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  • 1. Startup MetricsStartup UCLAAugust 2012Tony Karrer, Ph.D.CEO, TechEmpower, [email protected]://

2. 2Background Ph.D. Computer Science, LMU Professor CS 10 Years Founder Sprinkler Systems Installation (age 15) Knowledge Stream ($59M exit) TechEmpower (1997 - present) Aggregage (2010 present) Part-Time CTO / Technical Advisor Talk with 100+ startups each year 3. 3 4. 4eHarmony Metrics Acquisition & Activation Cost per click per channel Conversion rates (email,intake, matches,subscription) Retention Lifetime Activation Level Referral Refer a Friend Rate Revenue Lifetime Value 5. 5Why You Track Marketing Spend vs. Results Product What to Build and How to Improve A/B Testing Founder/Investor Show Business Model 6. 6Types of Metrics& Measurement Tools Qualitative: Surveys / Usability Testing / Session Monitoring SurveyMonkey (surveys), CrazyEgg (heatmap), TechSmith (uxrecording), (usability testing) Net Promoter Score Quantitative: Traffic Analysis / User Engagement Google Analytics (web), KISSmetrics (people), Omniture (marketing) GA: Parameters, Events, Goals Comparative: A/B, Multivariate Testing Google Content Experiments, Optimizely, Bo.Lt, Visual WebsiteOptimizer Competitive: Monitoring & Tracking Competitors Quantcast,, Alexa, Hitwise, Comscore Overview: Company Dashboard Excel 7. Startup MetricsStartup UCLAAugust 2012Tony Karrer, Ph.D.CEO, TechEmpower, [email protected]://