spoken english 101

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LetsPlay English !

1. Listening3. Reading 2. Speaking 4. Writing

Active ListeningFiller WordsRephrasingAsking question

Good Filler Phrases to usePause , think & AnswerThats great. Appreciation

Be a Master AppreciatorGroup Activity

RephrasingSo you are suggesting that..I totally understand the issue I am absolutely with you on this stance. Well , what I am getting here is that.What surprises me most is thatHeres my two cents

Four Types of Questions to ask

Question Formats Why , how , what What ifAre we in a position to..

Voice Exercise

Speaking involves..PitchingTongue TwistersMonologuePopular ContractionsPhrasal Verbs & Idioms

Introduce yourself with a Rhetoric or a QuestionPitching :how to

Tongue TwistersGroup Activity

Group ActivityMonologue acting

Popular ContractionsCant = CantProbably = prolly Could have = CouldaShould have = ShouldaWould have = Woulda

Could not have = CouldnaShould not have = ShouldnaMust not = MusnMust not have = Musna Might have = MightaWhat have = wahtavWould have not = wouldna

Tell us a Story The main character must be in crisis moment.