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Spoken English broken English

Spoken Englishbroken English

What is broken English?Broken English is a poorly spoken or ill-written version of the English language used by a non-native speaker.

Broken English may be fragmented, incomplete, and/or marked by faulty syntax and inappropriate diction.

Broken English in NigeriaAbeg[Ah-beg]1. PleaseEx: Abeg make we go store. (Lets go to the store please.)

Chop[Chop]1. To eatEx: You wan chop? (Do you want to eat?)

Wahala[Wah-ha-lah]1. ProblemEx: No wahala, I go move. (No problem, Ill move)2. TroubleEx: Wahala dey come. (Trouble is coming.)

Broken English in Australia

Gday, mate. Are you playing footy today? - No, Im going to a Barbie at a bush station. Therell be plenty of the amber fluid, and the tuckers bronzer. Why dont you come too? - Ta, Im busy in the arvo. Im going to see my Sheila. Shes crook. - Well, good on yer, mate.Good day, friend. Are you playing football today?No, Im going to a barbecue in the countryside. Therell be a lot of beer and the food is very good. Why dont you come too?Thank you, Im busy in the afternoon. Im going to see my girlfriend. She is ill.Well, good luck, friend.

Broken English in literatureFor example, in Henry V, William Shakespeare used broken English in Katherines speech. When Henry himself last implores the French princess Katherine to marry him, knowing that her command of the English language is limited, he says to her: Come, your answer in broken music; for thy voice is music and thy English broken; therefore, queen of all, Katherine, break thy mind to me in broken English".In literature, broken English is often used to depict the foreignness of a character, or that character's lack of intelligence or education. However, poets have also intentionally used broken English to create a desired artistic impression

Broken English in foreign countries

Broken English in ukraine