. Special attention: The application of the compensating capacitor: the reactive power compensating capacitor used for improving the power factor can be connected only to the input terminal of WGQH. Do not connect it to the output terminal to avoid the damage of the power elements of the silicon control. The insulation test of the megohm meter: do not measure the insulation resistance between the input and output terminals of WGQH, otherwise, the silicon control and the control panel may be damaged by overvoltage. The megohm meter can measure the interphase insulation and phase-to-ground insulation of WGQH. But the input terminals shall be short circuited respectively with the output terminals by three short circuit wires and all the plugs shall be pulled out before measuring. The above principles have to be followed when measure the insulation of the motor.

Eagle TechnologyE-mailAddress: No. 201, L-2, B-11, Surya City, Chandapura, Bangalore, India- 560081. , Phone No- +91-9535-122013, Website:

EAGLE TECHNOLOGYChapter 1 Introduction1.1. General WGQH series high voltage solid soft starter is a new type soft starter for high and medium voltage AC motor of the voltage below 10KV. It controls and protects the motor complexly by advanced control technology, electric power and electron technology and the technology of series/parallel connection of the silicon control. Compare with traditional starting methods, WGQH has the intelligent control mode, which not only can set the starting torque, starting current, starting time and stopping parameter and other parameters, but also can inter-control with the computer and PLC. It adopts original binding high quality thyristor and other import silicon control. It makes the motor start and stop smoothly by stepless controlling the output voltage to avoid the harmful impact on the electric network by starting overcurrent. Thus, large power motor can be used when the capacity of the electric network is limited and the lifespan of the motor can be prolonged. High voltage AC motor has the advantages of small volume, low consumption, high reliability and sensitivity, no contact, being free of maintenance, no pollution and convenient installation and so on. 1.2 Advantages: 1. Reducing the starting current of the motor, reducing the distribution capacity, avoiding investment in capacity increase 2. Reducing the mechanical stress in starting, prolonging the service life of motor and related equipment 3. The smooth starting and stopping avoid the surge problem and water hammer effect. 4. Variable starting modes and wide range of the current and voltage setting can apply to many kinds of load occasions and be easy to improve the technology. 5. Perfect and reliable protection function can protect the motor and other relative equipments effectively. 6. It can apply to the occasion that frequent starting and stopping are needed.

1.3 Brief introduction to typical application 1. Water pump: use the control function of pump, in starting and stopping to reduce the water hammer of pump flow due to the impact from liquid flow and saving the maintenance fee of the system; 2. Ball mill: by means of the slope starting of voltage, reduce the wearing of the gear torque, reduce the workload of maintenance and prolong the service life; 3. Blower fan: replace traditional starter with the solid soft starter and reduce the wearing of belt and the mechanical impact; 4. Compressor: realize smooth starting and reduce temperature rise of motor theough limiting the current ; 5. Crusher: avoid burning of the motor due to over-heat caused by mechanical fault and blockage via block protection and fast protection; 6. Conveying machinery: realize smooth and gradual starting process and smooth speed-reducing stopping process and avoid the damage to materials and equipment due to impact by means of soft starting and soft stopping control.

Chapter 2 Working principlesHigh voltage thyristor softer device is series connected between three-phase AC voltage and the input terminal of three-phase AC asynchronous/synchronous motor. It changes the effective value of three-phase input

Eagle TechnologyE-mailAddress: No. 201, L-2, B-11, Surya City, Chandapura, Bangalore, India- 560081. , Phone No- +91-9535-122013, Website:

EAGLE TECHNOLOGYcurrent in order to fulfill the aims of starting of constant current and the starting of some slope variety voltage. After finishing starting, three-phase bypass contactor J automatically pulls-on and the motor is brought into the service of electric network (see fig.1). In the condition without impact current, please see fig.2 for the oscillogram of the input/output voltage and the variety of the current.

Chapter 3 Technical performance and characteristics3.1 Technical Indexes Specifications of product standard of the product and approval range of the power Working power pressure loss of the starter Trigger technology th


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