spca2013 - developing provider-hosted apps for sharepoint 2013

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Donovan Follette Solution Architect Microsoft Developing your first Provider-hosted Apps for SharePoint 2013

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Developing Provider-Hosted Apps for SharePoint 2013


  • 1. 1 billion For the first time in modern history, workplace demographics now span 50% smartphones, 4 years ahead of predictions 3 of enterprise customers are on the road to cloud generations
  • 2. Hybrid On Premises Best experience across devices Messaging Voice & Video Content Management Online Cloud on your terms Enterprise Social Integrated best-of-breed Reporting & Analytics
  • 3. The future is now. The future is now.
  • 4. Oauth + REST or client object models SharePoint Existing sites and services App web OAuth + REST or client object models Existing sites and services App web Existing sites and services App web The app and all resources are hosted by the provider in any environment suitable for the app whether onpremises or in the cloud. SharePoint artifacts in the App web The app is hosted in the cloud. Windows Azure and SQL Server Azure components are provisioned automatically when an app is installed. SharePoint artifacts in the App Web (Available for SharePoint Online only) The app and all SharePoint artifacts are hosted on your organizations SharePoint site. Relies on client side technologies. Your IT organization supports the app.
  • 5. Shape Description Example Immersive Full Page App App that implements a new scenario for customers Resource Tracking, Budgeting App Part Provides new parts you can add to your sites Weather, News, Stock Ticker Extension App Add new actions for documents and items Display Document Visualization, Print to Print Service Vendor
  • 6. All or nothing
  • 7. SharePoint 2013 _api _api SharePoint Execute Query Client JavaScript Library Silverlight Library .Net CLR Library Custom Client Code OData / REST
  • 8. Lists Taxonomy Feeds Sites IRM _api _api Security Search User Profiles Publishing EDiscovery Sharing Workflow
  • 9. ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext("https://contoso.sharepoint.com"); ctx.Load(ctx.Web.Title); ctx.ExecuteQuery(); var context = SP.ClientContext.get_current(); site = context.get_web(); context.load(site); context.executeQueryAsync(function(sender,args){console.log(site.get_title())});
  • 10. _api
  • 11. (Me)
  • 12. ?
  • 13. View View
  • 14. View, Upload, Tag, Comment View, Upload, Tag, C omment
  • 15. View, Upload, Tag, Comment, Change Password View, Upload, Tag, C omment, Change Password
  • 16. View, Upload, Tag, C omment, Change Password
  • 17. View, Upload, Tag, C omment, Change Password
  • 18. View View, Upload, Tag, Comment, Change Password
  • 19. View View, Upload, Tag, C omment, Change Password
  • 20. Product Permission Provider Target Object Capability
  • 21. Start Yes User credentials only provided? Endpoint outside app web? No App token provided? No Yes User only context No Yes App token Includes user? Yes User + App context No App only context Anonymous context End
  • 22. Microsoft Word with an app for Office View / approve SOWs Display Excel Services charts in Word Internal O365 SharePoint Site Windows 8 Applicatio n View client companies View sales leads Receive toast and tile and raw notifications View Excel Services charts Create estimates Windows Azure Web Sites Contact internal sales personnel to follow up on requests for quotes Contact vendors to follow up on requests for quotes Approve SOWs Store Excel Documents Store SOWs Host team sites for projects BCS Sales Leads External List Send notifications Create SOWs Update data in Excel documents Create SharePoint project sites Workflow Manager Facilitate SOW creation, approval, submission, a nd follow up tasks Windows Azure Access Control Service OAuth Public O365 SharePoint Site Windows Azure SQL StoreDatabase data sales request Submit requests for quote Clients (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile) Cloud
  • 23. The future is now. Build some fantastic apps!
  • 24. Resources All things Apps (Sign up for a O365 Dev Site!) dev.office.com Apps for Office and SharePoint Blog blogs.msdn.com/b/officeapps My Blog blogs.msdn.com/donovanf Questions [email protected]