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Check out my top 5 motivational songs...


  • Top 5 Songs that givesmotivation to do something
  • List of top 5 motivational songs.The list may vary from nation to nation, or individual to individual. So what! Its the music which caninspire you to do the right thing. So here is my list of top 5 songs which motivates me.
  • Sgt. MacKenzie, Lay Me DownWritten by Joseph Mackenzie, In the memory of his great grandfather Charles Stuart Mackenzie, aSargent in the Seaforth Highlanders. Lay me doon in the caul caul groon Whaur afore monie mair huv gaun
  • You will never walk aloneYou will never walk alone (YNWA) is a American show tune, composed in 1945. But it was the Gerry andthe Pacemakers who released this song in 1963 and YNWA became on of the most motivational lines inthe world.English football club Liverpool F.C have made YNWA as an anthem. In 2004-05 season this song inspiredLiverpool to win the Champions League Final match, in which they were 3-0 down.
  • Sarfaroshi Ki TamannaA Urdu patriotic poem, written by Ram Prasad Bismil a famous freedom fighter of India IndependenceMovement. Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna was written when Ram Prasad was prisoned, along with his fellowfreedom fighter Ashfaqulla Khan.The great Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna is a poem which describes that there is a desire of revolt in my heart &even death cant stop me to achieve it.
  • Ishq Aap Vi AwalaA song which has been sung by many Pakistani & Indian singers. Who was the writer? Dont know & notinterested either. This song describe a small view of 2 true lovers heer ranjha life. The ranjha sees thatheer has a filled pot of water & she isnt able to pick it up with her beautiful hands & then she droppedit. Ranjha though that the pot was lucky to be touched by heer, though at the end it broke. Same as thislove story in which both the lovers died together.Love is strange,its actions are strange toowhen you are in loveyou cant go backyou cant speakyou cant work
  • The 5th motivational songNot written yet. But it includes me & the world. Wait for an year you all will hear it.
  • Slide dedicated to those who lost their life in The 1989 Hillsborough disaster. You Will Never Walk AloneBy Jatin Chhabra