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Last year, HRBoss did a study on top 30 companies on the Straits Times Index (STI) and found that despite the Talent crunch, companies still have not woken up to the power of an Employer Brand. This year, we decided to do a 2014 redux to see what progress has been made. How do Singapore's top companies fare in 2014? Find out in this report - 'Employer Branding: The Key to Talent Attraction in Singapore': - Just 20% of Singapore's leading companies have mobile-ready career websites in spite of +40% of job seekers browsing vacancies from their smartphone - Fresh grads are increasingly in demand yet only 23% of companies have a section dedicated to graduate recruiting - What does Employer Branding mean in 2014? - How to maximise employer brand and make your company attractive to Singapore's top Talent Get the full report & infographic here:


  • State of Employer Branding in Singapore 2014 DO ORGANISATIONS TAKE CAREER WEBSITES SERIOUSLY? Provide Dedicated career site/page for fresh grads Display job openings Present help on the job application process Mobile optimised site 23% 83% 10% 20% ARE ORGANISATIONS SOCIAL ENOUGH? WHAT ABOUT COMPANY CULTURE? < > Showcase their company work-life culture 37% Employee testimonials on company47% Link to social pages 40% 13% Share jobs button Share Post jobs on social media sites 3% Will 2014 be the year organisations wise-up? HRBoss did a re-study of the top 30 organisations in the Straits Times Index (STI) and this is what we found. Allow candidates to import information from linkedin 3% Only Only