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“Trip…” “Trip, you’re alive, you’re really alive. How can this be? I saw your burned body, only your face was recognizable.” T’Pol stumbled through her next words well trying to hold down the emotions that were boiling up in her blood; demanding release. “Thinking you were dead; for I couldn’t even sense your thoughts through our mental and physical bond anymore, I started another relationship. I even had his child. I’m sorry.” “It’s alright T’Pol, you’re forgive,” said Trip not at all angry as if he were suppressing his emotions like a Vulcan. “Who?” “A friend,” replied T’Pol…

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Trip Trip, youre alive, youre really alive. How can this be? I saw your burned body, only your face was recognizable.

TPol stumbled through her next words well trying to hold down the emotions that were boiling up in her blood; demanding release. Thinking you were dead; for I couldnt even sense your thoughts through our mental and physical bond anymore, I started another relationship. I even had his child. Im sorry. Its alright TPol, youre forgive, said Trip not at all angry as if he were suppressing his emotions like a Vulcan. Who? A friend, replied TPol


Based Upon: Star Trek & Star Trek The Next Generation Created by: Gene Rodenberry, Star Trek Deep Space Nine Created by: Rick Berman & Michael Piller, Star Trek Voyager Created by: Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor & Brannon Braga Star Trek Vanguard Created by: David Mack Star Trek: Invasion Created by: Diane Carrey Star Trek Destiny Written By: David Mack & Star Trek Enterprise Created by: Rick Berman & Brandon Braga

Credit has to be given where credit is due so: One Copy is allowed for a Private Project Only, CBS Consumer Products STAR TREK IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF POCKET BOOKS, PARARAMOUNT PICTURES, & CBS STUDIOS November 13, 2008. Therefore, I dont own the characters or even claim to. All Rights to this book are previously reserved to the above mentioned companies, thank James Terranova 2008 Permission for this books publishing comes from Pocket Books for one copy only.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (The IDIC) makes it clear that in Gene Roddenberrys Federations society racial and sexual differences and all forms of biological diversity were seen as positive elements that should be celebrated. In the Federations ideal future, a future that we dont see in todays society, both racism and sexism are things of the past. (Star Trek Parallel Narratives, Chris Gregory, 2000) These are the things we should strive for in todays society, the world would be a better place without racism, sexism and believing in the fact that no matter whom we are, even though were all different, were all humans with the same feelings no matter what culture or side of the world you come from.

CONTENTSAny chapter that has the following icon before it has to do with the starship Enterprise NX-01 and mostly occurs in the years 2161, 2163, 2164 & anything involving the year 2376. Most of the main story occurs during these years for PARTS ONE through FOUR.

********Any chapter that has the following icon before it has to do with everything that takes place in the Andromeda Galaxy and mostly occurs in year 2179 & 2180. This will occur mostly in the FORWARD & AFTERWARD Sections of this book.

This Novel Is Dedicated to:All My friends from other countries, that also include all my Japanese friends, new and old, Im very thankful to have met you all, it is great to know people from all over this world of ours. So for all of you, this work of fiction is dedicated to you. I hope you Live Long And Prosper and also have Peace And A Long Life. **** This novel is also dedicated to my beloved dog Coober, may you rest in peace. You will always be missed, you were my best friend.

AUTHORS NOTEThe Forward and Afterward of this book has the name of people the author knows as instrumental characters in an upcoming series, Star Trek Andromeda. Each name has been modified to look more alien with last names totally changes. Therefore, any names, places, or incidents that occur in the Forward and Afterward are entirely coincidental and has only been done so its possible to have more characters to tell the story. Also all names that arent official Star Trek characters were created by the author in the fall of 2007.

HISTORIANS NOTEThis story is mostly set in the Years 2161, 2163 and 2164 after the founding of the United Federation of Planets in that year (2161, Star Trek Enterprise These Are The Voyages). Other parts, mostly in Part Three also go into the future to the year 2376 after The Dominion War and the fall of Praetor Shinzon of Romulus. The Forward and Afterward take place in 2379-2380 and introduce the mysterious aliens bent on destruction.



Starfleet Command, Earth Year: 2379 With the Dominion War finally being over for almost five years, Starfleet knew it was finally time to rebuild. They could finally replace all the ships they had lost through the long years of combat and get the Academy filled up again with new students wanting to join Starfleet to explore the vast unknowns of space. High above the planet, new spacedocks were being built. Meanwhile, the ones that survived the devastating Breen attack were being repaired so they could go and rejoin the fleet and once again explore the vast darkness of space. As the ships that were damaged were being repaired, the ones that were ready to be assembled could have their parts faired up from the surface into space by construction ships to begin welding them together into the mighty vessels they were destined to become.

High above Earth in one of the newer spacedocks was Earths newest Miranda-class starship, the USS Alliance NCC 379891, the ship that would eventually become the test bed for testing new technologies to be developed for other existing ships and would also be added to the newer classes of vessels. Before that idea could even hit reality Starfleet Command came up with an even better one. There are at least two other galaxies out there besides ours, said Admiral Kathryn Janeway to the other admirals at Starfleet Command. All of which havent been explored by the Federation yet. There could be anything out there that we know nothing about. I propose that we start devising a way to get there and start exploring them too, that way we can further our knowledge about the universes and seek out more new life and civilizations and to truly boldly go off into the vast unknown of space. Janeways right, agreed Captain Jean-Luc Picard who was also sitting among the admirals. Weve ended the Dominion War, theres peace in the Alpha Quadrant and the whole Milky Way Galaxy has mostly been explored thanks to Voyager miraculously returning home. Those other galaxies out there are a tempting prize to see. Who knows what could be out there. There could be another form of interstellar travel that we know nothing about, there could be potential new allies out there that we dont know while there could be new

enemies. I agree with Janeways proposal of sending ships out there to explore them. **** Andromeda Galaxy Year: 2379 I call this gathering of the Votality Conclave to order, said the one and only President Grawl. There are aliens from a far off galaxy that are going to eventually come into our galaxy if we dont stop them and put fear into their hearts like we did to all the others who oppressed us for centuries. Let the Furies deal with them, said First Prime Naraw, from what youre saying this involves what they called Heaven. They should love to get their revenge. There arent many Furies left, they have either been hunted down and killed by the beings that theyve terrorized, said Naraw, or they just died out. All thats left of them are their poppets that resemble them. Were on our own Im afraid. Its time we go into the past with the remaining Furies, search for the Furies then declare war on the rest of the universe so we can rein supreme once again. **** Furies Space

2379 In the Epsilon Quadrant of the Andromeda Galaxy, the Furies had finally received the transmission they had been waiting for more than two centuries since 2262 when one of the Furies ship was destroyed by both the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 and a Klingon battle cruiser. The message was from that ship, a dreadnought, whose commander was named Zennor. The Battle of Garamanus is lost. We have not survived, but this is our rightful place. Try again. They had tried again, three more times each time they were stopped. One hundred some years after Kirk they encountered the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D and this time with the ability to project fear into the hearts of their enemies, but again they were stopped. Years later, though a frozen-in-time version of the USS Defiant NX 74205 that was thrown back into the past proved to be the reason why the Furies were back and angry, the Defiant was the ship that drove them out of Heaven almost five thousand years in the past supposing saving their lives but they werent thankful for that at all because the Defiant had caused an energy blast in the past that drove them out banishing them from Heaven into the faroff reaches of the Delta Quadrant. While trapped in the Delta Quadrant trying to get home to the Federation in the Alpha Quadrant that they may never have seen again, Captain Kathryn

Janeway and the crew of the USS Voyager NCC 7642 encountered a Federation distress call coming from a shuttle craft that was originally attached to the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D being crewed by one person, a Lieutenant Samuel Redbay who had left the Enterprise to seal the rift the Furies had formed sacrificing himself to do so had emerged safely on the other side just to be captured and tortured by the Furies who hated humans and the other beings from the Alpha Quadrant. Even though Voyager couldnt save Redbay, they did manage to stop the newest Furies Invasion of the Alpha Quadrant from happening, unknown to them or the rest of the Federation, the Furies left the Milky Way Galaxy behind them and headed to the Andromeda Galaxy joining the Non-Corporal Votality beings. With their new alliance formed the Furies vowed to return to Heaven one day, even if it meant going into the past with the Votality and reclaiming Heaven once and for all **** The Shedai Sector Taurus Reach 2379 The Maker of all the Shedai was so made; the beings that they had once ruled had all turned against them. Their Conduits that made it easier for

them to travel and to mount their attacks had been destroyed. To the beings they once ruled all was good, but for the Shedai they wanted everything back way it used to be back during the years prior to 2263 when the United Federation of Planets discovered the strange signal originating from the Jinoteur System and constructing the Watchtowerclass Starbase 47 nicknamed Vanguard. Because each event led to the next, eventually many Klingon and Federation colonists were forced to be killed when the Shedai awoke to reek their vengeance. The only smart ones were the Tholians who were really the descendants of one of the Shedai groups that didnt end up hibernating for centuries. The Kollotaans as they were called now had evolved from what the Maker had created and called the Kollotuul. The Tholians didnt want their suppressors to come back and claim everything that was once theirs and use them again; so to stop the Federation from awakening something they could never imagine they went and destroyed the Miranda-class vessel USS Bombay NCC 1865 with six of their battle cruisers while the starship was on a resupply mission orbiting Ravanar IV. Now almost one hundred sixteen years later, the Shedai and the Maker returned after managing to survive the destruction of their self-engineered solar system, the Jinoteur System. When it was destroyed by being blinked out of existence by the Apostate when it decided to destroy it against the Makers will.

During its time leading an opposition movement against that very Maker that created it and the entire system along with the Shedai. Presumably he was destroyed along with the entire system when it vanished out of normal space-time, but he to would have no choice but to return for the Shedai were back yet again this time also in the Andromeda Galaxy forming an alliance with the Votality


Year: 2380 At The City on the Edge of Forever Captain SaKia Kobayashi of the Federation starship USS Alliance NCC 379891, a Refit Mirandaclass vessel, found herself standing at the one outpost that she never expected to be at. On the Edge of Forever, she was standing at the one and only guardian that still existed besides the Preserver Obelisks that were scattered throughout the galaxy, the Guardian of Forever, and she had a question to ask it. The one thing the Guardian had been waiting for decades if not millennia was for someone to ask it a question, and now it was ready to assist her in any possible way. Meanwhile high above the still unnamed planet commanding the orbiting Alliance was SaKias First Officer, Commander JameS TerranoK with his Second in Command Lieutenant Carlos Wallrason who was also the ships Tactical Officer were discussing what they knew about SaKias secret

mission, but Commander TerranoK wouldnt dare think about even mentioning to Lieutenant Wallrason that he secretly had a crush on their attractive captain who instead of wearing the traditional Starfleet uniform wore a miniskirt and a matching red shirt as her duty uniform. The uniform TerranoK had to admit made Captain Kobayashi have a nice bum. Of course those thoughts though would get him locked in the brig unless the Captain didnt mind them and found her First Officer a good looking and attractive man. Lieutenant Wallrason speaking brought TerranoK out of his romantic trance and back to reality. Commander, it is my opinion that our Commanding Officer only wanted to come here to ask that mysterious Guardian thing down there a question. A question that I no doubt believe to be against our orders from Starfleet Command and Admiral Kathryn Janeway; and if Im right, then she might already know what youre not telling me What the hell do you mean? stuttered TerranoK well his face was starting to turn red. That you have slight feelings for Captain SaKia Kobayashi, said Wallrason. You cant lie to me JameS, Im your best friend and Ive seen how youve looked at her. Heck, the whole crew I think can see it, what is it with you and these Japanese officers in the United Earth and United Federation of Planets Starfleet?

Their just more attractive and cute, anyways, shes lucky with me being part Klingon I could easily not take her as a mate for Klingons dont pursue a relationship, theywe that which we desire; and I do desire her. Answered JameS. He took a deep breath and continued, anyways, when it comes down to it, havent you also seen the historical files on Ensign Hoshi Sato of the starship Enterprise NX-01 and how her first husband wasnt truly recorded into history? No, started Carlos, but I do remember from the Academy that she died with her husband Takashi Kimura and children of Tarsus IV by the hands of Governor Kodos who we all have come to know as Kodos the Executioner. That was one terrible event in history. Agreed, replied JameS, but there are so many things that still go wrong in the galaxy. Look at SaKia; shes all alone on the surface. I shouldnt have let her go down alone. Are you saying that as someone who loves her JameS, asked Carlos, or as her First Officer? Both I guess, said JameS. Shes just a pretty good woman and commanding officer, Starfleet will have my head if something happens to her since Im not following regulations right now. That might even prevent me from getting a command of my own. What are you are you going to do then? asked Carlos, Im going down there, with you leading a

Security Detail. Im not letting anything happen to our captain. Back beside the Guardian Captain SaKia Kobayashi heard the familiar hum of the transporter and turned around to see her First Officer, her Second in Command and four security officers fully materializing about fourteen meters away from her. As she started to walk over to them she started to wonder Is it true that my First Officer has feelings for me? I wonder how things like this were dealt with in the past during the time of the Coalition of Planets and in the early United Federation of Planets? Thats it that will be my question to the Guardian of Forever after it shows me what I want to know, Ill be able to decide what to do about Commander JameS, even if it is against Starfleet regulations. Once SaKia was right in front of JameS she asked, Who said you could come down here? I left you in charge of the ship. I was worried about you, replied JameS, I had to make sure you were alright. As your First Officer, its my duty to protect you. Yeah, yeah, replied SaKia, I bet its because She decided it would be better not to continue her train of thought out loud so she thought youre partly in love with me. In not voicing the rest of her thought, she made it seem that she didnt want the exact same thing he wanted; so in doing that, he never knew what she felt about him deep down in

her heart. So she gave him an order, Commander, accompany me to the Guardian for a second. Aye sir, replied JameS as he stepped beside her and started walking towards the mysterious Guardian. Once they were beside the Guardian, SaKia touched the stone structure and even though she found it unbearably cold she asked her two questions. Guardian, I want to know two things. One, what really happened in the era of the first starship Enterprise, the Enterprise NX-01? And two, how did they deal with relationships on starships from that era, or were they even allowed? Before either SaKia could react, the Guardians time portal activated showing action packed images from the past as it began to tell its story that Starfleet Command and the United Federation of Planets had classified for they didnt want it to ever be known to the public ever. Together SaKia and JameS looked into the Guardian with intrigued eyes as they watched an unforgettable story as it unfolded before their eyes as if they were really there



Year: 2161, Early Earth-Romulan War Enterprise NX-01, Near Romulan Space, Beta Quadrant Captain Jonathan Archer was left with two choices, both he didnt like. But he had to decide on one or everything Starfleet had been working for the past year would be lost. Therefore if he did decide to act on the thoughts that were going through his head, he could take the Enterprise into Romulan space and risk her safety; or he could just allow the NX-02 Columbia to be destroyed. The latter he knew wasnt an option for he wasnt about to let another human vessel be destroyed by the merciless Romulans, not if he could help it. As he continued to think about what to do; he couldnt help but think back to July 2155 when he ordered Enterprise to flee instead of rescuing Captain Kojiro Vance and the rest of the people aboard the J-Class Class-III Neutronic Fuel Carrier SS Kobayashi Maru after she struck a

Gravitic Mine in the Gamma Hydra Sector at Section Ten just so the Romulans wouldnt be able to capture his ship like they had managed to do with many Klingon and Vulcan vessels. At the same time though, he also had another fact to consider, the safety of his crew and wife, Ensign Hoshi Sato. Enterprise was following a zigzagging course under Starfleets orders: for whenever a starship was near Romulan Space or in an area of space that was known to be under a strong Romulan influence, the Romulans wouldnt be able to fully ever get a weapons lock onto any of Starfleet or Coalition ships. The zigzagging did leave a few problems and vulnerabilities, especially with the cloaked gravitic mines still around from the time when the Romulans and Klingons were at war over the sector. If Enterprise hit one her hull would easily be penetrated even with her hull plating engaged. Taking a long breath Archer made his decision, Ensign Mayweather, he said in a strong somber tone, take us into Romulan Space. Set a course for the last known position of Columbia, Warp Two. Knowing that he needed his ship to be fully at the ready in enemy territory, Archer continued with his orders. Lieutenant Reed, arm the torpedoes tubes, keep the phase cannons ready to be deployed. I want both ready if we come into any hostilities with the Romulans. Scan for both Romulan and Klingon warships. Aye sir, replied Reed.

Hoshi, started her husband, give me a direct line to Trip in Engineering. Go ahead, captain, replied Ensign Sato. Bridge to Engineering, said Archer into the comm., Commander Tucker respond. Go ahead captain, replied Trip. Batten down the hatches, give me as much power from the engines as you can, were taking this ship into Romulan Space in search of Columbia, said Archer. just give me everything you got. **** Unauthorized intrusion in Section Three One Seven, said Centurion Terix to Admiral Valdore in the Senate building in the palace at Romulus. Who, demand to know Valdore. The Earth vessel Enterprise, replied Terix, they must be in search of the other Earth vessel we captured three days ago. Release that vessel, ordered Valdore, but crew it with Romulans. Well use her to launch a surprise attack on Enterprise. The humans dont stand a chance. Send a drone ship out a few minutes after the Earth vessel that way they wont know were behind the attack until it arrives and executes its attack. The Romulan Empire will have its victory against these humans. Actually, dispatch every one of our drone ships, execute attack pattern alphaone, and destroy both Earth ships.

I have to object to this course of action admiral, started Terix, were about to broker the peace treaty with Earth and its allies over subspace radio in a few days. The hostilities between our two peoples have ended. Valdore didnt like his orders being questioned nor did he want the peace treaty to go through, a peace treaty he had been against from the very beginning. Execute my orders, he demanded, or I will have you executed. Terix didnt want to die, or he did, just not by the admirals hand or his Reman bodyguards. To him it would just be an honor to die in battle against one of the Earth ships, her allies or the Klingons. So having no choice he replied, Understood, admiral.


Enterprise NX-01 Coalition Space, 2161 Inside his Ready Room was the only place that Captain Jonathan Archer felt safe in. On the bridge of Earths first warp five starship there was chaos and paranoia all because Ensign Sato and even Commander TPol didnt want to talk to him while he was out there. The worst part for him was the fact that he didnt know why either of the two were mad at him, each other or a combination of the two. He didnt know and part of him wanted to know. The other half of him decided the best thing to do would to be let things pass over, but that too may not be the best idea either. The Romulans are still up to hostile acts even though their attacks on Coalition vessels have ended and their about to sign the treaty and allow the Neutral Zone to be created; they are now turning their aggression towards the Klingons and with their Arrenhehwiua telecapture device they can even still attack our ships through controlling Klingon vessels and well never know. So

many things had gone wrong recently, the Earth Cargo Services ship ECS Horizon had been destroyed six years ago in the photosphere of Sigma Iotia leaving Ensign Travis Mayweather in a total grieving state facing the fact that his whole family had been killed by the Romulans and he still suffered from the after effects of that trauma so he always seemed to be in a wreak but managed to hide those feelings pretty well, while on duty on the bridge at the helm at least. Captain Archer knew that it fell upon to find away to help his helmsman to get past his grieving before it interfered with the ships crew or worse, got the Enterprise destroyed. Knowing that it might work Archer activated his intercom and said Archer to Mayweather, I want you to join me in the Captains mess for dinner tonight at sixteen hundred hours. Understood sir, came the reply over the com system. Seconds later the whole ship was rocketed by a subspace eddy that almost tore off the port nacelle. Archer stormed out of his Ready Room and on to the bridge in a quick run. As the door closed behind him, he yelled Report. Were trapped in some sort of wake, reported TPol, I believe its from a ship of unknown configuration but I sensors dont detect anything. Could be cloaked. Thought Archer, out loud he said, Reed, deploy the beacons, full rotation, lets try to find any cloaked ship.

As the beacons rotated around the grappler they revealed that the Enterprise was trapped within a cloaked gravitic mine field with one Romulan Bird-ofPrey. Archer knew that there was only one way out of this whole situation that would leave Enterprise intact so he gave his orders to Hoshi even though she wasnt talking to him, they were still on the bridge and she had a job to do and that was to follow her captains orders. Ensign Sato, open a channel to that ship. Channel open sir, came Hoshis reply. This is Captain Jonathan Archer of the United Earth Coalition of Planets to the unidentified Romulan vessel, drop the charade, we can see you. You are violating Coalition Space turn back or be destroyed, awaiting your reply, Enterprise out. Coalition vessel, this is the Romulan Bird-of-Prey Charan, we are on a routine scout mission, leave this space at once. Their charging weapons, reported Lieutenant Reed. Polarize hull plating; deploy phase cannons, arm photonic torpedoes. Travis, evasive maneuvers ordered Archer feeling the adrenaline from the moment taking over. Its to coincidental for a Bird-of-Prey to be out on a scouting mission, thought Hoshi, they have Scout ships for that. Guess they perfected their cloaking device for large scale vessels since my undercover mission

ended, said Trip who was already on the bridge speaking with the Captain. Theres another vessel coming in captain, reported Reed. A few minutes later he spoke up again saying, I think were in bigger trouble sir. One Klingon battle cruiser is on an intercept course, theyll be within weapons range in five minutes. The Klingons are hailing us sir, reported an even more shocked Hoshi. Opening channel. This is Commander BukaH of the battle cruiser NeresH, can we render assistance Enterprise. BukaH, thought Archer, shes that Klingon that helped us rescue their Raptor-class scout ship the IKS Somraw. Im a little surprised that shes gotten her own command after assisting humans, maybe it has to do with the fact that my crew and I saved Admiral Krells butt and QuVat colony during the mutated augment virus affair almost eight years earlier. Out loud he said Assistance? Sure you arent here for my head? As much as your head would be a great prize in the empire captain, Im acting on orders directly from Admiral Krell, stormed BukaH in a loud feminine voice that could only belong to a Klingon woman. Youre to assist us in reinforcing our boarders from the Romulans. Do this and your head is safe and youll gain even more honor than you already have within the empire. Get us out of this mine field, growled Archer in what he hoped would sound intimidating to the

Klingon woman, and also assist us in destroying this Romulan Bird-of-Prey and you have a deal. After all, we share a common enemy, the RomuluSngan. A little shocked that Archer used the Klingon word for Romulan BukaH took a few seconds to reply. She did know about the Draylax situation six years ago that the Coalition of Planets faced and how the RomuluSngan managed to take control of Klingon warships by remote control and use them against the Coalition, the Earth Cargo Service, and even the Klingon Empire. Lets get to work then Captain.


Under the guidance of BukaH and the NeresHs advanced sensors the Enterprise managed to transverse her way out of the mine field and towards the battle that had already started between the NeresH and the Charan. Coming in closer towards the Romulan Bird-of-Prey, Reed launched a volley of photonic torpedoes towards the Charans aft section as he had the three phase cannons and also the pulse cannons graze the top section of the Birdof-Prey. At the helm of the NeresH the Klingon helmsman brought the ship into a downward dive around the Enterprises aft section and reappeared at her bow firing directly at the Bird-of-Prey directly in front of her while at the same time receiving the attack that was about to hit the Enterprise. Both the Romulan and Klingon warships managed to enter an upward spinning maneuver allowing Reed to lock Enterprises forward pulse cannons onto the deflecting Bird-ofPrey and launching another counter attack damaging the ships port nacelle. As the Romulans port nacelle

exploded and sheared off the Bird-of-Prey the Romulan manning the helm tried to get their ship stabilized while their inertial dampeners tried to compensate for the spin the nacelles destruction sent he ship into. As the seconds turned into minutes the Klingons moved in closer to the Bird-of-Prey and launched three torpedoes towards the remaining nacelle and watched as it to exploded sending the remaining warp plasma into the black void of space. With the Romulan Bird-of-Prey disabled, they still had one thing they could do besides activating their ships self-destruct sequences and committing a ritual suicide with their Datheanofv-sens as the timer counted down to their ships doom or they could still use their weapons and hope to destroy or disable the Coalition and Klingon ships. At least that was their options when two more ships warped into the system to assist, the NX-02 Columbia and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, both firing their weapons at the disabled Romulan Bird-of-Prey. At the same time the blasts from the new arrivals hit the Romulan ship, Enterprise and the NeresH also launched an attack, with all four hitting their marks on the weakened Romulan hull causing it to explode sending wreckage hurtling in every direction. After the battle the Klingon Bird-of-Prey that dropped out of warp with Columbia followed her into warp and escorted her to QonoS where they would stay in reserve getting orders from both Starfleet Command and the Klingon High Council

while Enterprise and the NeresH headed off in the opposite direction towards the battles still going on along the Klingon-Romulan Boarder that would eventually someday become the Klingon-Romulan Neutral Zone. The temporary alliance had been born but still anything could set it off or even solidify it indefinitely. All of which was part of BukaHs true mission. Hoshi, open a channel directly to BukaH, ordered Archer. You can speak now Captain, said Hoshi, the channels open. BukaH, I would like to invite you over to the Enterprise as our guest while we travel to rendezvous with your fleet, offered Archer. Ill be delighted, replied BukaH, Ill transport right over. She then thought to herself, Time to truthfully begin and complete my mission. It should be easier aboard his ship anyways.


The bridge was silent, not the companionable silence of previous times, but an uncomfortable one. One where no one spoke on the bridge unless it was duty related. This was the new norm. Ensign Hoshi Sato was madder than she looked. True, her appearance that day was more than a norm for her, her hair undone and no make up on her face along with her eyelashes looking unnaturally curly. No; Hoshi wasnt in a good mood at all and because of this, it was affecting everyones attitude all over the bridge, everyone that is except for Commander TPol whose attention seemed to be also in a daze. Something had to happen to get both in such an uproar and it couldnt have been that they had a female Klingon passenger on board while her ship was traveling along side the Enterprise. In Hoshis case, she wasnt getting much sleep and when she did manage to get to sleep, thats when the dreams would come. Dreams that were so terrible that she wished that she didnt really live through the experience she went through with the

Xindi Reptilians almost six years ago when they beamed her off the bridge of the Enterprise, tampered with her brain and forced her to decipher the Aquatics launch codes so they could activate the weapon. She knew she was lucky that Lieutenant Malcolm Reed and the MACOs were able to rescue her; but to be used like that by the Captain to destroy the weapon made her mad. She had no known reason why she even hugged the man the moment he stepped of the bridge after being transported aboard from an altered World War II where Germany successfully invaded the United States. In her mind there had to be something wrong, something wrong with her mind, her brain. But Doctor Phlox had said there wasnt. Now she thought that the doctor had to be in allegiance with Captain Archer for some reason. Hoshi hated deception and if her captain had deceived her, she wanted off the Enterprise and out of Starfleet for good. The truth railed through her head though, to get to the bottom of the whole thing she would either have to question the Captain or Phlox. Only at the moment she wasnt sure if she could trust them. At least she decided to try Ensign Hoshi Sato stormed into Sickbay in an angry rage that right away Dr. Phlox knew something was wrong. Ensign, he said showing off his big grin, what can I do for you? I demand the truth, she shouted at him. What the hell have you and the Captain done to me?

Nothing, stated Phlox most convincingly. What do you mean Ensign, is something wrong? Hell yes, she screamed getting angrier. You and the Captain have been conspiring against me for sometime now. WHY? We havent done anything to you, said Phlox. If anything, were trying to help you; youve been in this angry rage for a few months now, ever since Starfleet and the Captain came clean about Trips undercover mission into Romulan space. Its like you cant handle it that the Captain, Reed, Harris and I decided it would be best to fake his death. That is not my problem, Hoshi stammered, I dont even like Trip like that, Im not TPol, anyways those two should get a room, I wish that Trip really was dead, he never let the women aboard this ship ever have a romance movie for Movie Night, it was always something with gore and action, not one chick flick for the three quarters women aboard this ship. Maybe you should go talk to the Captain about your suspicions, said Phlox as he got a hypo-spray that he was hiding behind his back as he stepped to her side and pressed it to her neck. Seconds later, she collapsed sedated. Phlox walked to the intercom mounted on the wall next to the Imaging Chamber and said Captain Archer, please report to Sickbay I got a situation down here. About ten minutes later Archer walked into Sickbay with the last person Phlox expected to see at

his side, the Klingon woman that they had invited onboard the Enterprise while on course towards the Klingon-Romulan Boarder, Commander BukaH of the battle cruiser NeresH. Captain, Commander, he said bowing his head. He then pointed towards Hoshi laying on the bio-bed and said I had to sedate her; she came in here in an angry rage thinking that you and I were in some sort of conspiracy against her. You told her we werent; right? asked Archer. My exact words were That we didnt do anything to her and that we were trying to help her but she didnt believe me. Thats when I had no choice but to sedate her. Thanks for letting me know doctor, said Archer. Let me know when she wakes up. Will do captain, said Phlox showing off his grin again. After Archer and BukaH left she said Can I give you some advice captain? If you and her were Klingon and this was a ship in the Imperial Fleet, you would have two choices with a woman like her Im not sure how they would make you feel but you could kill her or Well Im not going to kill her, said Archer, so whats the next one? mate with her, replied BukaH, thats what I would do if you were in that Sickbay and you were acting that way, then again, I do find you attractive for a human.

Dont think about it BukaH, said Jonathan not even liking the picture that she had put into his mind, its never going to happen between us NEVER. Dont knock it before you try it Archer, said BukaH, it could loosen the wedge between our two peoples and terminate that bounty on your head. Tempting, said Archer, but the answer is still no, I wont even start a relationship with a Vulcan, unlike some members of my crew, I may have thought TPol attractive once but my Engineer has made her spoiled goods way his mind has blended with hers because of his dam sister dying in that Xindi attack back in 2155. I can kill them both, thought BukaH, then hell have no choice but to be mine, and why the hell do I even want a human mate? Oh thats right, its part of my mission to seduce this human captain so hell help in our plans of conquest over Earth. For a woman Im not doing well at getting him into my bedchamber aboard my ship YET, but it will happen, just get it a matter of time, and I got all the time in the universe.


Hours later as Ensign Hoshi Sato began to cometo in Sickbay; Doctor Phlox remembered his orders and contacted the Captain. Phlox to Archer, shes beginning to regain consciousness. I suggest you report to Sickbay now. Moments later like before Archer strolled into Sickbay with BukaH right behind him again. Seeing the Klingon woman with him again Phlox pulled Archer aside and asked, Why is she with you again? nodding towards the Klingon. Under my orders shes not to leave my site, said Archer, but between you and me Doctor, I think shes trying to get me to mate with her to unify our two peoples. Its not going to happen though, never with a Klingon woman at least. I would count something out before you try it captain, started Phlox, especially when a Klingon is involved, consider the honor youre being offered if shes chosen you. I dont care Phlox, I dont want to and thats my final answer. Ive already told her no anyways.

Archer took a breath and exhaled loudly. Now about Hoshi, how is she? Now I get it, said Phlox almost whispering, first you liked TPol, but now Trip has her and since you cant kill him since you need his expertise, you must have feelings for Hoshi, thats the only reason why you wouldnt take the glorious honor of mating with BukaH. Hoshi is an officer under my command, nothing more Doctor, stuttered Archer, BukaH is a Klingon and anyways, I dont love her, I just tolerate her enough to have her by my side sometimes. Alright, have it your way, thought Phlox. He then started speaking more professionally. As for Ensign Sato, I cant find anything wrong with her, whatever it is thats bothering her is all in her head. Therefore captain, there is nothing I can do for her. What I would prescribe is nothing but time for her to realize that were not conspiring against her and that we do most heartedly care about her. Over at Hoshis bio-bed she and BukaH were talking about something in a mild form of English that the Klingon woman could understand. MEN, said Hoshi, they drive me mad. Want me to kill some of them? asked BukaH, it would be an honor if not a glorious battle. You could start by killing the Captain and Phlox then, replied Hoshi. The doctor helped our people with the metagenic virus, said BukaH, and your captain is

an attractive male as far as your species goes. I will not kill him. Dam, thought Hoshi, what the hell is going through this Klingon womans mind? I thought they hated Terangans; but she sure as in hell or in Grethor as shed call it; doesnt seem too at all. Wish it could be that easy for me to see whatever it is that she sees in him or maybe she has a hidden agenda that none of us know anything about. Im sure as hell going to get down to the bottom of it for if the Captain really isnt conspiring against me and really does heartedly care about me, he must have some sort of feelings for me even if they are just that of a very strong friendship after all, he was the one that got me to join Starfleet saying that Id have a knack at translating alien languages. Looking towards BukaH Hoshi gave an evil grin and a light laugh. Smiling a little she managed to chuck out the words, lets go make some trouble for the Captain, take me off this ship for a while, lets see what he does. Maybe a small incursion into Romulan Space with your shuttle craft will be the best idea as long as we dont run into any Romulans that is. Dam Terangan, said BukaH, I love how you think. Lets go before they notice. Then she added to herself and hopefully we find an honorable battle to fight and win.


Klingon-Romulan Boarder Klingon Attack Shuttle: Bek Hoshi and BukaH couldnt believe how easily they had escaped Sickbay or that they were even able to get out of the Launch Bay so easily, but before they knew it, the fifteen meter long cramped Attack Shuttle Bek had managed to sneak across the boarder into Romulan Space. Once inside the forbidden realm of the Romulan Star Empire, the two deserters came a crossed another tiny ship. From inside the atmosphere of a gas giant the Romulan Scout Ship Dromal detected the incursion of the tiny Klingon Attack Shuttle and figured that they could take it on their own so they didnt report their find back to Admiral Valdore on Romulus or to Praetor Dderidex, instead they headed off to engage the Klingon ship. Both the Dromal and the Bek were only armed with one weapon, a forward mounted disrupter cannon that could fire only one blast per minute

because they needed the time to recharge their firing coils. So therefore, both ships were evenly matched. That was at least true until another Klingon ship crossed the boarder and joined the fray. The new arrival was a Bird-of-Prey and using its disruptor cannons and torpedoes firing in a rapid pattern ended up blanketing the path of the Romulan scout ship Dromal. Surprisingly, the assault only disabled the Dromal and the Klingons were able to capture their first Romulan ship. The only problem was that ship wasnt equipped with the Arrenhehwiua Telecapture System that they so badly needed to study so they could finally put a stop to the Klingons remotely stealing their warships and other crafts right from under their noses. Both Hoshi and BukaH were about to be in for a surprise; one that they werent ready to face. With the RomuluSngan Scout Ship secured in the grappler of the Klingon Bird-of-Prey, BukaH lowered the shields of the Bek allowing the one thing they didnt want to happen to happen. They were boarded, not by any RomuluSngan but by a Terangan. As the humming of the transporter stopped BukaH and Hoshi turned around to see Captain Jonathan Archer standing there very angry with a Batleth in his hands. In a gesture of peace and sincerity BukaH got out of her pilots chair and walked over to the Terangan captain to apologize for betraying him and taking his communications officer but as soon as she was

within sticking distance he slapped her across her face drawing blood from her upper lip Standing strong BukaH wiped the blood away from her lip and spit the rest to the deck of the ship. She then pointed her finger into Archers chest digging her nail into chest puncturing a hole into the fabric of his uniform and into his skin drawing some of his blood. Once she was satisfied with that she raised that finger up to her mouth and liked the read Terangan blood saying tasty. She ten pulled Archer in for a kiss on the lips as she almost crushed his ribs. After holding the kiss for almost four and a half minutes she released Archer and said, You better be initiating a Mating Ritual with me right now as she dragged him by his arm towards the Attack Shuttles bed chamber where she pushed him down onto one of the beds and sat on top of him ready to take him and complete the second half of her mission Back in the now sealed off cockpit section of the Attack Shuttle Hoshi found herself alone and confused. While at the same time she thought she could hear screams and something rocking in the back of the shuttle. From what she was hearing she didnt even want to imagine what was going on. She only hoped that it would be over soon so she could return to Enterprise and to her own better smelling quarters and bed. Getting lost in that thought Hoshi was forced back to reality as the Bird-of-Prey launched its second grappler onto the IKS Bek and

jumping into warp taking both ships with it back into Klingon Space and a rendezvous with Enterprise.


As the ships returned to Enterprise Hoshi could tell that the screaming in the back of the Attack Shuttle had stopped. For a few seconds she thought her captain and friend Jonathan Archer was dead, killed at the hand of that Klingon woman who thought he was attractive and seemed to want to have his children. Gross, she thought, hate to see the outcome of that coupling. All she could finally think about was that she was in love; Jonathan had saved her life once or twice and had even helped her through everything when she Thought Space travel wasnt for her. She couldnt imagine what she would do without him, but when the doors to the back of the shuttle opened and he walked out she felt relieved to see that he was alive. Together the two of them returned to Enterprise and didnt say a word until they were rubbing Decon Gel onto each others back in the Decontamination Chamber. What happened in the back of the shuttle Captain, she asked a little curious hoping it wasnt what she thought it was.

She tried to get me to mate with her, replied Archer, she even pressed her provocative dressed chest into my face; but I wouldnt comply with any of her demands. We got into a fight as I think you could see by the way we both look and the last thing she said was that I should have been born Klingon, that I would have made a great warrior, mate and father. Oh, said Hoshi, glad it wasnt what I thought it was if youre referring to interspecies physical relations, its never going to happen Ensign, any ways Starfleet I bet would never allow it anyways, they already frown upon fraternization which us being alone in here could easily lead too not to mention whats already happening between Trip and TPol should be and should have been reported since we returned from the Delphic Expanse six years ago, said Archer. but then again, theres one other thing BukaH said, stated Archer as Hoshi started to rub the gel into his back even harder and started with the back of his legs while he tried to take care of her back and legs, well all the while it seemed she was either getting hotter or mad, or both. Someday youre going to want me Archer as a mate; Ill make the experience something that youll never forget as a male, nor will you ever want any other woman after that. I just laughed to that because it isnt going to happen. *****

Meanwhile on the bridge, no one knew what was transpiring between Archer and Hoshi in Decon nor did they know what had transpired on the Klingon Attack Shuttle; all they did know was that something was heating up between TPol and Trip, and it was driving everybody crazy yet again. Therefore the bridge was silent, not the companionable silence of previous times, but an uncomfortable one. One where no one spoke on the bridge unless it was duty related. This was the new norm at least it was for everyone else around her except for Commander TPol. She had the one person in her life that could end that for her, Commander Charles Trip Tucker III. The problem with that though was the fact that the commander was always to cocky, some of which had managed to rub off on to TPol that night in the Expanse when she choose to run her mating experiment with him. Ever since that day their minds were bonded together. A bond that they didnt realize they had until he transferred to the NX-02 Columbia just to hide and to end what they had. Things like relationships wouldnt stay dead though. They always had some way of coming back and haunting the people involved. Like it did to Trip and TPol when the radical faction known solely as Terra Prime got a hold of their DNA and cloned it together to create their infant daughter, Elizabeth; an alien-human hybrid. Even though Elizabeth had

died, her existence had brought Trip and TPol close together again. Together they grieved for their daughter as they had her interred at the TKarath Sanctuary on Vulcan. Sending a thought to Trip through their mental bond TPol said Meet in my quarters when the shift ends. For some neuropressure? Trip thought back, or. Youll see, came the reply over the bonds mental channels. Now Trip wanted to hurry through everything that needed to be done, rushing the shifts ending. Eight hours later when the shift ended Trip was so glad that he ran to TPols quarters and pushed the button to open the door without even knocking. As the door opened, it revealed TPol standing there in only the bottom half of her Vulcan robe with it slightly left open. Seeing his lover that way Trip lost control of himself and gathered her in his arms and kissed her all over. Gaining a little control of emotions and hormonal state, Trip took his lovers hand and led her to her bed where he planned on taking her once again like she did six years ago when she choose him as a mate to try out human sexuality, only now each time somehow it had gotten so much better that she couldnt bear it. To bad she knew they could never have any children no matter how badly he wanted it. Vulcan science just didnt care or want it possible for

the species to breed outside their species barrier even though Doctor Phlox thought he could make it possible to happen.


Romulan-Earth War Ends Chartering of the United Federation of Planets 2161 Inside the Captains mess Captain Archer and Trip had so much to celebrate while at the same time they had something to dread. The good thing was that the Romulan War had ended and a Neutral Zone between Coalition and Romulan Space had been created. The rules for the Neutral Zone stated that no ship from either side could cross over to the other side; to do so would be considered an act of war and would plunge the two galactic powers back into an armed conflict that could and would end in the total destruction of someones homeworld and entire fleet of starships. To ensure the peace the Romulans had unmanned sensor stations on their side while the Coalition did the same on their side. Besides the Sensor Stations Starfleet decided that a few of their new Daedalus-class starships would also be patrolling the Neutral Zone boarder to keep a

Starfleet presence in the area since their Warp Five starships were about to be decommissioned and set into mothballs to make room for the newer and faster Warp Seven beauties that they had just started commissioning during the ending months of the war. One of those ships was to be the Enterprise NX-01 who at that very moment was going on a wild goose chase to help the long thought dead, now retired Andorian Shran get his daughter back from people who kidnapped her so hed return something they thought he stole. ***** Rigel X Rarely did shuttle pods one and two leave the Enterprise at the same time but this time they were. Inside one pod was Trip, TPol and a few MACOs while inside the other were Archer, Shran, Mayweather and a few more MACOs. In total, the ten man team was planning on ambushing the aliens who kidnapped Shrans daughter and rescue her. A mission not everyone was going to return from alive to witness the signing of the charter that would turn the Coalition of Planets into a Federation of Planets. Once on the surface of Rigel X everything seemed to go as planned. Shrans daughter was rescued and was taken back to a shuttlepod by TPol while the rest of the team got caught in a fire fight that almost

claimed Trips life but he was lucky that the Captain was fighting by his side to save his life. Little did Trip know that in a few hours he would get the chance to return the favor and become a hero. About four hours after returning to Enterprise the aliens that kidnapped Shrans daughter managed to mysteriously catch up to the Enterprise when their ship were only supposed to be able to hit a maximum travel speed of Warp Two. Knowing this directly from Shran Archer had Mayweather increase speed to Warp Three but that didnt help matters. The aliens continued to gain speed reaching Warp Three Point Five and regaining on the Enterprise. Archer was getting tired of it so he decided it was time to put the petal to the metal so to speak and to push the warp engine to its limits. Travis, he ordered, increase speed to Warp Five Point Two. Their still gaining, reported Reed, Warp Five Point Six and closing, but their engines are starting to over heat. They cant keep this up for long. Seeming to be reading Reeds mind at the Engineering Station on the bridge Trip said We cant keep this up for long either captain. Weve been boarded, reported Hoshi, near the launch bay. Reed, assemble a Security Detail and get some MACOs, ordered Archer. He then turned to Trip and said Trip will assist me until the Security Detail is ready?

Itd be my pleasure, replied Trip as they headed towards the turbolift together. Only this time as Trip left, TPol had got a strange feeling deep down in her gut. Trip was going to do something foolish and drastically reckless and something terrible would come out of it. She just knew it, and hoped she was wrong. Near the launch bay Archer and Trip found themselves face to face with the same kidnappers they had faced hours earlier this time though they wanted Shran, most likely to kill him; but there just was no way Archer was going to hand over the Andorian. So the kidnappers started to threaten his life forcing Trips hand even though Archer was ordering him not too. Trip started to speak to the kidnappers saying This mans the Captain, Im going to disobey his order, Ill bring Shran to us. One of the kidnappers couldnt take Archer ranting against Trip anymore so he hit him in the face with the butt of his phase rifle. Trip led the kidnappers, except for one who was guarding the Captain with orders to kill him if he moved while they were gone, to a station that he called a Communications Port but it wasnt and on the contrary it was going to cause a big bang instead. The lead kidnapper had one of his men check for a weapon after Trip opened the compartment and when they found it all clear they let Trip go about his work. The handy engineer disconnected one set of

wires and just before he connected them to another set he said I got one thing to say. What, demanded to know the lead kidnapper. You can all go straight to hell, said Trip as he connected the two wires together causing a massive explosion that tore a hole right into the corridor beyond. The resulting explosion Trip created killed the kidnappers and badly injured him. Something TPol knew right away. Smelling smoke when he came to Archer got up and managed to over take the one guard rendering him unconscious and went to investigate the acidic smell. He ended up finding the kidnappers dead and Trip Trip he yelled but nothing happened, so Archer yelled again Trip you idiot. When Reed and the Security Detail got down to the launch bay deck, they helped Archer get Trip to Sickbay where Doctor Phlox tried everything he could only nothing helped. The explosion Trip had caused badly burned his body except for most of his face and sealed up the tubes in his lungs. There was nothing Phlox could do, before TPol could even get down to Sickbay, as the doors to the Imaging Chamber closed Trip drew his last breath and died.


Two Days Earlier Earth As the ink on the treaty ending the RomulanEarth War was still drying and almost every alien race on Earth was gathering for the signing of a new charter to create an even bigger alliance, something drastic was happening at the North Pole all because of a single giant asteroid. As the asteroid got closer to Earth the planets magnetic pull managed to turn it into a shooting star headed directly for the top of the planet and its frozen ice. Nothing, not even torpedoes from the orbiting two Daedalus-class starships, the USS Archon NCC- 189 and the USS Essex NCC-173 could destroy it so they let it go since it couldnt do that much damage crashing into solid three hundred meters thick ice, but they were wrong Below the ice that never got excavated eight years ago was one remaining Borg drone. As the asteroid flew by its projector brought it on a course

forty-four meters from the still active but frozen drone. As the asteroid crashed into the ice, it caused massive ice melts that brought the drone out of its hibernation and also revealing part of a shuttle. Slowly the Borg drone started to get readjusted to its surroundings then got its footing back and realized that it was the only one of the four hundred drones left it started to begin anew. Able to move once again it made its way to the shuttle where he started to assimilate it to serve his purposes. Once he was ready he would begin the mission the rest of his fellow drones had started when their ship was destroyed. Total assimilation and conquering of the human race and Earth



Year: 2161 After The Founding of the United Federation of Planets The Borg Collective in the Delta Quadrant may not have received the message sent by the assimilated Arctic Transport yet, but that didnt mean a Borg ship hadnt detected the message; that on the contrary is exactly what happened near the Rigelian Badlands. One Borg ship that dropped out of transwarp sooner than it was supposed because it was attacked picked up the communiqu from a ship built by a species called humans; a species that hadnt yet been catalogued and added to the collective. Disregarding everything but the relevant information, the Borg drones aboard the cube learned that of the four drones that survived the crash only three were unfrozen at the time by the Arctic Research Team. Those drones were the ones that sent the signal just before the transport ship they assimilated was destroyed by the Enterprise NX-

01. There was one that still needed rescuing so the Borg used their ship to take an asteroid out of the Rigelian Badlands and set on an erratic course towards Earth. That would make sure it would get caught in the planets magnetic pull forcing it to crash into the North Pole. While that drone was to get its life back alone on the surface; the cube would head towards Earth to re-assimilate the missing drone back into the collective ***** Year: 2063 Almost One Hundred Years Earlier As the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E exited the temporal vortex the Borg Sphere had created Picard gave his orders. Report. Shields are down, long range sensors are offline, reported Mr. Hawk at the helm. Data looked up at the view screen and said Sir. Everyone on the bridge looked up to see the Borg Sphere that they just followed into the past firing onto the surface of Earth. Looking around his whole crew then back at the view screen Picard said, their firing on the surface. Location. Commander William Riker was the first to speak. North American continent, it appears to be a missile complex in central Montana.

Data, stuttered Picard, I need to know the exact date. April 1st 2063, reported Data. The day before First Contact, stated Riker. Thats what they came here to do, started Picard, stop First Contact. He then thought to himself, to change history so they can easily assimilate Earth and the entire Federation will never have existed. Then the missile complex is where Zefram Cochrane is building his warp ship, said Doctor Beverly Crusher. Mr. Worf, said Picard making his decision on how to stop them and to check to make sure the Phoenix was fine and still intact so First Contact would happen as it was supposed to, Quantum Torpedoes FIRE. Four quantum torpedoes raced from the Enterprise towards the sphere and hit their mark. Seconds later, the sphere exploded into a bright green ball of burning plasma. Now we have to go down there and see what ever damage theyve done, ordered Picard. Data, Beverly, youre with me. Computer, mid twenty-first century clothing.


Earth Year: 2161 North Pole Without its regeneration unit the Borg drone had to work quickly if it was going to survive the harsh climate it found itself in. At least the nanoprobes he injected into the remnants of the ship were starting to take affect rebuilding and reshaping the craft into something that would be space worthy even though it would be small. For the drone knew that all it had to do was to make contact with a cube ship that was from this era but lost on this side of the galaxy. With the knowledge the drone posed from the future the drone knew it would help the drones aboard the cube turn the tables on humanity and assimilate Earth and the entire Alpha Quadrant once and for all. The only Borg drone on Earth didnt have to care that it couldnt find anything to assimilate to start its own collective so it could hear more than one voice again for the ship he was having rebuilt by the

nanoprobes had detected the cube ship traveling towards the planet at high warp. It knew that the ship would arrive by the next morning. By that time though, the drone hadnt planned that its assimilated ship would be ready to leave the planet, but after a while when it was, the drone made the decision to leave Earth and head out to meet the cube halfway. At about Earths midnight, the Borg drone was ready to leave the homeworld of the human race. At that moment, the cube ship that he needed to rendezvous with was about to enter the Sol System but they detected that their objective was on the approach from the third planet in the system so they decided to stop and wait. ***** Elsewhere in deep space the United Earths United Federation of Planets starship Enterprise was taking its final cruise around the allied worlds of the former Coalition of Planets from Draylax to Deneva, Alpha Centauri to Ceti Alpha and the Altair System to Tau Ceti. Every where the historical first Warp Five starship of United Earths Starfleet went, everyone that had access to a starship came to get a glance at the ship. This action started to make many admirals back at Starfleet Command a little worry that the ship could be in danger from many of the enemies that they had quickly lined up during their short six

year existence as the Coalition of Planets, among them the Klingons and the Romulans. All of the enemies of the Coalition and the newly formed Federation had their hands tied though not knowing that they were all facing the same mysterious enemy. ***** Klingon Space Qam-Chee, the First City, QonoS Chancellor MRek and Admiral Krell werent at all in the best moods lately. Both had read the reports coming from their boarder patrol ships that had detected a mysterious perfect cube shaped vessel that had always managed to destroy their ships but the beings crewing them would always first board the Klingon ships and attack the crews. From seeing video transmissions sent back to QonoS by the destroyed ships MRek and Krell watched as many of their loyal warriors were either killed or changed. Showing the videos to the many warriors that gathered around to get a brief preview about what they faced. The first thing they learned was that each one of the mysterious beings after awhile werent affected by their hand disruptors for some kind of personal individual shield would activate around them protecting them. The only weapons that seemed to work were their Batleths since they were

sharp enough to get through the beings organic parts that were more vulnerable but to close combat method that worked also proved to be the downfall to the Klingon warriors for they put themselves into range of the beings cybernetic arms and were able to be held in place while tubules came out of their wrists towards their necks injecting nanoprobes into their bloodstreams turning them into the very thing they were trying to fight to no prevail. Once almost five some videos of the same thing occurring over and over again, Krell stud up to address the High Council. We have to do something about these mysterious half-mechanical half-organic beings that have the power to turn other fully organic beings into their kind erasing all but a little of their previous identities to all who encountered them. Admiral Krell is right, said Chancellor MRek as he stood up to address the High Council he presided over. We have to defeat this scourge, even if we have to ally ourselves with our worst enemies. The newly formed Federation hasnt had to face this scourge yet but they did encounter these beings before, in fact that was only because their own Arctic Transport craft was taken by these beings for three of them were frozen in the Terangans homeworlds icecaps. The Earth vessel Enterprise NX01 managed to destroy that ship that these beings had modified to suit their needs. Before that ship was destroyed though, it sent a message to what the

Enterprises Science Officer, the Vulcan female, thought was their homeworld in the Delta Quadrant. A message that must have been intercepted for it didnt take the estimated seventy-five years to get there. Therefore I propose we let the Terangans know what they have released upon the quadrant by declaring war on them. I object, said a female voice in the crowd, First, Im Commander BukaH of the IRS NeresH and the humans assisted us enough times for us not to warrant going to war with them over this threat. We should ally ourselves with them since they faced this scourge already. ***** Romulan Space Dartha City, Romulus Romulan Imperial Senate Praetor Dderidex wasnt at all happy with the Senate nor the fleet he was fully in charge of. He was also mad at Admiral Valdore for losing the war with the humans and their allies. They should have had victory in their grasp with the Drone Ships that failed because the Enterprise NX-01 had destroyed one and damaged the other with the help of the alliance formed with the Andorian, Tellarite and Vulcan fleets that grew into the United Coalition of Planets and then into the now newly formed United Federation

of Planets, and then again through the Arrenhehwiua Telecapture System that should have gained control of their ships and the Klingons so easily but somehow turned out to be another one of the empires busts. Valdore knew that he had to do something fast to get back on Praetor Dderidexs good side, so to do that he decided the best idea would be to destroy the one thing that was now disgracing the empire. The same culprit that even the Klingons were having to deal with the mysterious cybernetic beings and their cube shaped starship. Being in charge of the whole Romulan fleet seemed to have its perks for Admiral Valdore had an idea that her was hoping would turn out to be a good one. He was going to dispatch half the fleets Bird-of-Preys to patrol the newly formed Neutral Zone boarder on the pretense of keeping an eye out for Federation starships that might accidentally cross it but the truth of their mission was to find and eliminate the mysterious cube ship. ***** Enterprise NX-01 Somewhere in Deep Space Captain Archer while going over the newly completed Duty Rooster that Commander TPol had just given took a quick glance over towards the

Communications Station at the attractive and intelligent woman sitting there, Ensign Hoshi Sato. Looking at her he could tell that she wasnt in a good state of mind. He knew that sometimes she couldnt help but think that she had suffered some sort of brain damage at the hands of the Xindi-Reptilians who injected her with parasites. Now she sometimes thought she had lost her ability to synthesize knowledge and to do her best as Chief Translator that she could possibly be but now that all seemed to be going downhill lately. Now she wanted off of Enterprise and she hadnt decided how she was going to break the news to Captain Jonathan Archer. Little did she know that he was soon going to need her expertise now more than ever before. Archers paying more attention to Hoshi than to his duties as ships captain almost surprised him when Ensign Travis Mayweather spoke up from the helm. Captain, theres a mysterious ship in out path. Its a perfect cube, reported TPol a little shocked. I cant tell if their weapons are armed or not, reported Reed, but we have encountered the metal type around it before. True, said TPol, about seven years ago when we encountered the upgraded Arctic Transport and the mysterious cybernetic beings that crewed it. I would hate to say it captain, but were in trouble.

Theyre blocking our path, reported Ensign Mayweather at the helm. Every maneuver I try to use to get around them they counter. Were being hailed, reported Hoshi, audio only. We are the Borg, depolarize your hull plating and prepare to be boarded. Resistance is futile. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own, your culture will adapt to serve us. Resistance is futile. We are the Borg. Reed get those weapons back, ordered Archer, Travis, keep trying to get us out of here. Hoshi, contact Starfleet Command or any ship within range able to render assistance. Ive managed to get through to Starfleet, their sending three MACOs warships to intercept us along with the Daedalus-class starships USS Carolina NCC 160 and the USS Horizon NCC 176, theyll be here within thirty minutes, reported Hoshi, the closest ship is a Klingon battle cruiser, the IKS NasharaK, and shes only ten minutes away. They could be here within a few seconds at maximum warp their commander says. Their on a recon mission searching for this cube ship thats been destroying their ships left and right. As much as Archer didnt want any help from the Klingon Empire two ships would stand a better chance at surviving a fire fight while waiting for his reinforcements to arrive. So he went over to Hoshi and whispered in her ear, tell them that well

accept an offer of assistance. Three seconds later a Klingon battle cruiser dropped out of warp flanked by two escort ships that immediately opened fire on the alien cube ship inhabited by the beings calling themselves the Borg.


Aboard the Borg ship the drones werent yet ready for a firefight that might lead to their destruction even if it was by primitive beings. So as the reinforcement Federation starships joined the battle, they activated their transwarp-drive and fled the system back towards the Rigelian Badlands. With the cube ship gone, the five Federation starships and the three Klingon battle cruisers flanked around Enterprise into a pattern that put the historic Earth vessel in the center of the formation. All ships set a course for Earth in a defensive posture just in case their forward was ever blocked again. ***** Back in the Rigelian Badlands, the Borg cube ship finally was able to get the information they needed out of the drone they had rescued in the Sol System. A drone that seemed to possess information about a future that couldnt be, a future that needed changing. These beings youve encountered all

called humans and theyve managed to stand up to use and prevent assimilation since the day we first encountered them. Im from the future and I got here because we launched a temporal invasion to prevent their historic event of First Contact, but one of their ships followed us back and stopped us. I survived the destruction of the sphere ship I was aboard when the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E, a distant cousin of the NX-class vessel youve encountered earlier. Since you have re-assimilated me into the collective, I suggestion we continue my original mission and enslave this entire quadrant for the greater existence of the collective and change many future events while were at it. Agreed, thought the collective as one. In unison the collective aboard the cube started going about the business of getting the matcheration chambers ready to bring the new drones they were about to create to full maturity as one mind, one consciousness in the collective. Their own personal vendetta had begun again. Only this time they hoped nothing would stand in their way. Except, as long as there was a ship around bearing the name Enterprise there would always be opposition. Therefore it was decide that Earth would be their first target. A fact that the fledgling United Federation of Planets figured was coming along with Captain Archer and they had a plan to stop it. *****

Inside Hoshi Satos quarters Captain Archer sat beside her talking to her about the assignment he wanted her to undertake but she kept hesitating on it. I cant do it captain, she said for the sixth time, I just dont feel up to it and I also think Im still suffering from the Xindi parasites. Hoshi, Archer said trying to calm her down, youre the only woman on board this ship that can do this for me, as my Communications and Protocol Officer, I need you to do this. If you dont think about it this way, Earth and the entire Alpha Quadrant wont exist as we know it now. Youre the only woman that can do this for me; even Captain Hernandez has her Communications/Protocol Officer doing this. Alright captain, started Ensign Hoshi Sato, what do I need to do? We encountered these beings before, roughly eight years ago, said Archer, back then I mentioned a so called story that Zefram Cochrane told about telling exactly what happened during First Contact in 2063, I need you to dig up that information on these cybernetic beings the group of humans from the future came back to stop from enslaving the human race. *****

At the Rigelian Badlands, the Borg collective was quickly learning about the future. As one consciousness they communicated with the reassimilated drone from the future, So youre saying besides enslaving all the races of this quadrant, we should also be bent on the total annihilation of one ship, one crew, a ship bearing the name Enterprise. You could have told us this earlier, said the collective as one, the NX-class starship we encountered earlier boor the name Enterprise, we could have destroyed her then. Well get another chance, thought the newly assimilated drone, set a course for Earth, I would suggest Warp Two Point Five. Take us through the Asteroid Field. We need the element of surprise on our hands if were going to be able to successfully assimilate the human race into the collective.


Alpha Centauri III Our relay stations have picked up something massive heading this way sir, said Captain Chris Wan to Commodore Shari Trevor, its on a direct course for Earth. Warn them, ordered Commodore Trevor, keep me apprised on the situation. Admiral Gardner wasnt at all happy to learn that Earth might be in danger for a second time within weeks. The only good news he had was that the Klingons were actually patrolling the boarder for once without crossing over and staging raids on Federation planets, colonies, starbases and convoy ships. The actions of the Klingons for once would seem that they were searching for something more that conquest and bloodshed. For once in its short existence, the Federation didnt have anything to

fear from its closest warrior like neighbors for the Klingons were on the warpathyet and the Romulans were still tucked safely behind the Neutral Zone with their partially defeated fleet slowly coming back into existence. High in Earth orbit onboard the Enterprise, Hoshi was staying in her quarters doing all that she could to meet Archers request for she didnt want to disappoint him. Surprisingly even though she wasnt feeling that well and her mind was racing out of control, she had found a lot of information on First Contact, more than she expected to. Plus she thought it was good that most of it was written by Zefram Cochrane himself. After transferring the data to her hand held data pad she started to search for the words future, cybernetic beings, and enslaving the human race. All of which she got hits on so she went to work trying to find their weakness but she couldnt find one only the sentence their ability adapt to any particle beam weapon is magnificent. This counter-defense easily prevents their destruction as a group for when one adapts, they all seem to adapt, this information from an eye witness account given to me by my assistant Lilly Sloan who spent some time on the ship from the future. Reading further, Hoshi learned that one of the ways the future ship which ironically was called Enterprise destroyed the beings that took over their ship by liquefying their organic components with

warp plasma from their warp core. This attack totally killed their Queen and deactivated the remaining drones while parts of them exploded into sparks. This is the information Jon needs, Hoshi thought to herself so she quickly scanned it and sent it over to Archers computer terminal in both his Ready Room and quarters so he would get it quickly. Inside his quarters Jonathan was a little surprised to hear his computer terminal blink in the middle of the night, especially when the ship was only in Earth orbit. No one would really need to contact him at that hour of the night so he sadly got up and went over to his desk almost waking Porthos. Activating his terminal he noticed that he had an incoming data transmission from Hoshi. He opened the file and first read her note. Captain, Im sorry if I woke you, but this is the information that you wanted that involves what really happened during First Contact, written by Cochrane himself but you did say he did rebuke this all years later saying he was very drunk when he wrote it and it wasnt really the truth so history doesnt believe it. Well with that said, Ive also set this report to your Ready Rooms terminal too just in case your still in there. While these cybernetic beings cannot be destroyed because they adapt to everything that can be thrown at them. Hand to hand combat is a bad idea because they can easily inject you with their nanoprobes, as Phlox learned eight years ago, and transform you into one of them. The only thing that kills them is warp plasma since it

liquefies their organic components but to destroy the whole group at the same time, you need to locate and destroy the Queen, the rest will either slightly explode or just be deactivated until a new Queen is created. Well I hope you find this useful Jon, good night. After reading Hoshis report Jonathan didnt know what came over him but he wanted her to know how grateful he was that she had gotten him the information. Archer to Hoshi, he said into his wall mounted inter-ship communicator that he tied in directly to her quarters, please come to my quarters, thank you. A few moments later Hoshi arrived at his quarters door wearing only her night clothes which got Jonathan just a little more in a good mood. He swept her into his quarters and before he could think better of it kissed her right on her lovely lips, at that very moment it hit him that she really was a woman and not just some officer on his ship. How the hell did I not fully notice that before? Hoshi was a little shocked that the Captain had just pulled him towards her and started to kiss her but she actually quickly realized that she loved the feel of his lips touching hers. She didnt want this kiss to end ever but when Jonathan pulled away she got sad but didnt show it. Instead she looked up into his eyes as he said Im sorry Hoshi, I didnt mean to kiss you like that, I was only planning on kissing your cheek sorry I did that.

Instead of replying Hoshi decided that the best bet would to do what her heart was telling her and not her brain. She grabbed Jonathan and pulled him back towards her and repressed her lips to his and felt the same spark she had felt only moments earlier. At that moment Jonathan realized the passion that was flowing through Hoshis veins. The moment her lips left his Jonathan made his decision, he wasnt going to live aboard a starship without companionship, fraternization regulations be dammed, for if Trip could do it, so can I, he thought as he said Hoshi, will you marry me? Yes, Jonathan, replied Hoshi happily, Ill marry you, but Ill need time to get ready, say in about a year? Agreed, said Jonathan, weve been through so much already and we still got the threat being brought by these cybernetic beings to deal with.


Enterprise NX-01 Two Days Later, Deep Space After learning about the cube ship heading directly for Earth, Captain Archer and the brass headed admirals at Starfleet Command decided to mobilize a task force of the Enterprise and all the nearest Daedalus-class starships and go engage and hopefully destroy the alien cube ship before it could reach Earth and conquer the human homeworld. After all that was done Jonathan and the rest of his crew knew that the Enterprise NX-01 was about to be decommissioned and added to the mothball fleet and there was nothing Archer or anyone could do about it, an era was about to come to an end and a new group of explorers would take up the reins. ***** Massing around the asteroid belt was twelve Daedalus-class starships, three NX-class starships

including the Enterprise NX-01 and five MACOs warships. Forming an attack formation that would become known as Attack Pattern Alpha-One the twenty Federation starships and one Klingon cruiser got ready to mount their offensive against the still mysterious cybernetic beings. Back while the fleet was still mobilizing at Earth, Admiral Gardner gave Archer full command of their forces and even the Klingons aboard the Bird-of-Prey IKS Jotara agreed to take orders from a Terangan. All ships, this is Captain Archer, the cybernetic beings cube ship will be here soon. Whenever you get a weapons lock fire at will. MACOs standby to transport aboard with the warp plasma in the storage containers, everyone you know what to do; this ship doesnt get to leave here as long as theres one of our ships left. Give it everything you got to destroy it; hopefully well gain a glorious victory and lots of honor today. Then for the Klingons he added today is a good day to die. Seconds later as the cube ship entered weapons range every one of the twenty ships let lose a barrage of phaser or disruptor fire along with a full spread of photonic torpedoes. Every single blast hit their mark and bearly penetrated the cubes hull, but it did make the newly activated futuristic shields flutter. More blasts like that one, ordered Archer, then the shields should collapse and well be able to transport aboard. According to Hoshi and NX-02 Columbias Chief Communications officer, Ensign Sidra Valerians research, once were aboard their

ship, the Borg as they call themselves will ignore us until they consider us a threat. We have to planet the Warp Plasma bombs before that happens. This mission is dangerous, thats why Ill be leading it along with my Chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed. Lets get this over with, all ships open fire and dont stop even if those shields collapse. Thats an order. The attacks on the Borg ship took longer than Archer would have liked but their outcome was the same. The shields to the Borg cube collapsed. Seconds later, the team consisting of twenty MACOs, Reed and himself transported aboard the cube to plant their Warp Plasma explosives. Little did they know that the Borg Queen herself wasnt on that ship but still inside the Unicomplex in the Delta Quadrant that they still knew nothing about, nor did the Borg yet know about humanity. Inside the Borg cube ship everything looked as familiar as it had aboard the Arctic Transport eight years ago only this time, the vessel was clearly more dreary and warmer with a temperature at ThirtyTwo Point Six degrees Celsius. As the humans made their way towards the center of the cube they found that Archer was right, the Borg drones hadnt considered them a threat yet but after they completed planting the bombs, that could quickly turn out to be a different story. It didnt take that long to get to the core of the cube, it only seemed to Archer and the rest of his

team that they were on the move for about thirty minutes. Thirty minutes that would mean they would have to get back to their extraction point undetected before the explosives were to go off and if that didnt happen the results would be disastrous if their actions were discovered. The humans didnt care though, what they were doing was to save humanity and their homeworld, they went about their task and managed to get back to their extraction point just as the explosives went off destroying the Borg cube and all the drones aboard her.


One Year Later Deep Space The only ships still traveling in space from the former Enterprise NX-01 were her shuttle pods and the newly commissioned Daedalus-class starships that the United Federation of Planets had just recently launched. Archer was right all a long, a new generation of explorers was being born. He and his now pregnant wife, Ensign Hoshi Sato found themselves sitting behind separate desks at Starfleet Command Headquarters waiting for the day they would be able to travel the stars again. Out lurking in the galaxy though was a new evil, an evil that wasnt going to stop for anyone. To these unknown aliens, it was time for the Votality to strike a blow to humanity and to claim what was rightfully theirs



Year: 2153, Almost Ten Years Earlier Enterprise NX-01 Coridan Im sorry Trip, started Captain Archer, but I have to take TPol on this one. Now I know youre kidding Capt, replied Trip. Not this time Trip, replied Captain Archer, TPols being transferred, or should I say removed, a Vulcan ship is coming to get her; the NiVar, itll be here in four days. I just want to take her on one more away mission with her captain before she leaves. Why is she being removed Capt? asked Trip thinking it had something to do with the humans and their mission. The Vulcan Monastery at PJem was destroyed by the Andorians earlier in the week, started Jonathan, TPols being recalled because the Vulcans blame her for it. They cant blame me so their taking it out on my Science Officer, all their looking for is a scapegoat and shes it. Those logical

bastards, I need my Science Officer and I bet their going to be wanting their dam Star charts back too, while they can have them for if it wasnt for those damn star charts we wouldnt have ever found PJem and this whole damn thing wouldnt be happening. Sounds like he has a thing for TPol, or is getting emotional about her, said Trip to himself, out loud he said, I understand Capt., you want some alone time with TPol, its understandable. Later that morning, Captain Jonathan Archer sat at the helm of Shuttlepod One with Sub-Commander TPol in the co-pilots chair. For part of the journey to the planet Coridan from the orbiting Enterprise, TPol was quite but just as the shuttle entered the atmosphere she said, Captain, I dont understand why I was chosen for this mission, Ensign Sato or Commander Tucker would have made a better choice. I thought you would enjoy one final mission with your captain before you left, replied Archer, or we could just return to the ship and drop you off and I could take Hoshi instead. No, said TPol, anyways returning to the ship now would be a waste of fuel, we should just continue on course to the capital city. Thats when the alarms on the shuttlepod went off and two fixed wing aircrafts came up behind her. Did the chancellor say anything about sending an escort? asked Captain Archer.

I dont believe theyre an escort, answered TPol as the fixed wing aircrafts fired on the shuttle forcing it down miles away from the capital city. With the shuttle down, it was forcefully entered by three unknown aliens who knocked out TPol and her captain and kidnapping them bring them to their militant base and leader who interrogates them and also recognizes TPol as a Vulcan but has never seen the Captains species before. When the Coridan rebels hit Archer for saying that Enterprises protein resequencer can make chicken sandwiches TPol says, he doesnt know anything, hes the ships Steward. Now I see, said the rebel leader to TPol, youre the Captain. Perhaps, replied TPol. The rebel leader then gets mad at TPol saying Your people support this government that is trying to eradicate us for our beliefs. Youre terrorists, replied TPol, their doing what is needed to protect their city and people. While there are nearly as many people living in the city as there is outside it, said the rebel leader, its no emerald city if you get my drift. Once the guard left Archer looked at TPol with one not so happy look and said, A Steward, thats the best you come up with? Well its the best I could come up with that quickly, answered TPol.

Back on Enterprise, Commander Tucker got a communication from Chancellor Kalev in the capital city asking him, have your Captain and SubCommander left the ship yet? Yes, answered Trip, is there a problem? Then yes there is, replied Chancellor Kalev, their shuttle was shot down by a radical group of fundamentalists. You could have told us you were in the middle of a civil war, replied Trip. We dont consider this a civil war, Commander, replied Chancellor Kalev. While these fundamentalists have most likely kidnapped your Captain and the Sub-Commander, replied Chancellor Kalev, they wont kill them, but its important that you dont give into their demands, well deal with this situation. Sir the Vulcan ship