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  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016





    SOUTHWEST CHAPTERMay 2016 –  Volume XL –  Issue V

    Next Chapter Meeting Sunday, May 15th @ Six Bends Harley Davidson at 10:30 a.m.


    Chapter Founding Member Rob Cran 

    ABATE OF FLORIDA, INC.The only Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization in the State of Florida

    Legislative News ▪ MSAP Instructors ▪ Community Service 

     ABATE: American Bikers Aimed Towards Education

    We lobby and educate the Government and the general public to promote motorcycling in a safe and positive image.

    ABATE of Florida, Inc. © 2010 ABATE of Florida, Inc., Southwest Chapter. All rights reserved. ABATE of Florida, Inc.and the Southwest Chapter do not condone drinking while riding or driving.

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016





    We are a non-profit organization ofmotorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life.We lobby and educate the government andthe general public to promote motorcycling ina safe and positive image. We endeavor toenlist the cooperation and participation of allorganizations and individuals that share asimilar interest in preserving our Americantradition of FREEDOM. We promotemotorcycle safety, training and politicalawareness. We ARE NOT A CLUB ORGANG. We fund our work through toy runs, poker runs, campouts and other motorcycle

    activities. We are your neighbors and friendswho work, pay taxes and get involved withour community. We serve and support ourcountry and believe in freedom. We use alllegal means to protect our rights withoutinfringing on the rights of others.


    To become a powerful and viable political

    force in legislative matters concerning themotorcyclist;To promote safe riding habits withoutinfringing on individual freedoms;To motivate bikers to write letters to theirlegislators before, during and after thelegislative session; andTo furnish our members with a newsletter tokeep all bikers informed in regard toupcoming legislation.


    SUNDAY, MAY 15TH @ 10:30 a.m.

    at SIX BENDS HARLEY DAVIDSON9501 Thunder Road

    Fort Myers, FL 33913



    20th of the month for editorial and Boardapproval


    Southwest Chapter Newsletter

    Issue date: May 2016



    Fort Myers, FL 

    DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of ABATE of Florida, Inc. and/or the

    Southwest Chapter. The publication allows members to express their beliefs and opinions. ABATE of Florida, Inc., and

    the Southwest Chapter accept no responsibility for the comments, opinions, or views contained in this newsletter.

    Please direct correspondence in reference to this publication to: Heidi Szolga, Southwest Chapter, P.O. Box 60745, For

    Myers, FL 33906-6745 or email at [email protected]

    Donations to ABATE of Florida, Inc. are not deductible for Federal Tax Purposes.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    ABATE of Florida, Inc./Southwest ChapterEXECUTIVE BOARD & TRUSTEES

    PO Box 60745, Fort Myers, FL 

    President: Moe [email protected] / 412-999-3397

    Vice President: Frankie [email protected] / 239-693-7035

    Secretary: Gwynne [email protected] / 239-246-2025

    Treasurer: Heidi [email protected] / 618-616-0870

    Sergeant-At-Arms: Robb Rabell

    [email protected] / 239-458-3136

    Membership Trustee: Charlie [email protected] / 239-772-3972

    Public Relations: Gwynne [email protected] / 239-246-2025

    Legislative Representative: Frankie [email protected] / 239-693-7035

    Safety Director: Ed [email protected] / 508-685-9220

     Newsletter: Heidi [email protected] / 618-616-0870

    Webmasters: Taylor [email protected] / 360-298-1921 and

    Ed Lufkin, [email protected] /508-685-9220

    Chapter Chaplain: Tom [email protected]


    Chapter Rep: Moe MoserChapter Rep: Carl Nelson



    President’s Message: 

    Hello Southwest ABATE. As you’ve heard, ourorganization is at a critical point. The State officetreasury is barely at an operational level. In an effortto get back on sound financial footing, two fund-raising activities are underway. The first is theChristmas gun raffle- tickets are $5 each and get you

    a chance to win one of two guns- a Henry lever-action 30-30 rifle or a Huglu 12-gauge over/undershotgun. Please consider buying tickets and hopefullyyou’ll own a new gun or two this year. 

    Secondly, and more important in my opinion, is theFall State Biker Bash. Plans are underway for thisweekend event to be held at Peace River RVCampground October 7-9. Please see the flyer in thisnewsletter for details.

    I’m asking every Chapter member to buy a $30advance sale ticket for this party and to do so now.I’m asking this regardless of whether you end upattending or not because this cash infusion is what weneed as an organization to keep our State office openand to maintain our influence in Tallahassee. Wehave about 6,000 members statewide and if only halfof us buy an event ticket, we’ll generate $90,000 ofrevenue towards regaining our state treasury. I believe that almost all of us can squeeze $30 out ofour budgets to keep this organization going. If we get

    the support we need, we’ll get back on trackfinancially and have a great party as well!

    Please bring $30 to our Chapter meeting May 15 and pick up your ticket. Checks are acceptable and should be made payable to Southwest Chapter ABATE ofFlorida.

    God bless the USA and may we all ride free.Moe

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016





    Six Bends Harley-Davidson, Fort Myers on April 17, 2016Called to order at 10:34 a.m. Sgt. at Arms - Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence, please silence your phones. There are 23 members present.

    President's Report: We need 2 volunteers at the Six Bens May 20th Battle of theBands for our members tent 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Moe hascommitted $400 from our treasury for the State party inOctober. Each of the 5 chapters have agreed to put in $200seed money for the October party and another $200 for theState meeting, which will be at the State party October 7, 8and 9. He asked each member to buy a ticket for the State party at $30 pre-sale or $35 at the door. We are pushing for pre-sales as soon as the tickets are available so we will havean approximation of how many might attend.There were 3 main topics discussed at the State meeting inApril:1) The State Party

    2) By-law amendments to bring back to the chapters3) Raffle tickets for 2 shotguns at $5 each. There will be 2guns raffled off and the winner will have to be at least 18years old and pass a background check.Heidi has the cards for the $4,000 accidental death anddismemberment insurance, which will get paid to your estateunless you fill out the beneficiary card and name a specific beneficiary. However, if you fill out one of these cards, youcan expect a call from an insurance agent trying to sell youadditional insurance. You do NOT need to meet with theagent.

    Highlights from the State meeting: 

    Boots stated they are looking for a new insurance company.They announced the winners of the $7/$2/$1 K raffle. Theywere not anyone from our Chapter. The State made a profitof approximately $5,500 on the raffle.Heidi has tickets for the gun raffle. The drawing will be atthe December 10th State meeting.Membership - Grace is looking into starting an incentive package for memberships. More info is forthcoming.Doc talked about the Vulnerable Riders bill - it failed in theSenate. He finally spoke with Senator Clemons who advisedDoc that he plans to introduce a bill to require helmets in theState of Florida.The Safety money was passed in the Senate and the House,

     but was vetoed by Governor Scott.By-laws changes - It was tabled and scheduled to come backat the June meeting.There was an idea brought forward to charge each chapterannual dues. This was sent back with the Chapters for a vote.A motion was made to ride to Tallahassee in April for theFreedom Ride.State Board election nominations were made as follows:Doc for President; Darrin Brooks for VP; Shelly forSecretary; Patti for Treasurer with an assistant; Marcus forSergeant at Arms; Laurie for Membership; Sally for PublicRelations; Dan for the Web-site; Products –  none; Darrin forLegislative Report; Larry for Legal Counsel; Victor forSafety.

    Leadership training for all those elected to Board positions will beheld in July.

    Vice President Frankie: 

    The Vulnerable Riders Bill failed. No other report.

    Secretary's Report: A thank you note from Peace River Chapter was read into therecord.Motion was made to approve the minutes from the March meetingwas made by John Lupe, seconded by Rob Crane. Motion carried.

    Treasurer's Report: Heidi read the March Treasurer's report, giving an explanation ofall the expenses and credits. She welcomed everyone to come and peruse the report if they so wished. Motion to accept the reportmade by Carl and seconded by Rob Crane. Motion carried.

    Membership Report: Charlie gave the membership report for March. There were 2 newmembers and 3 renewals.

    Sergeant at Arms: Great news - his wife's cancer is in remission!!!

    Old Business:

    Regarding the State party in October, there will be a PlanningCommittee meeting Sunday, May 1st at noon at Peace RiverCampground. Everyone is welcome to come and be part of thecommittee. Members, please buy tickets for the event at $30 each,which includes tent camping. Beer will be sold for $2.00 each and

    they are checking on the sale of liquor. There will be a scavengerhunt, swap meet and live music.

    Frankie Kennedy re-opened nominations for our Chapter'sExecutive Board.President - Rob Cran (Big Bird) and Robb Rabell acceptVice President - Moe Moser accepts, no other nominationsSecretary - Gwynne Hickman accepts, no other nominationsTreasurer - Heidi Szolga accepts, Bob Crane declines. No othernominations

    Only those 4 Executive Board members have to be elected, allother positions can be appointed by the Board. Nominations are

    closed for today and there will be another round at the Maymeeting, and we will vote in June. There can be a write-incandidate at the June meeting as well, if someone decides at the lastminute they would like to serve.

    New Business: There were 4 proposals to the amendments for dues. We will readthese today and table them for a vote at the May meeting. Presentlythe annual dues are $20, with $10 going to State and $10 to theChapter and Lifetime is $150 with $100 going to State and $50going to the Chapter.

    Proposal #1:Annual dues $20 with $10 to State and $10 to chapter. Life 

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    members will be $600 with $400 going to the State and $200 tothe Chapter.Proposal #2:Annual dues $20 and Life member dues $150, with all moneygoing to the State and none to the Chapter.Proposal #3:Annual dues $20, all money goes to the State. Life member isremoved as a buying option, but there will be an "earnedstatus". If you have served ABATE either on the Board or as anactive participant for 5 or 10 years, each Chapter Board can make3 submissions and the State will choose 3 to receive the Lifemember status. Life members will need to make an annual $10donation to the State.Proposal #4:Annual dues $30 with $20 going to State and $10 going to thechapter. Life member is $300 and all the money goes to the State.

    May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.

    Ideas were discussed for fundraising: Chili Cook-off, spaghetti

    dinner, etc. Please bring ideas forward. Big Bird offered to cookthe spaghetti dinner.

    New By-Law Proposals: Currently, the State pays $20,000 per year for insurance and hopeto be repaid by each chapter as they pay $150 for eachevent. Southernmost Chapter proposed the State require eachchapter to pay $850 per year to the State (it can be paid monthly)for insurance. They will then get $650 credit towards theinsurance and the chapter will not have to buy additionalinsurance for up to 4 events. However, not many chapters put on4 events per year that require insurance, so it might go back to 

    each chapter buying their own insurance for the events theyhold. This will be voted on at our May meeting.

    Our lobbyist's contract goes through the end of October. TheState was supposed to have solicited proposals from lobbyists, but our President Doc was the only one who submitted a proposal. Secretary Gwynne read into the record the lobbyist proposal submitted from Doc. Discussion was held regardingkeeping the lobbyist or not.

    Heidi and Moe will not be able to attend the June 11th Statemeeting in Sebring, so Frankie and Carl will go in theirstead. Everyone is welcome to attend. It will be at the ElksLodge in Sebring.

    Big Bird will be the next cover guy on our newsletter and Johnand Fran will be the month after.

    We will keep our meeting time at 10:30 am it seems to work wellfor everyone.

    Good of the Order: Bill brought up that ABATE's mission statement should bechanged - where it says "Bikers" it should be changed to"Riders". The verbiage will be double checked for accuracy.

    The 4 proposed amendments will be sent out via e-mail toeveryone from Moe.

    Motion to adjourn made by Charlie Fisher, seconded by RobCran, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 11:54 a.m. 

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016





    Kim AdairKeith BakerBill Barber

    Darrell BarnettDenee Bartels

    Karl BartlingKarl Bartling, III

    James BogenriederScott BlinkChet Budz

    James Burkholder Nora Burkholder

    Don CampbellEllen CampsonFrances CazesWayne Cerra

    Jonathan ConantTerry Covington

    Audrey CranRick CranRob Cran

    Robert “Cruz” Crusan Jim CrystalDan Curry

    John D’Agostino Kim D’Agostino 

    Biffle Davis

    Lynne DavisMary Dicenzo-Porter

    Al DiagiacoFrank Disomma

    Cindy DoakRandy Eck

    Marius EspeletaJeffery FielderHarry Foster

    Leather FosterBrian Galvin

    Sonny GartrellSteven Goldstein

    Lynnda GrayLarry Gullin

    Bob Hall

    Hans HolbergRodney HollingsworthMisti Hollingsworth

    Harry HooverJeff Hoover

    Jonathan HuntGeorge Huttman

    Susan “Red” Huttman Dan Jackson

    Cindy “C.J.” Jordan Frankie Kennedy

    Ed LaCombeJulio Lopez

    Mary Ann Rivera-Lopez“KD” Marlowe 

    Don Meredith Jr.Kenneth MillerJohn MitchellJay MonttetitMoe Moser

    Taylor MusburgerCarl Nelson

    Steve NewtonTami NewtonTerry Padilla

    Bob PennAsuncsion Peppers

    Richard PeppersKathleen Provenzano

    Rev. Thomas ProvenzanoFrank E. RhorerBill Robinson

    Janet Rolfe

    Tabitha RossiRoland SalsberryBruce Scheiner

    Juergen Wolfgang SchmidtJencye Schmitt

    Jerry SchmittElsie Seif

    Doug SepanakRobert SimonKelly SmithRoger Smith

    Randall SpiveyRichard StergulzSandy Stergulz

    Grandpa StewardLynda Stewart

    S. Wade StogranRussell Sullivan

    Heidi SzolgaScott TurnerRuth Vorys

    Teresa WebsterD. Payton WellsMichael Wieland

    Jama WyattSteve Wyatt

    L if e Members WhoHave Passed Away

     Jerry Barnett Maggie Cran

    Ginny D’Asti 

     John Kennedy Russell May

     Rev. Rea Means

     Jo Ann Miller

     Jim Mozeleski

    To become a Life Member contact the Membership Trustee on Page 3

    Southwest Chapter Products

    Chapter Patch Large (Members Only) $25.00Chapter Patch Small - $7.00

    Chapter Flag - $25.00

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    Meet the Member Name: Rob Cran a/k/a Big Bird

    ABATE member for 32 years

    Age: A lot more than people think

    Employer: Retired

    Riding motorcycles for 40 years

    Favorite food: Meatloaf and noodles

    Favorite movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

    Favorite song: I love you truly

    Three things you’ll always find in my fridge: Soda,

    sandwich makings, condiments

    Person (alive or not) I’d most like to have dinner

    with: my mom

    People might be surprised to know that I am also a

    member of the Fort Myers Power Squadron

    If you would like to be on the cover of an upcoming newsletter, submit your favorite picture of you andyour bike along with answers to the profile questions. A random drawing will choose our next

    “cover girl” (or boy). Email all information to [email protected].

    Membership Report

    For the month of April we have 4 Life Members and 4 New Annual Members. Two of the Life Members were previously At-Large and have joined the Southwest Chapter. One of the Life Members was a prior annualmember.

    Memberships that will expire at the end of May are: Larry D’Angelo, Donna Hancock, Victor Hancock, Mark

    Kennedy, Steven Morris and Robb Rabell. Please remember to renew. We’ll be at the Fathom’s Bike Night onTuesday, May 3rd from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm; the Fort Myers Bike Night on Saturday, May 14 th from 5:00 pm to10:00 pm; at Six Bends Harley-Davidson for our Chapter Meeting on Sunday, May 15th at 10:30 a.m.; and atSix-Bends Harley Davidson for the Battle of the Bands on Friday, May 20 th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

    Each member should make an effort to sign up at least new one member per year  –   we can double ourmembership that way!

    Safe riding everyone,Charlie FisherMembership Trustee

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    Legislative Report by Frankie Kennedy

    EVERS, GAETZ POISED FOR PANHANDLE BATTLE In what could be one of the state's most hotly contested congressional primary battles, state Sen. Greg Evers said Monday he isrunning for an open Northwest Florida seat being vacated by veteran U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller. Evers, a Baker Republican, entersan already-crowded GOP field, which includes state Rep. Matt Gaetz and James Zumwalt, an Iraq war veteran who also servedas an aide to Miller. After toying with the possibility of running for weeks, Evers on Saturday filed a statement of candidacy for

    Congressional District 1 with the Federal Elections Commission, setting up what could be a grudge match with fellow statelegislator Gaetz, who announced his candidacy for the seat almost a month ago. "After prayerful consideration, I'm humbledand honored to announce my candidacy for CD 1. Many of the residents of the Panhandle have asked me to run because weneed someone that will uphold the Panhandle values in D.C. As a lifelong resident of the Panhandle, I'm ready to carry ourmessage to D.C., just as Jeff Miller did," Evers told The News Service of Florida in a telephone interview Monday. Evers, a 60-year-old farmer, said he intends to formally announce his entrance into the race at a press conference Tuesday morning inMilton. Evers in 2001 won a special election for the state House, where he served until his election to the Senate in 2010. The

     Northwest Florida district --- one of the state's most conservative --- abuts the Alabama border and spans Escambia, Okaloosa,Santa Rosa and Walton counties and includes most of Holmes County. The winner of the Aug. 30 GOP primary is almostcertain to go to Washington, and a match-up between Gaetz and Evers could result in the type of political slugfest that thePanhandle is known for. Gaetz has already raised more than $350,000, including putting more than $100,000 of his own moneyinto the race. But Evers, known among reporters for a droll wit delivered in a thick Southern drawl, didn't flinch when askedabout Gaetz's campaign war chest. "The last time I checked, it's the voters that elect, not dollars," he said.

    ***Please remember that Greg Evers has been a HUGE supporter of ABATE since the beginning of his career. Hewould continue to be a HUGE ally to all motorcyclist if elected to the US Congress. We would have another pro-motorcyclefriend in Washington to help us battle ethanol, motorcycle only checkpoints, NHTSA and whatever else may come down theroad.

    SCOTT SIGNS TREATMENT, MILITARY BILLSGov. Rick Scott on Friday signed two bills that are expected to help people get mental-health or substance-abuse treatment andmake it easier for military personnel from Florida to vote. Scott also vetoed a controversial overhaul of alimony laws (SB 668).With those moves, Scott finished acting on all 272 bills --- including the state budget --- approved by the Legislature this year.He signed all but three. The treatment measure (SB 12) includes what is known as a "no wrong door" policy, which wouldallow people who need mental-health or substance-abuse treatment to get it no matter how they enter the systems --- whetherthrough criminal offenses or personal crises. To do that, the bill would create central receiving facilities to function as single

     points of access to emergency care and intervention services. Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations ChairmanRene Garcia, R-Hialeah, sponsored the bill, with House Children, Families and Seniors Chairwoman Gayle Harrell, R-Stuart,and Rep. Kathleen Peters, R-Treasure Island, spearheading the issue in the House. The military-related measure (SB 184)creates a task force to review the development of an online voting system for overseas military voters as a way to returncompleted absentee ballots. The new law, sponsored by Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Fernandina Beach, and Rep. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota, also requires landlords to act within seven days on lease applications submitted by service members. The bill alsomakes clear that former members of the Florida National Guard are eligible for the Florida Veterans' Hall of Fame.

     NRA SEEKS VOICE IN OPEN-CARRY COURT BATTLE The National Rifle Association is seeking to file a friend-of-the-court brief in a Florida Supreme Court case that challenges theconstitutionality of a state ban on people openly carrying guns. The NRA on Thursday filed a motion asking for permission tofile a brief in the challenge brought by Dale Norman, who was arrested in 2012 in Fort Pierce while openly carrying a gun in a

    holster. After a jury found Norman guilty of a misdemeanor charge, the 4th District Court of Appeal upheld the state's ban onopenly carrying guns, ruling it does not violate constitutional rights to bear arms. The NRA's motion did not present extensivearguments, but the document said it is "critical that this (Supreme) Court hold that the open and peaceful bearing of arms isconstitutionally protected conduct." In the motion, the NRA also noted it was "deeply involved" in supporting Floridalegislation this year that would have allowed people with concealed-weapons licenses to openly carry firearms. That legislationwas approved by the House but died in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Supreme Court has allowed the national groupEverytown for Gun Safety to file a brief in the Norman case. That group opposes the open carrying of guns and used its brief totrace a long history of restrictions, saying "Florida's law does not even implicate the Second Amendment --- let alone violateit." The Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments in the case June 8.

    ALL 2016 SESSION BILLS HAVE REACHED SCOTT All 272 bills approved by the House and Senate during the 2016 session have now been sent to Gov. Rick Scott, with thedelivery Monday of a measure (SB 668) that would set up a new formula for judges to decide alimony payments. As of

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    Monday afternoon, Scott had signed 207 of the bills. That included a wide-ranging transportation bill (HB 7027) that thegovernor approved Monday. The signed bills include an $82 billion budget (HB 5001) for the fiscal year that starts July 1. Scotthas only vetoed one bill (HB 1355), which would have created an authority to manage and operate city-owned GainesvilleRegional Utilities. Scott objected to a part of the bill that would have provided compensation to appointed board members ofthe authority.

    SCOTT SIGNS BILL TO LOWER CONCEALED WEAPONS FEES The cost to get concealed-weapons licenses will be reduced under a bill signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Rick Scott. The

    measure (SB 772), one of 14 bills Scott signed, reduces the license fee from $70 to $60 on the initial application and from $60to $50 for renewals. With nearly 1.5 million concealed-weapons licenses currently issued in Florida, the change is projected toreduce state revenue by $2.99 million next fiscal year, according to a Senate analysis of the bill. Agriculture CommissionerAdam Putnam, whose agency oversees concealed-weapons licenses, has said the measure is part of efforts to make theapplication process "more convenient and affordable."

    This is from The MRF For Immediate Release - April 21, 2016

    Modified Motorcycles Potentially Under Attack

    Members of both Houses of Congress have introduced proposed legislation that would protect the rights of Americans tomodify their vehicles for racing purposes. Dubbed the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016 (RPM Act, H.R.4715 and S. 2659), this legislation would ensure that converting any motor vehicle (including street motorcycles) into acompetition-only vehicle remains legal.

    This proposed legislation became necessary after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, under the guise of maintainingemissions as outlined by the Clean Air Act, announced plans to regulate the conversion of street motorcycles and other motorvehicles into race vehicles. This attempt is reminiscent of the EPA's efforts back in 2003 to regulate motorcycling throughanother unrelated proposed regulation aimed at heavy equipment, steam engines and diesel engines that would have prohibitedowners from changing anything on their motorcycles except for paint color or chrome.

    Through the Color and Chrome initiative, the MRF was successful in separating motorcycles from the EPA’s regulations andcreated exemptions to protect the custom and aftermarket industries and our lifestyle. On April 15, 2016, the EPA announcedthat, under pressure from Congress, it would drop the language from its proposed regulations; nevertheless, it shows the clearintent of the EPA to attempt to overstep its bounds, as outlined by the Clean Air Act, in an effort to strip motorcyclists of therights to modify their motorcycles as they see fit.

    The MRF urges its members to contact their U.S. Representative and Senator and ask them to support H.R. 4715/S. 2659, theRecognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016, so that the EPA makes no further attempts to erode motorcyclists’rights.

    OPPONENTS TAKE AIM AT 'DOCS V. GLOCKS' LAWDoctors and physician groups filed an 86-page brief this week asking a federal appeals court to reject a controversial Floridalaw that would restrict doctors from asking questions and recording information about patients' gun ownership. The brief cameas the full 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals prepares to hear arguments June 21 about what has become known as the "docs v.glocks" law. The state filed a brief last month urging the court to uphold the law. The plaintiffs' brief filed Monday argued, in

     part, that the 2011 law violates the First Amendment rights of physicians to discuss safety-related issues with patients. " In (thelaw), the Florida Legislature does what no legislative body has done before or since; it prevents doctors from providing patients

    with truthful advice to keep their families healthy and safe --- speech that is recommended as standard protocol by nationalmedical associations,'' the plaintiffs' brief said. "If (the law) is allowed to stand, it sets precedent for states, at the bidding ofother industries or special interests, to prevent doctors from speaking to patients about risks posed by other dangerous productsor activities. The First Amendment does not allow the state to single out and censor one topic (firearms), or one group (doctors,or patients), or to so interfere with the doctor-patient relationship." The full appeals court agreed in February to take up thecase, after a three-judge panel issued three rulings upholding the constitutionality of the law. The law, backed by groups suchas the National Rifle Association, includes a series of restrictions on doctors and other health providers. As an example, it seeksto prevent physicians from entering information about gun ownership into medical records if the physicians know theinformation is not "relevant" to patients' medical care or safety or to the safety of other people. The NRA filed a friend-of-the-court brief last week that said it championed the law after members were asked intrusive questions about gun ownership duringvisits to doctors' offices. The NRA brief described the law as "a modest regulation of the medical profession that does notinfringe upon First Amendment rights." 

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    ather Tom’s Message

    Dear Fellow ABATE Members,

    Can’t Solve Your Motorcycle Issues?

    There are many issues that can take place with motorcycles. You will possibly

    relate with us when we say that we had a so-called “Custom” motorcycle trike.The word “custom” sounds unique and cool. However, sometimes, the issuesthat go along with it are bleak and seem cruel.

    Life is almost like that custom cycle, because each one of us is different fromeveryone else, even if we go through similar issues. Each one of us is uniqueand requires special attention, just as that custom trike did.

    What are the issues facing you today? Finances? Marriage? Children? Health? Relationships?

    “…the biggest obstacle in solving real issues, is going back to humanity for the answers.

     It seems like humanity is its own worst enemy.”  

    We believe the biggest obstacle in solving real issues, is going back to humanity for the answers. It seems like humanityis its own worst enemy. The scriptures clearly tell us that not one of us is perfect or has the perfect answers to our most pressing issues (Romans 3:23). Man’s answers and understanding of the issues are flawed. Even the most advancedminds will usually change their minds on an issue and/or make modifications of their stated position. Or, if they arereally wrong and something doesn’t go right, they will find some sort of excuse to pass it off. Just take a look at the politicians, which many think so highly of, who claim to have all the answers.

    There is only one person, clearly documented in history that was without any fault whatsoever. That was Jesus Christ(2 Corinthians 5:21) (Hebrews 4:15). He was God who became a man (John 1:14) (John1:1). God made us (Genesis1:29-31). We are unique and different “Custom made” (Psalm 139:13) (Job 10:8). Therefore, why can’t we go to Him to help solve the issues we face? First, we need to pray (Matthew 6:9-13) (John

    14:13). Don’t make it a formal prayer. Make it conversational, as if you were talking to your best friend (Matthew 6:7).If you have not done so, before all else, receive Him into your heart (see below).

    “…problems and the issues you face are invitations for the Lord to come into

     your life…”  

    Will you please consider and take the attitude that your problems and the issues you face are invitations for the Lord tocome into your life to help resolve them? For He says, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears myvoice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” (Revelation 3:20). 

    “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock…”  

    How long has He been on the outside waiting for you to let Him in?Please pray this, with your whole heart , “Dear God, my heavenly Father, I confess that I am a sinner and have been

    separated from You. I ask forgiveness of my sins. I repent and accept this gift of repentance and I wish to be free in

    you. I confess with my mouth that your son Jesus is my Savior and died for me. I believe in my heart that You raised

    Him from the dead. I receive Jesus into my heart and ask Him to become the center of my life. I ask, in the Name of

    Jesus. Amen."  If you have prayed this and/or wish to talk, call us at 239-267-8641 

    Blessings,Pastor Tom (SW ABATE Chaplain and Estero River ABATE Life Member) and Pastor Kathy (SW ABATE LifeMember) Foursquare Chaplains - 239-267-8641 or email: [email protected] 

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    MAY, 2016Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

    1 2 3Fathoms

    Bike Night


    4 5 6 7

    8 9 10 11 12 13 14Fort MyersBike Night


    10:30 am  15Chapter Mtg.Six BendsHD 

    16 17 18 19  6-9pm 20Battle of theBands –  SixBends HD


    22 23 24 25 26 27 28

    29 30 31

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    JUNE, 2016Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

    1 2 3 4

    5 6 7FathomsBike Night


    8 9 10 11

    12 13 Flag Day 14 15 16 17 18

    10:30am Chpt. 19Mtg. Six Bends HD

    20 21 22 23 6-9pm 24Battle of theBands –  Six

    Bends HD


    26 27 28 29 30,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNGo7if4gkHA0KpyX7D7OXExlXRGAw&ust=1460411302122598

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    ABATE OF FLORIDA, INC.Southwest Chapter ▪ P.O. Box 60745 ▪ Fort Myers, FL 33906 



    6 Months 12 Months


    $ 55.00$ 85.00$145.00$200.00

    $ 80.00$135.00$245.00$375.00

    Please submit all artwork in PDF or JPEG format. Email advertisement artwork/information and/or questions [email protected]. All advertising MUST be approved by ABATE of Florida, Inc., Southwest Chapter.

    Forward this completed form and payment to above P.O. Box. Checks payable to Southwest Chapter

    Business Name:


    Business Contact: Business Phone:

    Cell Phone: Email:


    Print Name: Ad Start Date:

    Duration of Ad: Ad Renewal Date:

    Date Payment Received: Form of Payment:



    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016




    ABATE of Florida, Inc.Southwest Chapter

    P.O. Box 60745 ▪ Fort Myers, FL


    Mailing Address:

    City State Zip Code + Four

    Phone: (Include Area Code):

    May we use your phone number for our phone tree? YES NO

    Email Address:

    Are you a registered Voter? YES NO

    Please list your voting districts from your Voter Registration Card:

    FL House FL Senate US CongressDistrict

     Name of Chapter you wish to join: Southwest Chapter

    If you are a member of more than one chapter, please designate your home chapter

    Select ONE of the following:

     New/Renewal –  Annual Membership Due $20.00

    Lifetime Membership $150.00

    Transfer Membership to:

    Change of Address:

    Signature: Date:

    Sponsored by Chapter Member:Memberships are open to anyone 18 years of age or older. All members receive with their paid membership a membershi

    card, our bi-monthly Masterlink magazine, Chapter Newsletter, Chapter voting privileges and personal involvement inStatewide legislative actions and their freedom to ride.


    Dues Paid by Cash Check Money Order

    Mailed Date: Membership Card Make Checks Payable toABATE of Florida, Inc

    Southwest ChapterCopy of By Laws

    Membership Expiration

  • 8/17/2019 Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida May 2016