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Automating SharePoint


  • 1.> Automating SharePoint Play nicely, mmmkay

2. All About Sebhttp://appcogs.com http://sebmatthews.net @sebmatthewsDog DadFatherCloud GuySpeakerHusbandhttp://linkedin.com/in/sebmatthews [email protected] 3. Change of Plan 4. Change in SharePoint 5. Change in delivery 6. Tools 7. System Center Application Controller Configuration Manager Data Protection Manager Operations Manager Orchestrator Service Manager Virtual Machine Manager 8. PowerShell Deployment Configuration Management Monitoring Administration Development Cookery, games, etc. 9. System Center 10. Tight Integration Management Packs Monitoring & rules Data Protection Manager Fully Supported 11. Management Packs Install for all components of farm Windows, SQL Server, IIS, SharePoint, etc. Require (complex) configuration Rules engine 12. SP2013 Management Pack 13. Loose Integration Service Templates (VMM) VHD build (SCO) Runbooks (SCO) Not supportable 14. Runbooks Orchestrate activities Full automation Support for script (PoSh) and code 15. Runbooks 16. Nirvana SCOM Alerting > VMM Service template > SCO database migration > SCO content database migration > SCO network updates > 17. PowerShell 18. Tools for free Windows PowerShell SQL PowerShell SharePoint PowerShell IIS PowerShell Etc. 19. Rules for PowerShell Do 1 thing at a time Naming is important Dispose Try {} Catch {} Finally {} http://bigseb.me/trycatch Comment Test 20. Stepping Out of the Box 21. SPInstallerLite Lightweight SharePoint install/config Minature AutoSPInstaller 22. CPU Utilisation $result = 1; foreach ($number in 1..2147483647) {$result = $result * $number}; 23. Get-XHeaderHealth 24. Scheduled Tasks 25. Leverage Generic PowerShell 26. Wrap Up 27. Wrap Up System Centre PowerShell Ill email/tweet each of you the video links 28. Thanks for being here http://bigseb.me/sebdecks http://appcogs.com http://sebmatthews.net @sebmatthewsDog DadFatherCloud GuySpeakerHusbandhttp://linkedin.com/in/sebmatthews [email protected]