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  1. 1. Rowing machine reviews: Stamina air rower review By
  2. 2. Design? Some Photos Design Verdict The design of the stamina Rower is really beautiful. Worth? I must say, yes!
  3. 3. Description The Air Rower from Stamina is designed to offer a smooth, solid, and comfortable rowing workout at home for a low-impact, full-body workout. By utilizing wind for rowing resistance, the Air Rower allows the user to determine the resistance intuitively.
  4. 4. Built for smooth operation, the Air Rower features an oversized, angled seat rail and smooth sliding seat for easy seat return. The seat is padded and upholstered for comfort and the textured grips are designed for a stable and secure grip while rowing
  5. 5. Detailed Specifications Wind-resistance rowing machine with multi-function performance monitor Monitor displays speed, distance, time, and calories burned Padded, upholstered seat; large footplates for any size user; over-sized, angled seat rail for smooth sliding Folds for storage; built-in wheels for portability; floor protectors prevent skidding Three-year frame warranty; 90-day parts warranty
  6. 6. The Positives Provides full body workout Cost Effective Excellent Resistance System Occupy less space Best for home use Highly comfortable seats and footrests Efficient sliding Smooth running Warranted for one year Light in weight
  7. 7. The Negatives Not suitable for intense body building exercises Less weight bearing ability
  8. 8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Can anyone tell me the distance from the back of the seat to the foot pedals when fully extended? (I'm 6'4" tall) hey tamara , i am 5ft 11in and i dont reach the end of the rail on this rower........i did measure for you from the foot pedals to the middle of the seat fully extended it approx 45inches fully extended......its worth the look see.......i love it. one exercise for total body workout..........ONE CAUTION GO REGULAR DELI
  9. 9. What Customers Say About It? I used this rowing machine every day for about 3 years and it's still in excellent condition. I'm passing it on to a friend, since I now use other forms of exercise. I lost a lot of weight with this machine, so I highly recommend it. It gives a terrific, total body workout I used to row regularly on a Concept2 at my University, and it was a great full body workout. After finishing school, I wanted to get a rower to add to my humble home gym. I looked at the Concept2 and they cost over a thousand dollars. While they are worth the money
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