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Investor Relations

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Get Angie for AngelList ( ) Follow Angie on Slides for Startup Hacks by Alex (founder of Angie for AngelList) presented during mini-Seedcamp Moscow


  • Startup Hacks Alexander Dresen Founder Angie
  • Angie? Leading mobile app for AngelList > 2.200 users & 459 active notable angels o Seedcamp, 500startups, DFJ, Google Ventures, Accell, Ludlow, e.Ventures, VegasTechFund, Techstars, 78 intros, 1.600 followers, trending startup on AngelList for >3 months
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  • Building a startup is HARD Work harder & longer (forget 9-5 job) More stress Earn less Forget vacations, free-time, , LIFE Loose friends Give up relationships :-)
  • Hack#1: Get co-founders not employees Hacker Designer Bizdev/Hustler Listen to Dave McClure J
  • Hack#5: Get LOVE Get people to LOVE what your product. Before you pitch vcs, pitch CUSTOMERS.
  • Hack#6: Start LOCAL Start in a market you know.
  • Hack#7: Get on AngelList
  • Hack#8: Use tools AngelList o Angie, mobile app for AngelList o Download from iTunes Sidekick for auto-follow on AngelList o Read on Techcrunch
  • on, youre pretty smart J
  • Hack#11: A/B test everything Any assumption Product market fit Your pitch Advice
  • Hack#13: PRESS isnt that important
  • Hack#14: Raise more Raise more than you think you need Dont spend it
  • Hack#15: Manage expectations Team Clients Investors Market
  • Thats all folks @dresenco [email protected] Download Angie from iTunes