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  • 8/10/2019 SSRF Ancestors


    The distress caused to us descendants by ancestral spirits manifests in

    many ways in our day-to-day lives. It creates obstacles in both, our worldly

    lives as well as spiritual practice. In some cases, it may seem that the

    entire family has a dark cloud over it and various family members areundergoing various problems despite all efforts to overcome them. The

    difficulties that are created due to ancestral spirits come in various forms

    such as marital disharmony, addictions, miscarriages and financial

    problems. At an intellectual level, we can use two rules of thumb to decide

    if the cause of suffering is spiritual in nature. The first rule is if all remedies

    to solve the problem have failed. This is especially so when the problem

    should be easily treatable by modern sciences. The second rule is if a

    number of family members (e.g. 4 out of 5) are suffering with any of the

    above mentioned issues simultaneously. The reason that all the family

    members get affected is that they all have the same ancestors. In this

    section learn how we can protect ourselves from problems caused by

    ancestral spirits and assist our departed ancestors in the afterlife.

    Introductory articles to problems with ancestral spirits

    What are ancestral problems?

    According to the science of Spirituality and unknown to modern sciences,

    50% of difficulties in our lives are caused solely due to spiritual factors and

    another 30% due to spiritual and psychological and/or physical factors.

  • 8/10/2019 SSRF Ancestors


    Please refer to the article on, The breakdown of spiritual root causes of

    difficulties in life.

    One aspect of these spiritual root causes of problems in our lives is the

    distress caused to descendants by the subtle bodies of their ancestors who

    have passed away (died). It is also one of the more common spiritual

    factors that affects almost all of humanity in some form or the other. Before

    we give a detailed explanation as to why our ancestors would want to

    cause any kind of trouble for us, let us first examine the kinds of difficulties

    that people can experience due to departed ancestors.

    The distress caused to us descendants by the subtle bodies of our

    ancestors manifests in many ways in our day-to-day lives. It creates

    obstacles in both, our worldly lives as well as spiritual practice. In some

    cases, it may seem that the entire family has a dark cloud over it andvarious family members are undergoing various problems despite all efforts

    to overcome them. The difficulties that are created due to departed

    ancestors come in various forms as listed below:

    Inability to get married

    Marital disharmony

    Addictions (approximately 70% ofaddictionsare due to ancestors whohave passed away)
  • 8/10/2019 SSRF Ancestors


  • 8/10/2019 SSRF Ancestors


    Due to the inability to move on in the after life and attain a higher positive

    region or sub-region.

    Distress due to unfulfilled desires

    In this case, ancestors trouble us as they have unfulfilled desires. These

    desires can include:

    Anger directed at descendants who do not use their inheritance in

    accordance with the ancestors wishes.

    Ancestors who have an attachment to the family and still want things to be

    done their way.

    Ancestors who are addicted to some physical desire such as cigarettes,

    drugs, sex, food, etc. They take advantage of the remaininggive-and-

    takeaccount between them and their descendants to possess their

    descendants and fulfill their desires. Departed ancestors trouble their

    descendants instead of others with whom they may possibly have a give-

    and-take account with; this is because the bond between blood relations is

    the strongest.
  • 8/10/2019 SSRF Ancestors


    Distress due to a call for help by ancestors

  • 8/10/2019 SSRF Ancestors


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    When one dies, the vital energy is released back into the Universe. The

    physical body remains on Earth, while the subtle body travels to a subtle

    plane depending on its merits or sins and itsspiritual level.Unlike on the

    Earth plane, the only parameter that matters in the after-life is the spiritual

    level or the spiritual purity of a subtle body. The physical body and the

    various worldly aspects such as money, prestige, job, how well we are

    connected etc. have absolutely no relevance in the spiritual realm or subtle

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  • 8/10/2019 SSRF Ancestors


    The subtle body as shown in the diagram becomes heavy due to sins and

    excessive ego. As a result, it gets stuck in lower subtle planes of existence

    such as the Nether region (Bhuvarlok). If the demerits or sins are intense,

    then the subtle body goes to one of the regions of Hell (Ptl). On the other

    hand, the subtle body becomes lighter due to good deeds (merits) and the

    intensity of spiritual practice. The higher the spiritual level, the lighter the

    subtle body and faster the progress to the higher positive subtle regions of

    the Universe.

    Samashtispiritual level refers to the spiritual level attained through spiritual practice for the sake of

    society (samashti sdhan), while vyashtispiritual practice refers to the spiritual level attained through

    individual spiritual practice (vyashti sdhan). In the current times, spiritual progress for the sake of

    society has 70% importance while individual spiritual practice has 30% importance.

    An advanced seekers subtle body crosses theNether region immediately

    as a result of spiritual practice and goes to higher subtle regions of

    existence such as Heaven (Swarga). Only ancestors who are above the

    50% ( samashi) or 60% (vyashi) spiritual level are able to go to higher

    subtle regions, such as Heaven and are able to access the requisite

    protection from God to fend off any attack byghosts (demons, devils,

    negative energies etc.).Less than 5% of the world population falls in this


    The following is the breakdown of world population by spiritual level:
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    (Please refer to the article on spiritual level and thebreakdown of the world

    population by spiritual level.)

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    This means that the vast majority of our ancestors (over 95% of them) will

    be consigned to regions below Heaven like the Nether region or one of the

    regions of Hell. A large percentage of the world population is at a spiritual

    levelof below 30%. When they die, they have very little spiritual strength to

    help themselves in the lower subtle regions. By help we mean helping

    themselves spiritually to advance to higher positive subtle sub-regions.

    In the lower subtle regions, they experience pain due to demerits and donot

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