stafford county public schools recycling program one school division’s approach

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STAFFORD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS RECYCLING PROGRAM ONE SCHOOL DIVISIONS APPROACH Slide 2 HISTORY ACTION PLAN IMPLEMENTATION FUTURE EFFORTS AGENDA Slide 3 Stafford County Public Schools 30 Schools & 4 Support Centers 5 - High 8 - Middle 17 - Elementary School Board Office Head Start/Alt Education Complex Operation & Maintenance Complex Fleet Services Complex HISTORY Slide 4 Stafford County Public School 3.9Million s.f. 1,200 acres of land 26,000+ students HISTORY Slide 5 Recycling Program Active in the 1990s/2000s Division Wide Program State Guidance Refuse Provider - Foundation of Program Change in Refuse Provider - 2003 Recycling Not Included Lack of Program Focus and Energy HISTORY Slide 6 Recycling Program Fragmented Effort at Schools Many Schools/Complex/Leadership Assumed Recycling Effort continued IT DID NOT! School Division Reorganization 2007 Review of all Facility Programs Renewed Focus on Green Initiatives Interest from Community/Students/School Board HISTORY Slide 7 Facilities Services Focal Point for Program Initiated Research Schools who was doing what, how and where Other School Division who had programs, and what worked - good, bad & the ugly Established Road Map/Action Plan Briefed School Board/Division Leadership ACTION PLAN Slide 8 Facilities Services Focal Point for Program Road Map/Action Plan Policy Management Plan Recycling Committee Nov 2007 Pilot Facility Program Jan to Jun 2008 Full Facility Program Implementation Jul 2008 ACTION PLAN Slide 9 Recycling Committee Membership Chief Facilities Officer - Chair Operation & Maintenance Director Energy Manager Custodial Coordinator Refuse Provider Fleet Services Director Food Nutrition Director School/Complex Representatives Encourage Teacher/Student Participation Land Fill/County Representative Instruction Department Representative IMPLEMENTATION Slide 10 Pilot Program Crawl, Walk, Jog, Run, Marathon! Focused in the School 6 Schools & School Board Office 2 - High 1 Middle 3 Elementary Monthly Program Review Capture Lessons Learned @ each level IMPLEMENTATION Slide 11 Lessons Learned Focus on main stream recycling first, then expand program Coordination with all staff prior to implementation Special Emphasis w/Custodial Staff Impact to Other Profit Recycling Efforts Strong Relationship with Refuse Provider High School Program Challenging Need to make connection to students & staff Behavioral Changes Frequency of Recycling Pick Ups IMPLEMENTATION Slide 12 Full School Program Implementation Jul 2008 Identify Recycling Coordinators @ school/site Attendance @ Monthly Program Review Beginning in Apr 2008 Monthly Reviews to transition to Quarterly after 6 months Refuse Provider Waste Management Single Stream Recycling Critical!! Track Recycled Tonnage IMPLEMENTATION Slide 13 Single Stream Recycling Critical!! All recycling materials go into the same blue trash bins No more worrying about plastic/bottles going into one bind and paper into another IMPLEMENTATION Slide 14 Key Program Partners County R Board/Land Fill Information Refuse Provider Waste Management Sponsorship Banners For The Love of Your Planet Recycle Reduce, Reuse, Respect, Recycle Recycle Its as easy as one, two, tree! Program Execution IMPLEMENTATION Slide 15 Custodial Staff Backbone of the Recycling Effort Teachers/Students Community/Business Partners IMPLEMENTATION Slide 16 Summer Training Workshop Breakout Session w/Custodians - Recycling Contract & In-House Emphasize Importance Provide Tools Understand the Big Picture IMPLEMENTATION Slide 17 Future Efforts Opportunities in other areas within Division Fleet Services, Food Nutrition, Light Bulbs Keep Recycling Program Vibrant and Active Recycling Contest at All Levels Competitions/Events Stimulate New Efforts Enhance Instructional Material Reinforce Recycling and other Conservation Programsin the Classroom FUTURE EFFORTS Slide 18 Future Efforts Improved Integration of Divisions Conservation Efforts Construction, Energy, Natural Resource, etc Enhance Communication Opportunities Web Site Press Community FUTURE EFFORTS Slide 19 QUESTIONS? Reduce, Reuse, Respect & Recycle!