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Spring Quarterly


  • Published for the Friends of St. Francis High School

    Spring 2009

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    From The President

    Fr. Michael Sajda, OFM Conv.President

    Pictured on the Front Cover:

    Members of the Environmental

    Science Club who have spearheaded the recycling efforts

    on campus. The Club Logo was designed by

    Marcio Vieira.

    Published for the Friends of St. Francis High School

    Spring 2009

    Spring has finally arrived in Athol Springs! With the coming of spring, a dramatic change of color occurs from the less than white snow of winter to a vibrant green. As many already know, St. Francis had a deep love and respect for all creation. Creation is Gods gift to us all, from the simplest to the most complex drawing each of us closer to God, helping us to praise His wonder in all created things. At long last, the world may be catching on to what St. Francis already knew that what has been created by God needs to be valued and protected by all. In our small way St. Francis is joining the movement to go green. Through the initiative of two of our science faculty and a group of dedicated students we have begun a major recycling program. We now have our own recycling center for paper and plastic on campus, a small beginning, but a way to start making everyone here a little more conscious of our responsibility to protect our environment. We felt that it was our duty and responsibility to implement a recycling program here at St. Francis High School for many reasons, and in particular, to honor St Francis who is the patron of Ecology and the Environment.

    We are already seeing the benefits of this program, not only in the reduction of the trash we produce, but also in the educational value the program has provided to our young men. Our recycling program also provides us with the opportunity to place our Mission Statement in the mind of our young men and their responsibility to use their knowledge for the good of society. (Please read the feature article Going Green on pages 12 & 13.)

    Spring also marks the beginning of change to our student body. We welcome the class of 2013 as we say goodbye to the class of 2009. It is a busy and exciting time of the year, getting ready for the incoming freshmen and making final preparations for Commencement Exercises for the seniors, who will graduate on May 29th at Our Lady of Victory Basilica. .Our Fund-raising year is also drawing to a close. Justinian XXVIII was very successful and I want to thank all of you who were in any way a part of it. Also, I would like to remind all, if you havent sent you Annual Giving donation in yet, there is an envelope in this quarterly for your convenience. Donations must be received by June 30, 2009 to be counted for this fiscal year.

    Finally, as we continue to make plans for the future and to continue our going green efforts I would like to announce that next year this magazine will be published only three times a year and consequently, we are changing the name of the Quarterly to The Tau, the cross St. Francis used as his crest and signature. Our first issue this fall will detail the changes well make.

    May the Lord bless and keep you. May He show His face to you and be merciful to you. May He turn His countenance to you and give you peace. Thank you for your continued generosity and support of St. Francis High School.

  • Tonys Topics Tony Kosowski '75

    Saint FranciS QuarterlyVol. 16 - no. 3

    Published quarterly each year by the Saint Francis High School

    Office for Institutional Advancement4129 Lake Shore Road

    Athol Springs, NY 14010-0185www.stfrancishigh.org

    716-627-1200We welcome your comments... schaffstalls@stfrancishigh.org

    Sue Schaffstall Editor & Director

    of Communications

    Matthew Gorczyca09Feature Writer

    Jerry Gorczyca73Tony Kosowski75

    Sue SchaffstallYearbook StaffPhotographers

    Pam McDonnellKathy Hahn

    Fr. Justin RossProofreading

    In the last quarterly I wrote about planning and tying it to the aspect of planned giving. I touched on giving to a special organization or cause. Did you know that making a bequest is as simple as inserting the following sentence

    into your will? I, [name] of [city, st, zip], give, devise and bequeath to St. Francis High School, [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of the property] for its unrestricted use and purpose. Thats all that is needed to leave a lasting legacy.

    There are many ways to help. Other gifts of appreciated property, such as securities and real estate, may be given to St. Francis High School and will benefit the school and can help avoid capital gains tax. A life insurance policy is no longer required for payment of estate taxes or other needs may be another resource to consider when planning a gift to St. Francis High School. Giving through a living trust is still another way to provide for the management and future distribution of your assets while reducing the cost of probate. Gifts from retirement plans can be a convenient way to make a gift to the school while reducing or eliminating both estate and income taxes.

    There are many ways to fulfill your long term financial goals and be able to help your favorite charities like St. Francis.

    As with any planning, you should check with a qualified financial professional for the latest tax planning opportunities. Please know that any and all help that you

    give to our school helps us continue to provide a Franciscan education to as many young men as possible.

    D id you ever dream of being in between the home and away bleachers at our school, on the gridiron ready to be a star? Well here is your chance, the 3rd Annual Alumni Association Bocce Ball Tournament will be held on June 6 at noon. This year it will be played out on the football field. Okay, so you wont need pads or a lacrosse stick or shin guards, and maybe its not the way you dreamed of being a star, but it will get you on the field and all you need is a team of four players. Dont worry about being good; after all I play in it. You may be interested to know I had my bocce ball re-drilled just for this tournament! Check your mail for the entry form or visit our website.

    July 9, 2009 is the date. Get your fist pump ready, work on your hook, correct your slice, and get that short game in order. The 25th St. Francis Alumni Association Golf Tournament takes place on this date. Once again it will be held at Terry Hills Country Club in Batavia. Get your foursome together early as this 25th Anniversary Year promises to be a sellout. Check your mail for the entry form or visit our website.

    The St. Francis High School website is updated regularly and has all the latest school and alumni news. It is a great resource for all the sports teams, fine arts programs, and reunion information. Check it out at


    As always, if you are ever in the area please stop in for a visit and a tour.

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    sFeature By Matthew Gorczyca 09

    On November 25, 1926 Saint Francis High School was formally dedicated as a college-preparatory school for young men under the leadership of the Conventual Franciscan Friars. The Friars have been the leaders of the school, instilling the Franciscan values of compassion, humility and integrity through strong academics, competitive athletics and stimulating arts. Saint Francis could not have built such a great legacy of fine gentlemen over its more than 80 years of existence without the Franciscan Friars.

    After writing my first article for the Saint Francis Quarterly, I was given a little freedom with choosing a topic for the spring edition. It didnt take me long when I decided what I would take on. After writing about dads and their sons, I figure it would be most fitting to focus an article on the Fathers we all look up to here at Saint Francis. Alumni as well as current students can attest that these men stand for unique crafts, but one single message that truly personifies the renowned vision of Father Justin Figas.

    The first Friar I spoke with was Fr. Charles Jagodzinski. Many of the current students know him as the Campus Minister, but most importantly he has been an advocate for the athletic program. No matter what sport, Fr. Charles is at just about every game cheering on the Red Raiders.

    When I asked Fr. Charles what the power of athletics has meant to him, he responded by saying that athletics has always been a part of his life. As a kid he was very active, and found any type of sport as a release

    that allowed him to have fun. For the same reason he believes athletics are important in young people today, especially in boys. Fr. Charles went on to say that athletics allow boys to become men because in a sense they can grow through this forum. He says that athletics allow boys to prove themselves in a competitive way, as well as gain camaraderie with teammates throughout their years. Fr. Charles notes that with a strong athletic program, there is no doubt that the young men of Saint Francis High School will be blessed with a hardworking spirit and long-lasting friendships.

    Fr. Charles was recently inducted into The Very Rev. Rufinus Niedzwiecki, OFM Conv. Memorial Sports Hall of Fame. Fr. Charles says he loves high school sports and prefers them over professional sports. High school sports arent corrupted by money. You have good, young athletes that compete simply for the glory. They are m