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  • . PTA Govt. Model Questions 2011-12 Model Question Paper - 1 (8) Attach a suffix to the word hero from the listTime : 2.30 Hrs. Marks : 100 given below to complete the sentence. SECTION - A Vocabulary (20 marks) He exhibited his hero___ by fighting bravely. PART - I a) .ity b) ..ism c) ish d) ..ic(1) Choose the appropriate synonym of the (9) Replace the underlined word in the sentenceunderlined words: (5 x 1 = 5) with one of the phrasal verbs given below to The beggar extended his hands for alms(i). convey the same meaning.Seeing the piteous(ii) expression on his face the boy The lawyer managed the case cleverly.had a profound (iii) surge of sympathy in his heart. a) dealt in b) dealt with c) dealt out d) dealt onHe tendered (iv) a ten rupee note to the beggar andleft with a well-defined(v) expression of satisfaction (10) Separate the syllables of any one of theon his face. following words:(i) a) handshake b) gloves c) offering d) greeting a) reverence b) documentation c) fascinating(ii) a) hopeful b) angry c) frank d) sorrowful (11) Choose the appropriate word to make a(iii) a) strong b) prominent c) sincere d) daring meaningful sentence:(iv) a) took b) offered c) extracted d) revealed The rhythm of the songs was fast and .(v) a) strongly spoken b) well cultivated c) very a) interesting b) melodious c)lively d)quick stubborn d) clearly marked (12) Construct a sentence using one of the words(2) Choose the appropriate antonym of the given below:underlined word: (5 x 1 = 5) a) free b) freedom c) freely My expectations were soaring(i) high at theprospect of visiting my brother in the US. I was (13) Reframe the sentence using the underlinedmuch excited (ii) and triumphantly(iii) announced to word as a friends the date of my journey. On landing at the He was penalised for his disobedience.airport, its exceptional(iv) beauty and (14) Which of the two sentences given belowgrandiose(v)environment amazed me. conveys the following meaning?(i) a) shooting b) searing c) decreasing d) descending We will always remember those happy days.(ii) a) calm b) deprived c) exhilarated d) denied a) Will we ever forget those happy days?(iii) a) tremendously b) dejectedly c)shamefully b) Will we forever remember those happy days? d) unsuccessfully(iv) a) exciting b) electrifying c) uncommon d) usual SECTION B (Grammar 25 marks)(v) a) unimpressive b) grand c) weak d) ugly PART - I Answer All the questions PART - II Respond to the following as directed. 10 x 1= 10Answer any ten of the following. (10 x 1 = 10) (15) Which of the options given below will suit the(3) The common expansion of SR is following sentence? a) Suburban Railways If I met him b) Standard Railways a) I would have spoken to him c) Southern Railways b) I would speak to him d) Steam Railways c) I will speak to him(4) Choose the sentence that is correct in its meaning: (16) Identify the pattern of the following sentence: a) She looked pale after her illness. They named the child Prem. b) She looked pail after her illness. a) SVAC b) SVOC c) SVCA(5) Replace the underlined word with its equivalent (17) Choose the correct question tag for theAmerican English word. following statement: Dont leave the cupboard unlocked. Let us start working, ..?(6) Which of the words given below can be placed a) will we b) must we c) shall weafter cricket to form a compound word? (18) Complete the sentence: a) field b) court c)ground d) area Very few boys in the class are _________ Shyam.(7) What is the plural form of the word son-in-law? a) intelligenter than b) as intelligent as a) son-in-laws b) sons-in-law c) sons-in-laws c) more intelligent than - 1 of 30.
  • . PTA Govt. Model Questions 2011-12(19) Choose the sentence which correctly conveys PART - IIIthe meaning of the sentence given below: (30) Punctuate the following sentence: We shall remain ever grateful to you. : Kumar said when will the shop open a) We shall never be grateful to you. SECTION C b) We shall always remain ungrateful to you. (Prose 15 marks) c) We shall always be grateful to you. PART - I Answer briefly any five of the following questions.(20) Complete the sentence: Your answer should not exceed 30 words ( 5 x 2 = 10 ). in the hills all these years, she is now (31) Describe the dangers that birds face duringunable to bear the heat of the plains. their migration. a)Having lived b)Being living c) To have lived (32) State the definition of a domestic worker as cited by the International Labour Organisation.(21) Choose the correct verb form to complete the (33) Why did Hughie wish to apologise to the Baron?sentence: (34) What makes students give way to emotions easily? He prevented me from. the contract. (35) How does Dr. Karl Paulnack define art? a) signed b) being signed c) signing (36) What does the water expert Peter Gleick foresee(22) Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence: as the consequences of diminished water supplies?. it rained the teams continued to play the match. (37) What is the speciality of the vimanam of thea) In the event of b) On account of c) Even though Brihadeeswara Temple at Tanjore?(23) Choose the appropriate article to complete the sentence: PART - IIThis is . book that I had been looking for in all Answer in a paragraph any one of the followingthe bookshops. question. Your paragraph should NOT exceed 120 a) a b) an c) the words. ( 1 x 5 = 5 ) (38) (a) Describe any two duties of a student as(24) Choose the appropriate preposition to complete pointed out by Gokhale.the sentence: (OR) He built his hut the side of the lake., (b) Briefly describe the scene on the streets of Delhi a) on b) by c )at from the arrival of the water tanker till its departure. PART - II (OR) Answer all the questions (c) What makes the Brihadeeswara temple uniqueRewrite as directed. ( 5 x 2 = 10 ) and outstanding?(25) From the context of the two sentences givenbelow form a single sentence: SECTION D I missed the bus. (POETRY 20 MARKS) I was late to school. PART I (1x5=5) Quote from memory one of the following extracts:(26) Rewrite this sentence using the passive voice: 39. (a) The first five lines of the poem ManlinessYou have answered the question correctly so I (OR)will give you a gift. (b) Five lines of the poem The Cry of the Children(27) Rewrite this sentence in reported speech: fromJeevan said to his teacher, I cannot understand For oh, to .. in the stooping.this lesson. Will you teach it to me once again?