soldiers and their pets in war

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An American soldier with a Joey, 1942

A soldier sleeps with a dog, Okinawa, 1945

A soldier of the U.S. Seventh Marines carries a rescued puppy in his pocket, Da Nang, Vietnam, 1968

A tiny puppy sleeping comfortably between Russian soldiers, 1945

An Australian soldier with Joey the kangaroo, a mascot smuggled into Malaya, 1942.

An American soldier gives a bath to a relaxed puppy, Tunisia, 1943

British Captain D.Michelson with a turtle - 1942

A dog with a US Marine in a foxhole, Saipan, 1944

A Finnish soldier playing with stray kittens - 1943

German soldier feeding a puppy, 1915

German soldier with his messenger dog during WWII

A US soldier feeding a newborn kitten.

A dog watching over a US soldier while he is sleeping - 1944

A US Soldier shares a banana with a goat during the battle of Saipan, 1944

A Canadian soldier giving his dog a bath, February 1918

A US soldier and his during the Vietnam War - 1969

A wounded US soldier waiting on the beachhead in France for transportation to a hospital in England with a stray dog, 1944

British General Montgomery with two puppies - 1943

A young British soldier holding a little piggy in London - 1943

'Alyosius', the lamb mascot of an RAF squadron, 1939.

A US soldier holding an injured dog during the Battle of Khe Sahn, Vietnam - 1968

Crew of the HMS Cossack with their dog Pluto - 1942

A British machine gunner with his pet rabbit, in Libya, 1943.

Two Polish aces of the RAF with a puppy, 1940.

A piper plays for a sheep mascot of the Black Watch, Sicily, 1943.

A driver mechanic in a jeep with his dog, Normandy, 1944.

A British soldier and dog aboard ship - 1940

Two soldiers from the 3rd Battalion of the Mercian Regiment pose with a bulldog - 2009

A ship stoker teases the ship's dog, Shrapnel, with chocolate, 1944.

A Canadian RAF wing commander rests on the wing of his Spitfire with pet lab Sally, Normandy, 1944.

A U.S. soldier is seen cradling his platoon's pet dog Rocky inside an armored vehicle on patrol in Mosul, Iraq, in 2005.

A dog appears to keep watch as an exhausted U.S. Marine sleeps in a sandy hollow on Peleliu in the Palau Islands in October 1944.

The real dogs of war: General George Patton plays with his bull terrier Willie in 1944.


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