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Stats Showdown Take your website to the nextSTEPH

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Take a look at some of the most popular stats plugins for WordPress. WP-stats, Google Analytics for WordPress, and Stats will undergo a comparison to identify which plugin has the features that bloggers need most.


  • Stats Showdown Take your website to the nextSTEPH
  • How much information?
  • How much information?
    • Do you want something simple?
    • More information than you know what to do with?
    • Or do you want some information, but dont want to be overwhelmed?
  • Just the Facts Maam
  • How to Install Plugins Login to your self-hosted WordPress Blog and click add new.
  • How to Install Plugins Do a search for the theme you want.
  • How to Install Plugins Click on the Install Now button.
  • WP-Stats
  • Tell Me More
  • Stats
    • Not only available on
    • Also available as a plugin for self hosted.
  • Stats Take your website to the nextSTEPH
  • Referrers & Post/Pages Take your website to the nextSTEPH
  • Search & Posts
  • Summary
  • Search Terms
  • Sharing Secrets with Google
  • Sharing Secrets with Google
  • Stats dashboard Take your website to the nextSTEPH
  • Stats dashboard
  • Stats dashboard
  • Sifting For Gold
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Go back to the plugin configuration and put in you UA account number from Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Top Content (pages and/or posts)
  • Geography by State
  • Browsers
  • Operating Systems
  • Google Analytics Keywords
  • WordPress Stats Showdown Graph Attribute WP-Stats Stats Google Analytics Instant Gratification Yes No No Post/Page Stats Yes Yes Yes Comment Stats Yes Yes No Views or Visitors Views Views Visitors Referrals/Sources No Yes Yes Keywords/ Search Engines No Yes Yes Graphs No Yes Yes Geo Reporting No No Yes Date ranges No Fixed (week, month, quarter, year, all time) Yes (custom) Browser, Operating System, Connection Speed No No Yes
  • Thank You
    • Special Thanks to Kira Zmuda of The Mathematics of Glamour ( ) for the use of her website during this presentation.
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