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  • 1. Special Olympics
    By: Chelsea Moses

2. Mission and Values
Our mission is to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities by becoming physically fit, productive, and respected members of society through sports training and competition.
Our vision is to provide sports and training programs for any individual with disabilities who choose to participate, therefore improving their lives and the lives of everyone they touch.
3. Personal Connection
I have a sister with disabilities and I understand how difficult it is for the person with the disability and I also know how hard it is for the family.
I want be a special education teacher and work with children who have special needs.
I believe that the special Olympics is a great way for special needs children to experience joy and to demonstrate courage while interacting with other special Olympic athletes and the people in their community.
4. Specific Programs
We offer year around sports training and athletic competition in Olympic-type sports to children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
Special Olympic athletes also have the opportunity to participate in unified sports competition.This is a program that combines athletes with intellectual disabilities and athletes without and puts them on a team to train and compete with each other.
We currently offeran eclectic ofsports including:
Athletics (Track and Field)
5. Inputs
We need an exorbitant amount of:
Volunteers to donate time or money
Coaches to help train and be mentors to the athletes
Money to ensure the continuation of the programs offered at no cost to the athletes
A board of directors composed ofadept business and sports leaders, professional athletes, educators and experts in intellectual disabilities
Facilities where the athletes can train and compete
Equipment including balls, bat, nets, golf clubs, hockey pucks, hockey sticks
6. Process
We get children and adults with intellectual disabilities involved in different sports
We have trained coaches to educate, train, and bring joy and new experiences to the athletes
We hold competitions and events so the athletes can play against and meet others
7. Outputs and Outcomes
Through our non-profit organization we have helped many people with intellectual disabilities and people without
We have empowered through sport and have brought education and understanding to help change attitudes
We have brought happiness, friendship, support, self- esteem building, and skills building to the athletes and various people in the community
8. Specific Need in the Community
There are a lot of people in our community with special needs and intellectual disabilities
The special Olympics has all types of people including different race, culture, age, gender and background yet they all come together tocelebrate what they have in common and to help those in need
Many of these people live lives of isolation and are socially excluded from full participation in schools or society
9. Link to Critical Thinking and Critical Reading
The Special Olympics foundation developsand organizessport teams with special needs people and determine what these people are capable of with their disability so they can help them grow and succeed
The foundation identifies andcomprehends how theperson with the disability feels and how the family feels so they can understand and provide support
Critical Thinking/Reading
10. Link to Critical Action
The Special Olympic foundation plans events and competitions
They engage in these peoples lives and contribute to their happiness
They demonstrate and teach the people with intellectual disabilities how to play sports, and glean many more skills that are need in life
11. Just Think Foundation
The goals of this funding institution is to teach young people to live healthy, responsible, independent lives in a culture highly impacted by the media
12. The Comparison
Special Olympics Foundation &
Just Think foundation
They both strive for young people to:
Gain leadership abilities
Improve their academic performance
Make sound and healthy behavior decisions
Acquire practical workplace tools
Engage positively with their peers, parents, educators, and community
Think for themselves
13. How to Become Involved
Go to http://www.sosc.org/
At this address you can:
Or call:(562) 354-2600
14. Video