stationery design, packaging design and website design for o3 india

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Diploma project for Semester 8 in BA(H) Communication design in Pearl Academy. After designing the brand identity, it was necessary to classify the wide variety of product ranges they were offering from personal care/spa , daily care and utility and spices and herbs range and deign the stationery and logo keeping in mind the diversity of the Brand.


  • 1. Visiting Cards O3 India

2. Visiting Cards 3. 4. 5. Letterhead 6. Letterhead 7. Envelope 8. Envelope 9. Packaging - Explorations 10. Packaging - Explorations 11. Packaging 12. Packaging Final Solution 13. 14. Website 15. Website - Exploration 16. Website - Exploration 17. Website - Exploration 18. Website Final Solution 19. Website Final Solution 20. Website Some other pages 21. Thank you For more information contact Kannu Priya