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by : Rifqi Khoerussilmi

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  • 1. by : Rifqi Khoerussilmi

2. All you have to do is admit thatyou are a bit nervous speakingto your audience. When you do this, the audience will be moreforgiving if your nervousnessshows up later on. 3. The idea is to gain control of youraudience. If you can make them laughand be more interactive with you,your presentation will have thatcasual feel to it which will make it more memorable than others. 4. When you speak or give apresentation, try to squeeze in a few of your personal thoughts on thematter. Of course these should beprepared early on. 5. Redefine your audience generally meanschanging how you see your audience.Instead of seeing them as lecturers who are evaluating you, maybe you canconvince yourself that they are allfellow students who are in queue topresent after you. They are all equally nervous so there is no reason why youshould be too. 6. This is the most important tips of all. Have fun with the crowd. Try new ways to give the best presentation to your audience. Maybe experiment with a newfunny approach, or walk around the hall instead of being static on the stage.Have fun with experimenting on human behavior and you will see that publicspeaking is not that bad after all. 7. Remember that there are nofailures, only differentresults. Have fun!