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M ti' ST:C FLA Largest Circulation Of Any Newspaper In Boca Raton Area BOCA RATON NEWS VOL. 10 NO. 47 Boca Raton, Flo., May 2, 1965 16 Pages PRICE *. m High School's election ended in victory for these candidates. Meet the City Commission Students at Boca Raton High School went to the polls this week to elect their own students to posts paralleling the city's municipal government. Using real voting machines supplied by Palm Beach County, the students climaxed the political conventions and campaigning with a down-to-the wire race which saw 22 candidates battling for 11 posts. Part of the annual Youth Government Day spon- sored by the Boca Raton Rotary Club, will move the students into City Hall to "take over" the reins of municipal government for one day next Thursday. Carol Hutchens won the mayor's post, with Georgene No*jle, Ken Higgins, Tom Guy, and Rusty Martin serving as city com- missioners. Carolyn Tylander will serve as city attorney, Lee Moulder as city judge, Doug Trettien as director of public works, Bobby Backus as police chief and Terry Heath as fire chief. Larry Griffin and Bob Gifford were chairmen of the two parties which ran candidates in the election. Voting machines were supplied by county. House BUI Woild Create Recrecifi®ii Are® Xapone Island' Proposed as Park Site The island that Boca Raton once coveted will become a state park, if a bill now in the Flo- rida House of Representatives passes. The bill, which passed the Senate Thursday, would deed the 55-acre island once owned by the notorious Al Capone from the Florida Inland Navigation District to the state for develop- ment as a park. The island is located just across the waterway from the Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club. The move to deed the land to the state was taken in the form of an amendment to a bill to remove the FIND from its pre- sent independent status. The state may not have any money to develop the park any time soon, Ney Landrum, di- rector of the Outdoor Recrea- tional Council, said. "The island park is just one of the many expensive recrea- tion projects being developed around the state," he said. "We have a little bit of money available, but we have. $200 million in requests for the same money. It's a question of whe- ther it should be used for the Capone tract. 1 ' Last year, Boca Raton's city commission eyed the island longingly and asked the Palm Beach County legislative del- egation to move the county line south to permit the city to an- nex the land. Rep. Donald Reed said that the delegation "could not in conscience introduce the leg- Sky Divers Will Hit Silk Sunday A Lantana sky-diving club will "hit the silk" over Boca Raton Sunday as part of the all day open house at the local airport. Three hundred free airplane rides will be given away from noon to 5 p.m. and a display of old and unusual airplanes will be held. Owen Gassaway, owner, said anyone 16 years and older is eligible to register for the air- plane rides. Children under 16 may accompany parents on the rides. Sponsors of the event, Florida Airmotive, said movies will also be shown. The Weather Only .72 inch of rain was recorded in Boca Raton during the entire month of April. Add- ed to the one inch recorded in March, it adds up to one of the longest droughts in r e c e n t years. Temperatures for the week were: islation, since we fought so hard to keep Lake Okeechobee within our county boundaries in the 1963 session." Since then Broward Coun- ty has suggested the use of the island as a county park, complete with picnic and camping grounds, marina and boat launching facilities, rest rooms and a ranger station. The plan, as submitted by County Park Director Carl Thompson, would cost $600,- 000. According to Reed, the Palm Beach delegation will support the bill to make the island a state park. Board Seeking Sites New Schools Plannedin City The same school desegrega- tion plan that abolished Road- man School will get Boca Raton a new elementary school and a new junior high school sooner than planned, Superintendent of Schools Robert Fulton said yes- terday. "We are already working on property acquisition, and though we do not want to divulge the proposed site at the present time, it will be in the western part of Boca Raton," he told the News. Present Board of Public In- struction plans call for the two schools to be located on ad- joining campuses. Though Fulton would not specify the target date for op- ening of the schools, another spokesman in the school system said that it was hoped by offi- Committee Cuts Budget For FAU A sharp cut in the Florida Atlantic University budget has been voted by the House Appro- priations Committee and is ex- pected to pass the Senate in the same form. As approved by the State Bud- get Commission and the House Appropriation Committee, Flo- rida Atlantic University will get only $8.7 million for the up- coming biennium. Originally, FAU had asked for $14 ma- lion. The breakdown gives the uni- versity $4,058,288 for the fiscal year beginning July 1 and $4,728,509 for the second year. The figures are for operating funds only and do not include capital outlay for buildings and other items. Rep. Emmett Roberts, Palm Beach County member of the appropriations committee said he was "disappointed" in the recommendation but added that he had "been assured that suffi- cient money will be available to meet needs" if FAU exper- iences enrollment increases. Dr. Kenneth Williams, presi- dent of FAU, said he was "hope- ful" that there will be some faculty increases for the Sept- ember trimester and that as the senior year is added, it will be "virtually imperative" to bolster the teaching staff. He said he expected to be able to meet the situation but that "the load will have to be heav- ier on each member of the facul- ty and staff, and we may not be able to offer as many varied patterns of instruction. cials that the could open in September 1966. The closing of Roadman School was decreed by the board last week in complying with the Civil Rights Law. The 175 Negro students will be split between J. C. Mitchell Elemen- tary School and Boca Raton El- ementary School. Both the lat- ter schools have been all - white. Boca Raton High School has, been integrated since it opened in 1963. Since there is not sufficient space for the additional stu- dents at the two remaining local elementary schools, portable classrooms will be moved in to take care of the load until the completion of the new school, Fulton said. The addition of a senior class at the high school next year will run the enrollment up to approximately 1,100, Princi- pal Charles Godwin has esti- mated. Though additional building has been authorized and is now on the drawing boards, the new classrooms and other facilities will not be completed in time for September 1965, and God- win has predicted "extended day" sessions will be neces- sary until construction is com- pleted some time during the school year. > Jalbert Is Named Top Industrialist Domina C. Jalbert has been named the city's "outstanding industrialist"- for the year by the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. Jalbert, president of the Jal- bert Aerology Laboratory here, will be honored by the chamber at a luncheon Thursday at the Boca Raton Hbtel and Club. Guest speaker for the lun- cheon will be Dr. John Nicol- aides, head of the aerospace department at Notre Dame Uni- versity. Gov, Haydon Burns has pro- claimed this to be Industrial Appreciation Week and Jalbert, as the city's top industrialist for the year, will receive a cer- tificate from the governor. The Arts Calendar Classified Editorials Public Notices Real Estate Sports Travel TV Listings Women's News Page 5B 3B 7-8 A 4B 8B 6B 4-5A 7B 2A Section B Five students are now in competition for the "Miss Boca Raton High School" crown. The winner will be announced at the school's spring band concert Thursday. From left are Diane Walker, Kathy Nelson, Lynn Yeater, Carol JaneKolinski, andMibi Lester. Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Noon Hi 93 84 81 84 Lo 68 66 56 63 Rain 0 0 0 0 U.S. Weother Bureau official recyclings from the cooperative station, Boca Raton. Groundbreaking ceremonies this week of- ficially launched construction of the Uni- versity National Bank on Federal highway at 40th street. From left are John M. McKib- bin, Jr., director; William M. Stowe, presi- dent; Thomas F. Fleming Jr., chairman of the board; James E. Becker, Robert L. Sus- sieck and W. George Whitehouse, all directors. Other directors are W.K. Archer, James R. Caldwell, William F. Mitchell, W.W. Thomson and Robert D. Tylander. The building was designed by architect Robert Roll and will be built by Sommers and Messmer Construction Co.

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    S T : C FLA

    Largest CirculationOf Any NewspaperIn Boca Raton Area BOCA RATON NEWS

    VOL. 10 NO. 47 Boca Raton, Flo., May 2, 1965 16 Pages PRICE

    *. m

    High School's election ended in victory for these candidates.

    Meet the City CommissionStudents at Boca Raton High School went to the polls this

    week to elect their own students to posts paralleling the city'smunicipal government.

    Using real voting machines supplied by Palm Beach County,the students climaxed the political conventions and campaigningwith a down-to-the wire race which saw 22 candidates battlingfor 11 posts. Part of the annual Youth Government Day spon-sored by the Boca Raton Rotary Club, will move the studentsinto City Hall to "take over" the reins of municipal governmentfor one day next Thursday.

    Carol Hutchens won the mayor's post, with Georgene No*jle,Ken Higgins, Tom Guy, and Rusty Martin serving as city com-missioners. Carolyn Tylander will serve as city attorney,Lee Moulder as city judge, Doug Trettien as director of publicworks, Bobby Backus as police chief and Terry Heath as firechief. Larry Griffin and Bob Gifford were chairmen of the twoparties which ran candidates in the election. Voting machines were supplied by county.

    House BUI Woild Create Recrecifi®ii Are®

    Xapone Island' Proposed as Park SiteThe island that Boca Raton

    once coveted will become a statepark, if a bill now in the Flo-rida House of Representativespasses.

    The bill, which passed theSenate Thursday, would deed the55-acre island once owned bythe notorious Al Capone fromthe Florida Inland NavigationDistrict to the state for develop-ment as a park.

    The island is located justacross the waterway from theRoyal Palm Yacht and CountryClub.

    The move to deed the land to

    the state was taken in the formof an amendment to a bill toremove the FIND from its pre-sent independent status.

    The state may not have anymoney to develop the park anytime soon, Ney Landrum, di-rector of the Outdoor Recrea-tional Council, said.

    "The island park is just oneof the many expensive recrea-tion projects being developedaround the state," he said."We have a little bit of moneyavailable, but we have. $200million in requests for the samemoney. It's a question of whe-

    ther it should be used for theCapone tract.1'

    Last year, Boca Raton's citycommission eyed the islandlongingly and asked the PalmBeach County legislative del-egation to move the county linesouth to permit the city to an-nex the land.

    Rep. Donald Reed said thatthe delegation "could not inconscience introduce the leg-

    Sky Divers WillHit Silk Sunday

    A Lantana sky-diving clubwill "hit the silk" over BocaRaton Sunday as part of theall day open house at the localairport.

    Three hundred free airplanerides will be given away fromnoon to 5 p.m. and a displayof old and unusual airplaneswill be held.

    Owen Gassaway, owner, saidanyone 16 years and older iseligible to register for the air-plane rides. Children under 16may accompany parents on therides.

    Sponsors of the event, FloridaAirmotive, said movies willalso be shown.

    The WeatherOnly .72 inch of rain was

    recorded in Boca Raton duringthe entire month of April. Add-ed to the one inch recorded inMarch, it adds up to one of thelongest droughts in r e c e n tyears. Temperatures for theweek were:

    islation, since we fought sohard to keep Lake Okeechobeewithin our county boundariesin the 1963 session."

    Since then Broward Coun-ty has suggested the use ofthe island as a county park,complete with picnic andcamping grounds, marina andboat launching facilities, restrooms and a ranger station.

    The plan, as submitted byCoun ty Park Director CarlThompson, would cost $600,-000.

    According to Reed, the PalmBeach delegation will supportthe bill to make the islanda state park.

    Board Seeking Sites

    New SchoolsPlanned in City

    The same school desegrega-tion plan that abolished Road-man School will get Boca Ratona new elementary school and anew junior high school soonerthan planned, Superintendent ofSchools Robert Fulton said yes-terday.

    "We are already working onproperty acquisition, and thoughwe do not want to divulge theproposed site at the presenttime, it will be in the westernpart of Boca Raton," he toldthe News.

    Present Board of Public In-struction plans call for the twoschools to be located on ad-joining campuses.

    Though Fulton would notspecify the target date for op-ening of the schools, anotherspokesman in the school systemsaid that it was hoped by offi-

    CommitteeCuts BudgetFor FAU

    A sharp cut in the FloridaAtlantic University budget hasbeen voted by the House Appro-priations Committee and is ex-pected to pass the Senate inthe same form.

    As approved by the State Bud-get Commission and the HouseAppropriation Committee, Flo-rida Atlantic University will getonly $8.7 million for the up-coming biennium. Originally,FAU had asked for $14 ma-lion.

    The breakdown gives the uni-versity $4,058,288 for the fiscalyear b e g i n n i n g July 1 and$4,728,509 for the second year.The figures are for operatingfunds only and do not includecapital outlay for buildings andother items.

    Rep. Emmett Roberts, PalmBeach County member of theappropriations committee saidhe was "disappointed" in therecommendation but added thathe had "been assured that suffi-cient money will be availableto meet needs" if FAU exper-iences enrollment increases.

    Dr. Kenneth Williams, presi-dent of FAU, said he was "hope-ful" that there will be somefaculty increases for the Sept-ember trimester and that as thesenior year is added, it willbe "virtually imperative" tobolster the teaching staff.

    He said he expected to be ableto meet the situation but that"the load will have to be heav-ier on each member of the facul-ty and staff, and we may notbe able to offer as many variedpatterns of instruction.

    cials that the could openin September 1966.

    The closing of R o a d m a nSchool was decreed by the boardlast week in complying withthe Civil Rights Law. The175 Negro students will be splitbetween J. C. Mitchell Elemen-tary School and Boca Raton El-ementary School. Both the lat-ter schools have been all -white. Boca Raton High Schoolhas, been integrated since itopened in 1963.

    Since there is not sufficientspace for the additional stu-dents at the two remaining localelementary schools, portableclassrooms will be moved into take care of the load untilthe completion of the newschool, Fulton said.

    The addition of a senior classat the high school next yearwill run the enrollment up toapproximately 1,100, Princi-pal Charles Godwin has esti-mated.

    Though additional buildinghas been authorized and is nowon the drawing boards, the newclassrooms and other facilitieswill not be completed in timefor September 1965, and God-win has predicted "extendedday" sessions will be neces-sary until construction is com-pleted some time during theschool year. >

    Jalbert Is Named

    Top IndustrialistDomina C. Jalbert has been

    named the city's "outstandingindustrialist"- for the year bythe Boca Raton Chamber ofCommerce.

    Jalbert, president of the Jal-bert Aerology Laboratory here,will be honored by the chamberat a luncheon Thursday at theBoca Raton Hbtel and Club.

    Guest speaker for the lun-cheon will be Dr. John Nicol-aides, head of the aerospacedepartment at Notre Dame Uni-versity.

    Gov, Haydon Burns has pro-claimed this to be IndustrialAppreciation Week and Jalbert,as the city's top industrialistfor the year, will receive a cer-tificate from the governor.

    The ArtsCalendarClassifiedEditorialsPublic NoticesReal EstateSportsTravelTV ListingsWomen's News

    Page 5B3B

    7-8 A4B8B6B


    Section B

    Five students are now in competition for the "Miss Boca Raton HighSchool" crown. The winner will be announced at the school's springband concert Thursday. From left are Diane Walker, Kathy Nelson,Lynn Yeater, Carol JaneKolinski, andMibi Lester.

    WednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday Noon




    U.S. Weother Bureau official recyclingsfrom the cooperative station, Boca Raton.

    Groundbreaking ceremonies this week of-ficially launched construction of the Uni-versity National Bank on Federal highwayat 40th street. From left are John M. McKib-bin, Jr., director; William M. Stowe, presi-dent; Thomas F. Fleming Jr., chairman ofthe board; James E. Becker, Robert L. Sus-

    sieck and W. George Whitehouse, all directors.Other directors are W.K. Archer, James R.Caldwell, William F. Mitchell, W.W. Thomsonand Robert D. Tylander. The building wasdesigned by architect Robert Roll and will bebuilt by Sommers and Messmer Construction Co.

  • 2A May 2, 1965 BOCA RATON NEWS

    Television Listings for May 2 • 52-Miaml-Educ. 4-Miarai.GES 7-Mlami-NBC lO-Mlaml-ABO 5-Palm Beach-NBC 12-Palm Bch-ftBC

    6 : 0 06 : 1 56 : 3 06 : 4 5 !

    C h . 2

    B o l d A d v e n .

    N e w s , W t h i .

    M e e t P r e s s ®

    O u t l o o k

    M y s t e r y T h .

    P r e s s C o n ! .

    M e e t P r e s s ®

    T r a v e l i a m a

    B o w l i n g

    O f f C u i fP a s s i n g P a r a d e "

    7 : 0 07 : 17 : 3 07 : 4 5

    8 : 0 08 : 18 : 3 0

    8 : 4 5

    8 : 0 09 : 1 59 : 3 09 : 4 5

    1 0 : 0 01 0 : 11 0 : 3 01 0 : 4 5

    1 1 : 0 01 1 : 1 51 1 : 3 0

    [ 1 1 : 4 5

    O f i T h e

    L a s s i e f

    M y M a r t i a n f

    F l a . F o i u m

    W a l t D i s n e y ©

    C o m m n i s m B r a n d e d

    W a l t D i s n e y ®

    N e w sS p t s . , W t h i .W a g o n T i a i n f


    E d S u l l i v a n ? W a l t D i s n e y ® C o m u n i s m W a l t D i s n e y ® W a g o n T r a i n ?•a • * •

    B i a n d e d f B r o a d s i d e f R e b e l B r o a d s i d e ?

    Tor Peoplef B o n a n z a ® S u n . M o v i e ® B o n a n z a ® S u n . M o v i e ®

    S u n d a y s

    Candid Camwaf Rogues?

    My Line?

    S u n . M o v i e ® R o g u e s ? S u n . M o v i e ®

    N e w s , W t h r .L a i e S h o w

    N e w s , w t h i .S u n , M o v i e

    U n t o u c h a b l e s R e p o i tM o v i e

    N e w s , W t h r . , S p U .

    S t a i l i t e T h .







    W h a t i n W o r l d

    S c i e n c e A c t i o n

    K n o w S c h o o l s

    P o p u l a t i o n

    o p u l a t i o n

    D i p l o m a c y

    J p e n M i n d

    4 - M i a m i - C S S

    M r . E d

    T e l l T r u t h f

    G o t S e c r e t f

    A n d y G r i f f i t h

    l u c y f

    D a n n y T h o m a s f

    T o w n M e e t i n g

    N e w s n i g h t

    L a l e S h o w


    M o v i e

    M o v i e

    A m e r . W e s t ®

    A . H i t c h c o c k f


    N e w s , F a r i s sS p t s . , W t h r .T o n i g h t ®


    M o v i e C o n t .

    B o t t o m S e a f

    Bottom Seaf

    No Time Sgts.f

    M e l ' d a M e r c o u r i ' S

    B e n C a s e y ?

    N e w sW t h r . , S p t s .N i t e l i i e f

    S-Palm Beach-NBC I2-Palm Bch—ABC

    I. Strickland


    Man, Unclef

    i A m e r . W e s t ®

    A . H i t c h c o c k f

    K e w s , W t h r .

    T o n i g h t ®


    Bottom Seaf

    Bottom Seaf

    No Time Sgts.f

    M e l i n a M e r c o u n ®

    B e n C a s e y f


    N e w s W t h i . , S p t s .

    S t a r l i t e T h .

    7 : 0 07:157:307:45






    W i s e r W o r l d

    G a r d e n e r

    P a c e m , T e r r i s

    P a c e m , T e r n s

    B r i t i s h

    M a n - M a n****


    B e d S k e l t o n

    B i g S how

    B i g S h o w

    D r s . , H u r s e s f

    N e w s n i g h t

    L a t e S h o w


    K a i e n f

    Mr. Novakf

    Mr. Novakf

    H u l l a b a l o o ®

    H u l l a b a l o o ®

    T W 3 ®

    S p y i n g f

    N e w s , F a r i s sS p t s . W t h r .

    T o n i g h t ®


    M o v i e C o n t .



    M c H a l e ' s H a v y t


    Peyton Placet

    F u g i t i v e f

    t t

    N e w sW t h r , S p t s .

    N i t e l i i e f

    S-Palm Beach

    S u r v i v a l

    Mr. Novakf

    Mr. Novakf

    H o n g K o n g

    H o n g K o n g

    T W 3 ®

    S p y i n g f


    N e w s , W t h r .

    T o n i g h t ®

    •NBCI2-°a!m Boh—ABC

    L a r a m i e

    C o m b a t f


    M c H a l e ' s N a v y f


    Peyton Placef


    News, Wthr, Spts.

    Starlite Th.

    It doesn't take much to please us . . . Wewouldn't watch television so much if it did.But why can't the television big wigs offer usmore entertainment like last week's Bell Tele-phone Hour.

    As we said before, it doesn't take much toplease us, but this one did more than justplease us. Here's one program we could takefor two hours instead of just one.

    The entertainment was varied enough to in-clude a little- bit of something for everyone inthe family. Ballet lovers could see RudolfNureyev and Maria Tallchief in one of theirmany beautiful ballet numbers. Opera loverscould listen to Joan Sutherland sing themesfrom "Ophelia."

    Fans of Broadway musicals were treatedwith Robert Preston s "76 Trombones" fromMusic Man, Harry Belafonte's admirers heardhim sing "Try to Remember" from The Fan-tastiks and "Amen" from Lilies of the Field,

    A little bit of everything for everyone in thefamily . . . „ And nothing but the best done inthe very best of show business tradition justmight be the motto of Bell Telephone Hour.

    We're usually long on criticism and short onpraise when it comes to most television pro-grams, but we can honestly say we've neverbeen disappointed after watching "the hour,"

    This week's programs sound sort of run ofthe mill, but here's a few suggestions for possi-ble good viewing.

    Marilyn Mason • will portray a daughter of aTexas mayor in "The Project Man" on NBC's"The Rogues" series Sunday. The episodedeals with the fleecing of a greedy group ofTexas politicians and land grabbers. Gueststar will be Robert Middleton.

    Friday's Bob Hope show may be the bestof the lot. Bob will star as Horatio Lovelace,a marriage broker who thinks the way to winthe west of 1860 is with girls, girls, girls ina comedy "Have Girl6 — Will Travel." Haven'twe heard that somewhere before?

    High School Band, Chorus Finn

    Spring Concert in Auditorium

    Actress Julie Haydon was a special guestthis week at Marymount College where shetalked about the iheater and acted scenesfrom ihe shows in which she has starred.

    Andy Griffith, star of Andy Griffith tele-vision show, was in town Thursday attend-ing a convention at Boca Raton Hotel and Club.The star spoke at the convention which in-cluded delegates from his show's sponsors.







    F u n f l i l o a t

    C a m p i n g

    R a g t i m e E r a

    P r o b e

    B a c k l a n d s


    F r e n c h C h e i

    J o u r n a l


    D e a t h V a l l e y

    D e c i s i o n

    l i v i n g D o l l f

    H i l l b i l l i e s

    D . V a n D y k e f

    P r i v a t e W o r l d f

    Daany Kayef

    N e w s n i g h t

    L a l e S h o w

    7 - M i a m i - N B C

    H o n e y m o o n e r s

    V i r g i n i a n ®

    V i r g i n i a n ®


    W e d . M o v i e f

    Wed. Movief

    N e w sS p t s .

    T o n i g h t ®


    M o v i e , C o n t .

    O z z i e , H a r r i e t t

    P a t t y D u k e fit.

    S h i n d i g }

    S h i n d i g f

    Burke's Lawf

    Burke's Lawf

    D e t e c t i v e s

    N e w sW t h r . , S p t s .N i t e l i i e f

    5-Palm Beach

    C o n t a c t

    V i r g i n i a n ©

    V i r g i n i a n ®


    W e d . M o v i e f

    Wed. Movief

    N e w s , W t h r .

    T o n i g h t ®

    -NBCI2-Palm Bch—ABC

    C h e y e n n e

    O z z i e , H a r r i e t f

    P a t l y D u k e f

    S h i n d i g f

    S h i n d i g f

    B u r k e ' s L a w f

    B u r k e ' s L a w f

    S c i e n c e F i c t i o n

    N e w s . W t W . S p t s .

    S t a r l i t e T h .

    Boca Raton HighSchool Band and Choruswill present a Springconcert Thursday, May6 in the school audi-torium. The concertwill begin at 8 p.m.

    Highlight of the con-cert will be the crown-ing of the first MissBoca Raton High School.

    The program will in-clude t selections by theJunior High School Bandand s e l e c t i o n s from"Pirates of Penzence."

    The bands and chorusRussia's population

    was "229 million at thebeginning of this year.

    are under the directionof Albert Hall.


    Published every THURSDAYand SUNDAY at 34 S.E. 2ndSt. by Boca Raton PublishingCo.

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    m $


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    Adamscm Appointment To Be

    Confirmed by Board MondayConfirmation of the

    appointment of Dr. Ro-bert E. Adamson to thefaculty of Florida At-lantic University is ex-pected at the regularBoard of Regents meet-ing in Tallahassee Mon-day.

    Dr. Adamson is nowdeputy chief of the be-havioral sciences div-ision of the Air ForceOffice of Scientific Re-search. He will assumethe post of professor ofpsychology in the FAUCollege of Social Sci-ence and Director of itsInstitute of BehavioralResearch, effective July1, 1965.

    Dr. Adamson bringsto his new universitypost wide experience inpsychological researchand in the administra-tion of contracts andgrants for research inthe behavioral sciences.

    His teaching assign-ment will be in the fieldof experimental psycho-logy. As director ofthe institute, he willserve as liason betweenfacu l ty and outsideagencies, supervise thepreparation of propo-sals and the collectionof data for research ap-plications.

    Born in Jacksonville,Dr. Adamson receivedhis bachelor's, mas-ter's and doctor of phi-losophy degrees fromStanford University. Hehas taught at Carl tonCollege, the Universityof Minnesota and Em-ory.

    From 1959 to 1964he was with the SystemsDevelopment Corpora-tion in Paramus, New

    Jersey. His chief areaof concern is with thespecial problems asso-ciated with human oper-ators of complex andautomated equipment.

    Dr. Adamson is mar-ried and the couple hastwo children, ages ele-ven and eight.


    Lankford Arrives

    At Ihuie Air BaseStaff Sergeant Wal-

    lace B. Lankford, sonof Mrs. Bessie Lank-ford of Huntingd o n,Tenn,, has arrived forduty at Thule AB,Greenland.

    Sergeant Lankford, afire protection special-ist, previously servedat Hunter AFB, Ga.

    The sergeant, who at-tended Hollow Rock HighSchool, Tenn., is mar-ried to the former Mar-garet C. Wi th row,daughter of Mr. andMrs. R. R. Withrow, Bo-ca Raton.

    Please send me the following reports:




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    San Francisco Orlando MilwaukeeMembers New Yorkr American and other

    Principal Stock Exchanges

    Investment Service since 1848

    Al Small Business Investments Meeting

    Eugene P. Foley Will Be Speaker

    Boca Raton Exchange Club presented Boca Raton High School with a FreedomShrine at a presentation ceremony Thursday. The Shrine included copies of28 historical American documents photographed from the originals by expertsof the National Archives and Libraries of Congress. The presentation wasmade by William J. Haake, (right) president, Exchange Club, to Charles God-win, principal Boca Raton High School. The Shrine will hang in the schoolauditorium.

    Eugene P. Foley, ad-ministrator of the SmallBusiness Administra-tion, Washington, D.C.,will be the f e a t u r e dspeaker at the mid-yearmeeting of the SouthernRegional Associaion ofSmall Business Invest-ment Companies at theBoca Raton Hotel andClub May 7-8.

    EdgarL awson,e x c u -tive Vicep r e s i -dent ofthe BocaR a t o nC api ta lCorpora-jtion, willbe hostm e mberof t h eassociation. Foley willbe introduced by Tho-mas F. Fleming Jr.,chairman of the board,First Bank and TrustCompany, National As-sociation, of Boca Ra-ton. Foley's speech willbe given at 11:15 a.m.May 8, and will be op-en to the business peo-ple of Boca Raton.

    The board of gover-nors of the National As-sociation of Small Bus-iness Investment Com-panies will meet at theBoca Raton Hotel andClub on Thursday, May


    6. Twenty-five mem-bers of the board ofgovernors are expectedto attend in addition tothe president of NASBICIrving H. Dale of NewYork City, executive di-rector Walter B. Stults,and general counsel,Charles M. Noone, bothof Washington D.C.

    M e m b e r s of theSouthern Regional As-sociation of Small Bus-iness Investment Com-

    Dr. Kolinski WillSpeak at Meeting

    An up-to-date apprai-sal of socio - politicaltrends in Latin Ameri-can countries will be gi-ven' m e m b e r s of theBoynton Beach RotaryClub Thursday, May 6,at their luncheon meet-ing in Haley's Restau-rant,

    Dr. Charles J. Kolin-ski, associate professorof history at Florida At-lantic University willtell his audience thatthis is the year of deci-sion for both Castroismand democracy. Hissubject is "Latin Am-erica at the C r o s s -roads."

    Dr. Kolinski will il-lustrate his talk withslides.

    parries will convene Fri-day morning, May 7,Sessions will run Fri-day and Saturday morn-ings. The group will bewelcomed by Law son,who is also a memberof the board of gover-nors of NASBIC. Alsoparticipating in theSouthern RASBIC pro-gram from Florida, asa featured speaker at theMay 8 session, will beS t a t e Senator JerryThomas, president ofUnited Capital Corpora-tion, Riviera Beach. Inaddition to others at-tending the me e t i n g swill be Thomas A. But-ler, regional director,small business admin-istration, Miami.

    The dinner May 7, willbe addressed by RichardE. Kelley, deputy ad-ministrator for invest-ment of the Small Bus-iness Administration,Washington, D .C.


    May 2, 1965 3A

    Tommy Barfleff Farm Is OpenFor Cub and Brownie Scouts

    Fifty two men became charter members of Delta Omega Field Chapter,Phi Delta Kappa, professional fraternity for men in education at a charternight banquet last week. Five men also were installed as officers of theclub. Among the officers installed by Nathaniel H. Shope(left) , DistrictVII representative, North Carolina, were Stephen Voss, president, andHarry Beil, secretary. Both men are from Boca Raton. The fraternity willcover an area from Pompano Beach to West Palm Beach.

    Dr. Donald Andrews to ConductLectures in Two Texas Colleges

    Eight lectures at twoinstitutions of h i g h e rlearning in Texas willbe next week's schedulefor Dr. Donald H, An-d r e w s , distinguishedprofessor of chemistryat Florida Atlantic Un-iversity.

    At the invitation of theAssociation of Ameri-can Colleges he will stopMay 3 and 4, at TexasLutheran College, Se-guin, Texas, where hewill address both thecollege assembly and apublic group, illustrat-ing the latter talk witha film he has producedfor the William HaleHarkness Foundation ofNew York. These willbe followed by two lec-tures for science ma-jors.

    Waco will be Dr. An-drews' second stop. AtBaylor University, May6 and 7, his audiencewill include attendantsat the college chapelservice, an evening pub-lic group, and twogroups of science ma-jors.

    At both institutions hewill visit science clas-ses for informal discus-sions.

    The lecture series issupported by a grantfrom theDanforthFoun-dation.

    Part of Dr. Andrews'trip will be visits toTulane University andthe University of Texaswhere former studentsof his are, respectivelyvice chancellor foraca-demic affairs and asso-date dean of science.

    Before coming to FAUDr. An d r e w s was amember of the facultyof Johns Hopkins Uni-versity for 30 years. Heis noted both as a lec-turer on science and onthe scientist's affirm-ative view of religion.

    Florida Cub andBrownie Scout willhave an excellent oppor-tunity to become betteracquainted with wildlifeduring the month of Mayat Tommy Bartlett's In-ternational Deer Ranchat Silver Springs.

    The month long pro-gram, designed to fam-iliarize neophyte Scoutswith many phases ofwoods lore, will featureperiodic lectures ondeer and other wild an-imals by well knownconservation lecturesand is being sponsoredin cooperation with theNor th Florida ScoutCouncil.

    Cub and Brown ietroops, accompanied byleaders if in groups orindividuals accompan-ied by a parent, will behnored at the Deer Ran-ch at a vastly reducedadmission to c o v e rhandling and tax char-ges only.

    Among lecturers whowill be on hand duringweekend days will beJohn Hamlet, interna-tionally famous wildlifeexpert and naturalist.On other days regular

    Deer Ranch guides willbe on hand.

    The Cubs and Brown-ies will have the op-portunity to hand feedand observe over 200deer and other animalsand see at close handover 30 varieties of deerfrom throughout theworld.

    The program is partof the continuing effortby Silver Springs to ac-quaint Scout and schoolgroups with the greatheritage of the out-of-doors and conservationof the wilderness and itsinhabitants.



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  • 4A May 2, 1965 BOCA RATON NEWS

    You'd be nervous too if it was the ninthinning, score tied at 3-3 and the winning runon third base. Mrs. George Enders, mother ofballplayer Mike, is the most loyal fan the Bob-cats had all season. She didn't miss a singlegame all year, at home or away.

    by Jim RifenhurgSPORTS EDITOR

    This week we wish we were back on themetropolitan daily newspaper.

    Before coming to Florida some 9 or 10 yearsago, our experience was entirely with the dailytype publication. There are pros and cons,of course, working hours and conditions and onething or another.thing or another, but with sports ganged up theway they are over the weekend, the daily hasthe break.

    By virtue of our sports pages having to bemade up and on the press Friday night for theweekend edition, we can't cover anyting thathappens on Saturday until the following Thursday.

    This Saturday we had group baseball tourna-ment, group field trials, state swimming mat-ches at St. Andrew's and Derby Day. It's enoughto turn this old grey hair white.

    Since the time of writing for this column isFriday morning, we have to assume a lot ofthings. Such as: Boca Raton High School willgo into tournament play Saturday against eitherMary Immaculate or Belen. Pine Crest willprobably dominate the state swimming champ-ionships with the Scots taking three or fourtop places. And we also expect Charlie Ben-nett's track squad to take at least four berthsin the state championships.

    The Derby? Well, it won't be a total loss.The mint juleps will taste just as good andeither Willie Shoemaker or Hartack will boothome a winner.

    Little League Plans Minors,

    Signup Set [email protected] WednesdayLittle League Asso-

    ciation is planning for aminor league this yearbecause of the largen u m b e r of boys whoturned out and didn'tmake the majors.

    Bill Hood said yes-terday a registrat i o nmeeting for this groupwill be held Wednesdaye v e n i n g at the LittleLeague field.

    The league will havefull sponsorship, will bef s s u e d T-shirts and

    baseball caps and willplay every Wednesdaynight.

    "It 's very importantthat we have a minorleague," he said. Manyof our boys will be tak-ing off for vacations thissummer and we'll haveto fill their positions.

    A l s o , every leagueneeds a farm systemto build for the future."

    Hood asked that par-ents accompany theirboys.

    In Group Tourney Play

    Bobcats Win First 2 GamesDennis Jones Stars,Blasts Triple, Homer


    Ed Cutie, St. Andrew's shortstop, figuredJR one of the closer plays in Wednesday's ballgame. In a close play, that could have beena double out, Cutie slid into third under theoutstretched glove of Bobcat third-sackerWayne Dodge. Coach Tom Flynn andthe base umpire, center, tooth said Cutie wassafe. Coach Benson and Dodge weren't quiteso sure. It was a crucial point of the game asthe runner scored seconds later to tie the scoreat 3-3.

    A two-on home runand a triple by Short-stop Dennis Jones ledthe Boca Raton Bobcatsto a berth in the finalsof G r o u p tournamentFriday afternoon. Visit-ing Coral Shores wasdumped to the tune of12-1.

    Jones had a perfectday at bat, coming upfour times and reach-ing the base paths fourtimes. In his first timearound in the secondinning he warmed upwith a single to left field.In the third inning theshortstop rapped a t r i -ple to the left field bu-shes. Topping off his


    Three unearned runsin the second inningWednesday gave Belena second shot at thes t a t e baseball crown.They had little troublebuilding a 3-1 win overPine Crest.

    Belen's Bezos led offthe second inning with asingle to left field andwent to second on a wildpitch. Pineyro hit a hotgrounder to shortstopBullard who threw highat first putting the run-ner on with an error.Third man at the plate,Gonzales also reachedfirst on an error.

    Two runs in succes-sion scored on passedballs and the third cros-sed home pi ate when Ve-ga slammed a single toright field.

    Belen trimmed MaryImmaculate, 2 to 1, inthe second game Fridayafternoon, winning theright to meet the Bob-cats in the finals Sat-urday.

    Alberto Franquiz wasthe winning factor forthe Miami squad. Walk-ing in the first inning,he stole second, went tothird on a passed balland scored on a secondpassed ball.

    Mary Immaculate tiedthe score at 1-1 in thesecond on a pair of er-rors.

    Coming back in thefinal inning, Belen load-ed the bases on a walk,hit and error and thensaw their winning runcross the plate at Fran-quiz walk forcing a manto score.

    day in the seventh, hehit a home run to leftfield with two men onbase. He got on oncewith a walk.

    Boca Raton complete-ly dominated the ballgame from the first bat-ter on. Coral Shoreswasn't able to get a manpast first base until theseventh inning when theyscored their one and on-ly run.

    Harry Herbold, work-ing on the mound for theBobcats, struck out 11of 14 batsmen facing himin four innings before hewas relieved by Delgato.Herbold had an 8-0 wingoing when he was re-placed to save his armfor possible relief dutySaturday.

    Lalli and Ziolkowskiled off the running attackwhen both reached baseon walks in the openinginning. An infield flyby Lekniskas platedL a l l i and Ziolkowskiscored on a single bybig.Mike Enders, Bob-cat first sacker.

    In the second, Jonesreached first on a sin-gle and eventually stolehis way home.

    The third inning wasthe big one for the Bob-cats as they plated fiverunners on four hits,Herbold's single ac-counted for two runs.

    One more in the sixthand three in the seventh,including Jones' two-onhome run added up to thebig 12-run lead.

    Coral Shores' run inthe seventh came on apair of errors, one atshort, the other on thehill.

    The win gave BocaRaton a chance at thechampionships forGroup 8 Saturday after-noon.Coral ShoresReeves, ssRoss, cf-lbPoucher, p-rfGilliam, rf-pHorner, 2bKeitz, 3bWatson, cLynn, IfClayband, cfNielson, lbCrawshaw, If

    TOTALSBoca RatonLalli, cZiolkowski, 2b

    Keith, cf 'Enders, lbDodge, 3bHerbold, p-rfJones, ss



    Tony Lalli, Boca Raion Bobcat catcher, got in the first and last word Wed-nesday against St. Andrew's Scots. Shown below, he slapped out the first hitof the ball game for a single. Minutes later he scored. And as seen above,Lalli rapped a double to right field, scoring Delgado, running for Bozzone fromthird base.

    At University Park

    Monie Devereaux Is Club Champ

    Klipsic, IfZinno, IfDolan, phBozzone, rfDelgato, p

    TOTALSCoral Shores





    3312 9000 000


    Monie Devereaux,shooting a 270 overthree days, Thursdaywon University ParkGolf and Country Club'sWomen's championship.

    Mrs. Devereaux had a90 on the first 18 Tues-day, fell off to a 95 onWednesday's round thenblazed to an 85 finishon the final day.

    SeasonTo OpenTuesday

    littleLeagueTo Open

    Boca Raton's LittleLeague season will of-ficially get underwayhere Monday night. Itwill be the kickoff of a56-game season.

    A single game pittingCauseway Lumber andLeturmy at 7 p.m. willopen a stand that runsthrough July 6th.

    Mayor Sid Brodheadwill throw out the firstball Monday and is ex-pected to make a shortspeech.

    Fred Sturm, presi-dent of the Little LeagueAssociation, will bemaster of ceremonies.

    All eight teams of theleague will be presentin uniform, along withmanagers and coaches.It is expected the CityCommission will alsoattend.

    Boca Raton 215 001 3-12

    70 PlayersIn Best BallTournamentSeventy players en-

    tered a Best Ball Two-some t o u r n a m e n tThursday as Royal PalmWomen took to the links.

    Jobey Welch and RuthMartin tied with EvelynFishbaugh and Alt aKnight for first placehonors in the full handi-cap affair. The twoteams posted scores of61.

    In second place theteam of Adelaide Camp-bell and Mary Moorehad a score of 63.

    Th i rd place honorswere taken by GloriaDrummond and KarenThernell. They had a64.

    Fourth place showed asix way tie.

    Mrs. Robert Blessingreports no slack in the"season" at Royal Palmgolf.

    Pony League seasonopens Tuesday night atMemor i a l Park andPresident Rex Mosssaid yesterday all pro-ceeds of the first nightwill go to the Duncanfund.

    The fund was origin-ated by Rev. WilliamDeutschmann of the Ad-vent Lutheran Churchfor the education andsupport of the Duncanboys.

    Moss said all foursponsors will have arepresentative on themound Tuesday' nightand each will throw outa "first ball."

    Pony League seasonruns through July 2 withp lay on Tuesday andFriday nights. Untilschool is out, gamesTuesday will be single,double-headers on Fri-day. After school, allgames are double-head-ers.

    To Place AClassified Ad

    Phone 395-5121

    Moni DevereauR u n n e r u p • in the

    championship divisionwas Mina Fisher. Sheshot a 93-93-92—279,nine strokes off the win-ner.

    N e l l McCook's 281won B Flite honors. Herdaily scores were 95-95-91.

    For second place inB Flite, Trudy Dens -more and Ruth Till sonhad to go into a sud-den d e a t h playoff tobreak a tie score. Mrs.D e n s m o r e took thecrown on the 21st hole.Her score was a 296.

    In C Flite, Stella Gu-lotta took first . with a

    105- 107 - 104 — 316.R u n n e r u p was EmmyMarshall with 107-109-110—326.

    Chipin winners for theday were Molly Davisand Nadine Tapscott.

    Sun & SurfLadies PlayMrs. E. Ottwell took

    the regular Ladies Daytournament at Sun & Surfclub this week with ascore of 16-6 —10.

    The ladies played ev-en holes and used one-half handicap.

    In second place wasMrs. Bjorkman. She had13-2-1/2—10-1/2.

    T h i r d place honorswere taken by Mrs. BeaFletcher, who posted ascore of 16-5-11.

    Break3-3 TieIn NinthBob Bozzone's triple

    to right field, followedby a double by Tony Lal-li, broke a tie in the 9thinning Wednesday andgave Boca Raton theirfirst step toward a statechampionship.

    Tied at 3-3 in thesecond extra inning, theBobcats beat St. An-drew's School for Boys,4-3.

    F a c i n g the area'smost improved team forthe second time thisyear, Boca Raton grab-bed off an early lead.Rapping a single intoright field off pitcherJurika, Tony Lalli wentall the way to third onTom Ziolkowski's sac-rifice bunt.

    Chuck Lekniskas fol-lowed with an infieldsingle. Big Mike En-ders r a p p e d the thirdp i t c h back to secondwhere it was bobbledand Lalli scored to openthe way.

    Cutie tied up the ballgame for the Scots inthe third after he hadreached the basepathsby being hit with a pit-ched ball. Lalime pop-ped up to Catcher Lallifor the first out andJurika went down, pit-cher to first, on an in-field hopper. Cutie bythis time had stolen abase and was waitingon second when thirdbaseman Hewitt punchedone into right field. Therun scored, but Hewittwas out trying to stretchhis hit into a double. Theimmediate threat wasover.

    Lalli and Klipsic, bothon b a s e s with walks,scored for the Cats inthe fourth and it lookedlike another walkwwaygame for Boca Raton.

    However, St. An-drew' s m a d e a brandnew ball game out of itin the top of the sev-enth inning,

    Heidgart took the fullcount before hitting adribbler back to DennisJones at short. He was •thrown out at first base.Appleyard and Bryanboth waited out pitcherChuck Lekniskas andreceived walks. Miller,pinch-hitting for Cutie,rapped a single to cen-ter field to load the bas-es.

    At this point, CoachHarry Benson decided itwas time to changethings on the hill andcalled Harry Herbold in

    (Continued on 5A)


    Wed. May 5, 7 P.M.SCRATCH

    3 man--4 games

    make your reservation

    NOW!!UniversityBow!100 NE20 St.Boca Baton



    University Bowl 100 N.E. 20th st.Boca Eaton 395-5222



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  • BOCA RATON NEWS May 2, 1965 5A

    William Stowe, president of First Bank andTrust Company of Boca Raton, kicked off thefund drive for high school athletics this weekwith a $500 check. Bob Breitenstein, dean ofmen at Florida Atlantic University and chair-man of the drive, accepts the donation.

    Kegler's Korner

    The most talked aboutsummer bowling leagueis the one being organ-ized among the variousservice clubs.

    Carl Lang helpedspearhead this leagueand will be contactingthe other clubs that havenot r e p o r t e d theirteams.

    The fall and winterschedules are rapidlycoming to the end andwith it the leagues areelecting their officersfor the coming season.The Boca His and Hergroup has elected Har-vey Shelter, president,Col. Paul Villiard, vicepresident, and Dot t i eKing, secretary-treas-urer. The UniversityBowlerettes selectedtheir new slate with Ma-bel Walker as presi-dent, . Marion Pearson,vice president, Eve-lyn Olson, secretary -treasurer and CharlotteScott, sergeant at arms.

    A new tournamentcalled " B e a t theChamp'3 starts on Mon-day and will run for 4weeks, each week thehigh three men and wo-men on a handicap bas-is will be selected forthe house finals with thewinners going to LakeWorth to bowl againstchampions Tommy Tut-tle and Olga Gloor.

    S a t u r d a y JeanneB r o w n 1 e e and MaxB o o k e escorted thehouse winners to Miamito participate in the Mi-ami News Tournament.18,000 children partici-pated and the winnerscompete at the Univer-sith Bowl, South Miami,Representing the Ban-tam girls will be SusanMeredith, The Bantamboys will be representedby Ted Olsen and RickBrownlee. Junior girlsby Marilyn Brownlee(winner in 1963 ). Twogirls from Marymountschool, Brandy Com-mings and Judy Calan-dra, will bowl in thesenior girls division.

    The All A m e r i c aYouth program is goingalong nicely. All theboys and girls have beencoming in daily to bowltheir qualifying games.The three man scratchsummer league will or-ganize on Wednesday the5th for the summer sea-son. Much interest hasbeen shown and they willhave their meeting at 7p.m.

    University Bowl willbe sending another teamto the BPAF finals inWest Palm Beach, Asquad was run on Wed-nesday and the winnersDan Bey, Rudy Maas,H a r v e y Page, BobBrewster and Sal A1-.tieri bowled a total of3186 including handicap.They meet teams fromother parts of the stateon May46th. ••- --ROYAL OAKTeamCoconut PalmsDate PalmsSabal PalmsSago PalmsQueen PalmsKing PalmsIndividual high


    , Bill


    Taylor,214, Marion Rigaumont, 194;individual triple, Bob MacLar-en, 546, Marion Rigaumont, 478;Trophies presented to winningCoconut Palms Team consist-ing of Captain: Mai Spinning,Marion Rigaumont, Leo Boliekand Vi Misenhimer. Special tro-phy presented to Jo Spinning.

    BOCA HISTeamQuadsNewcomersB-S'ersJolly FourTinkerbellsFire EatersCountry Club 4Inseparables

    & HERWon8269671/2641/257 1/2531/25250


    High team game, Jolly Four,650; high team triple, JollyFour 1880; individual high, PaulVeillard 207, Doris Moss, 180;individual triple, Paul Veillard,535, Dottie King, 523.

    STURDY OAKSWEEKLY WINNERSSkinnerYatesMacLarenGangerBel and


    High team game, Roth, Gaddis,Scofield, Becker, Lane, 967;high team triple, TIE Mere-dith, Bovaniger, Henthorn,Rey-nolds, Poole, M. Long, Skin-ner, MacLaren, Mackan, Sus-sieck, 2675; individual high,Skinner, 213; individual triple,Skinner, 518.

    Cists less! St. Andrews(Continued

    f r o m centerfield t opitch. Lalime took four

    # balls to walk and pushedin the second run for St.Andrew's. With the ty-ing run on third, CoachFlynn called for the hitand run. Armour, run-ning for Bryan, streakedtoward home with thewindup and was just sixfeet off the plate whenOrtensi bunted back toHerbold on the mound in

    # a perfect sacrifice ty-ing" the game, Hewittwent down short to firstfor the third out.

    Boca Raton had menon the basepaths in boththe seventh and eighthbut couldn't get a runacross until the Boz-zone-Lalli combinationin the tenth.

    The win put Boca Ra-# ton into Friday's semi-

    f i n a l s against CoralShores.

    The box score-.

    from 4A)SCOTS ABHewit, 3b 4Punches, cf 3Riley, lr-rf 4Heidgart, rf-c 4Appleyard, lb 3Billing, rf 0Bryan, c 2Armour, c 1Cutie, ss 1Miller, ss 2Lalime, 2b 1Jurika, p 1Hernandez,ss 1Ortenzi, p 0

    TOTALS 27

    R H0 10 00 00 01 00 00 01 01 00 10 00 00 00 03 2R H2 2000

    BOBCATS ABLalli, c 3Ziolkowski,2b 3 0 1Lekniskas,p 3 0 1Enders, lb 3 0 1W. Dodge, 3b 3 0 0Herbold, cf-p 4 0 0Jones, ss 4 0 2Klipsic, If 3 1 0Bozzone, rf 4 0 1Delgado 0 1 0

    TOTALS 30 4 8Scots 001 000 200—3Bobcats 100 200 001—4

    Little League Seasonopens

    Monday, May 3rd.Leturmy Vs. Causeway

    Pony League Season Opens Tuesday, May 4th.

    SUPPORT r •• TYOUR Favorite Team





    flLL IP

    4-Boca National Bank










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    Winfield Shopping Center395-4209



    BLUM'S of boca2980 N. Federal Hwy.


    BOCA HONDA SALES3719 S. Fed. Hwy. - Delray


    BOCA JEWELERS364 E. Palmetto Park Kd.






    CAMPUS GULF SERVICE1299 N.W. 2nd Ave.



    42 S.E. 2nd St.395=5511

    C&W ELECTRIC CORP.119 N.W. 16th St.


    DANDY DEPARTMENT STORE1670 N. Federal Hwy.


    D&M AUTO PARTS220 S. Dixie Hwy.


    DUGAN TRAVEL SERVICE, INC.75 South Federal Hwy.


    EAGLE ARMY NAVY DEPT. STORE1666 N. Federal Hwy.


    GARRY'S SPORT SHOP161 SE 1st Ave.




    JACK'S BARBER SHOP2166 N.E. 1st Ave.


    JACK KEITZERMen's and Boys Wear

    41 S.E. 1st Ave.395-4995

    KECK/5 BARBER SHOP65 South Federal Hwy.


    LEE HIGGINSON CORP.105 E. Boca Raton Rd.


    MATTY'S ONE-HOUR CLEANERS1943 N. Federal Hwy.


    UNIVERSITY BOWL100 N.E. 20th St.


    WINFIELD GIFT SHOP479 N.E. 20th St.


    YOUNG'S GARDEN SUPPLY209 South Federal Hwy,


  • 6A May 2, 1965 BOCA RATON NEWS


    Line Rates 30


    NW 10th Court, LakeFloresta Park - 2Br,2 B, LR, K, 2 car ga-rage, screened patio -beautiful corner lot onLake. Automatic heatand air conditioning.Fully shrubbed and ar-tistically decorated in-side and out. Fully fur-

    C| nished. $35,000. PhoneFirst Bank and TrustCompany, N.A., Trus-tee, 395-4420, ask forMr. Johnson."BOCA RATON $47,900

    Atlantic Cloisters, 2bedroom 2 bath. Oceanview. Central Air &Heat. Luxurious, Car-pets, Drapes, CoveredParking, Storage Ga-

    • lore, Many Extras. PaulH. Lemen, 395-7845.Royal Palm Yacht & CC$38,500. Pool-3 bedrm.2 bath,den,call 395-1271Large Duplex, 2 bed-room, 2 bath, each side.1 side leased to Univ,faculty. Central heat andA/C. Sprinklers & frostfree refrigs. Walking

    _. distance to churches &® new shopping center.

    Consider trade for va-cant multiple dwellingproperty. Call Boca395-2951 for details.See property at 259 S.W.6rh S|-.r Boca.Absentee Owner reluc-tantly desires to sellOcean front 1st floor. 3bedrm 3 bath furn. Villa

    m #5 at Cove Beach Club,w on AlA in DeerfieldBeach. No underlyingMtg. or ground lease.First inspect then if in-terested phone 565-4848or see Your Broker.


    Homestead 1/2 - LeaseSecond half with Distinctincome tax advantages.

    % Quality Construction forMaintenance free in-come. 2-2/ each side-Central A/C & heat,S p r i n k l e r s y s t e m ,Screen Patios, LushlyLandscaped - DesirableNeighbors, 3476 or 3496N.E. 5th Dr. Boca.Before buying in ROYALPALM YACHT & COUN-TRY CLUB, see 2199Acorn Palm Rd,, New

    # model available immed-iately. Will cons i d e rtrade. Call 395-4428,395-1499, 276-7371. •

    HUTZLER REALTYLots and Acredae StaI e100' x 150' Estates #2Close to Boca CabanaClub & ocean. Owner1-531-3862 or Box Z,Boca Raton News.Boca Raton Lot 1-2-3-11-12 Block 1 Floresta.Greatly reduced in pricefor quick sale. 395-4479.

    Boca Raton Park75x125—80x125 Adjoin-

    ing $2800. each.75x125—Canal $4900.120xl25-Corner, Some

    trees $3600.Owner here one weekonly. 395-7285.75x110 High Ridge Es-tates, Pompano Beach,No Brokers. Call 942-6Q?Boca Hills, 109x179,Zoned residential. Sac-rifice . . 395-5339. 'R 3 Lot nearTAU, 150*front - 399-5922.200' Highway ^'State road 808, MainRoad from Turnpike toUniv. $85 per front foot.Call owner, Hibiscus3onst. Inc. 395-4275.2 Large Lots N.E. 5thAve. & 10th Terr. Each84' on 5th Ave. By 189'Deep. 20' Easement inrear. Can be sold sep-arately.BRUCE E. DARRELL

    RealtorAlain Cushman asso,

    395-2850Choice residential lotsin Boca Raton. Low downPayment, long term bal-ance. 399-1521.10 AC RES of land in Na-ples. Reasonable. Agood sound investment.Private Owner. 941-4169.

    CAHINQ GARDENSFormer Model "James-town." Immediate occu-pancy. Located at

    9&Q Butternut Terr ace.Three Bedrooms — threeBathrooms - Double Ga-rage — completely fur-nished. Adjoining cor-ner lot, optional. Forinspection, call at 900Elderberry Way or Phone395-1534.

    Commercially zoned lotAvailable on 20th Street,Boca. 105x160 Terms.395-4964.ROYAL PALM YACHT

    & COUNTRY CLUBLarge Golf Course Lotapprx. 100'xlSO' Verydesirable location. Sac-rifice. Owner, Ft. Lau-derdale 565-6082.


    Lots available in Coun-try Club Village — sew-ers, water and roads.Lots ready for building.Unusual discounts nowbeing offered. Call 395-1818.

    Co-op ApqrfrtierrtsDeluxe Fully Furnishednew co-cop, bedrm apt.Balcony. A/C Central.Yr. or seasonal. Rea-sonable to high typeadults. 395-0261 A.M.or Eve. .FOR SALE Across fromOcean. Private accessto Beach. Large livingroom. Screened bal-cony. 2 bedrm 2 baths.Electric kitchen. Rea-sonable 395-4593.



    Furnished, Yearly $150Month.

    395-6225Effcy, near beach, quietsurroundings, air cond.Summer Rate $80. mo.910 E. Palmetto ParkRd. 395-2666.$85 mo. furn. efficiencyon ocean. A/C Heat, Uti-lities included. Apr. 15to Dec. 1. Also 1 bed-room apts. $100 & $125per mo. 278-3983.Furnished 2 BedroomApt. A/C, lg. Patio.Close to Seach, 399-9875.F u r n i s h e d efficiencysuite, center of Boca, 5min, to public beach. On1st floor. I l l E. BocaRaton Rd.

    • SUMMER RATESDelray Beach. Effcy. &1 bedrm one blk to Beach& Shopping. From $85.276-9222.Duplex 2/2, year oldfenced yard, ideal forcouple with child. $116.Mo. water inc. 2835 NE2nd Ave., Boca 395-7249EXTRA Guests Coming?Available, Furn. StudioApts. & Villas, on theocean, private beach,priv.dock. The Villas ofBoca Raton, 507 S. OceanBlvd.; on AlA. Call 395-5220.

    MAJESTIC APTS.399 West Camino RealSpacious 1 bedroom Apt.Furn. or unfurn. Com-pletely Air conditioned& Heated. Annual rentalfrom $105. per month.Owner on premises, Apt#6, from 9 am to 4 .-30pm. or call 395-5548.

    DEL-RIO APTS.New One bedroom, A/C,Heat, Furn. or unfurn.Year or Season. 480 W,,Camino Real. 395-7542.

    LUXURY APTS.1 & 2 Bedroom, Furn.,Unfurn., Ht/AC, Adults.EASTONApts. 395-3287

    541 NE 45th St., BocaNew Apartments, 3 bed-room 2 bath unfurnished$85. per mo. DelrayBeach'276-5537.New Duplex Apt's. furn.& Unfurn. 2/2 CentralA/C & Heat QualityThru-out. 3498 & 3422N.E. 5th Drive, BocaRaton.1 bedroom Apt. furnish-ed. 298 N.W. 4th Ave.Call 395-3565 after 6P.M.

    POMPANOHILLSBORO SHORESFurn. 1 bedrm apts.,A/C shuffle board. Priv.Beach. Washing M-chine, $100 per mo. May1 to Dec. 1 for appt.

    Call Delray 278-3983.

    BOCA RATON NEWS May 2, 1965 7A

    Completely furn. 1 bed-room apartment. Byweek or month. Call395-2596.Private Guest House,efficiency Apt. Air Cond.fully furnished 1 block toPublic Beach, $75. permonth, Plus Utilities.Call 395-2989.Summer rates until Nov.lo Furnished 1 and 2bedroom n e a r l y newapts. Air Cond. all elec-tric. From $105.GATEWAY Plaza Apts.330 W. Camino Real

    395-7884The FRENCH QUARTER

    399 S.W. 8th St.Boca Raton.

    1 BR unfurnished apt.Central heat & air cond.Only 6 apts. in building;15x30' private walledpatio; free laundry; an-nual lease; $125. permo. Manager on premis-es 10 A.M. - 4 P.M. orphone 395-2984.IDEAL FOR TEACHERSEFFICIENCY & 1 Bed-room Apts. on theOcean, Deerfield. Con-v e n i e n t to Shopping.

    OCEAN VUE APTS.'301 NE 21st Ave. (AlAlOne bedroom furnishedapartment, convenientlylocated and reasonablypriced. Call 395-1580.200 ft. to Beach. Effi-ciency Apts., completelyfurnished. $100. permonth includes utilities,& Linens. 395-4491.


    Duplex Bldg., 3 expo-sures. Adults - No pets.444 E. Palmetto ParkRd. (walking distance toocean beach) Boca Raton


    1150 SW 2nd AveBoca Islands

    New, modern, furnished& unfurnished - Effi-ciencies, 1 & 2 bedroomapts. now available.Please call 395-7728,STUDIO APT. for Rent.Furnished also, Silver,China, Cooking utensils,all Linens etc. Lawncare, electric and wa-ter. Wall to wall carpet-ing, TV. $100. monthly.Call 395-3119 Owner.HOUSE TRAILER,Moonlight Bay, Deer-field. Adults only. - 399-3360 or 395-4988. Lot#20.Florida Atlantic U. Stu-dents special low stu-dent rates for the sum-mer session. Luxurytype furnished bedroomapts. Off campus. $50.per student. 330 W.Camino Real 395-7884.

    SUMMER PRICESNew Duplex. Prime SWlocation. Lg Rms, Clo-sets, huge scrnd porch.A/H, luxury living formodest prices. See atcorner of SW 6th St. &SW 3rd Ave. 395-7594.

    Horned for Rent3/2 Pool, Waterfront,Docks, Furnished. 726Havana Dr. CarribeanKeys. Ph. 278-3952(after -6:) very reason-able, ;Unfurnished 3 bedrbom2 baths Pool HomeDeerfield Beach, $175.yrly Basis - 395-4340 or.395-1471.Completely furnished 2bedrm, 2 baths. 2101N.W. 2nd Ave. 395-4611or 395-1431.3 bedroom, furnished.$165 Mo. including LawnMaintainence. 460 NW6th Ave. 395-1232 Eve.395-5271.

    POMPANO RENTALS2 bedrm 1 bath $80 mo.3 bedrm 2 bath $100 mo.4 bedrm 2 bath $110 mo.

    Sutter Real Estate933-5656


    3 bedrm 2 bath, LargeLiving rm with roundedBay Windows. Kitchencompletely Shuttered fromLiving rm. G.E. Equipped.Air Cond. & Heat ScreenedPatio, closed double Ga=rage. Sprinkler, Drapes,Carpet.

    See: 698 W. Caminoor .-all 395-2568 for appt


    R E A L T O R S

    You must see this lovely, white colonialwaterfront home - Three bedrooms, 3 bathsplus an additional bedroom and bath forhelp or guests. Let us tell you more asmany nice features are left for your sur-prise. Come to 260 Key Palm Road, West,Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, BocaRaton, between ll :00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.,to inspect and see . . .

    M.K. WEIR & SONS, INC., RealtorsWeir Plaza Building, 855 S. Federal Hwy.

    Boca Raton, Fh: 395-4000

    Homes for Rent2 Dedroom 2 bath fur-nished Sunken Livingroom, Wall to Wall car-peting, Central Air &Heat. Terraced Diningarea. T.V. Includes Chi-na, Silver, Linens utensils, Lawn-care $200. Monthly. Call395-3119 Owner.

    GOING TO BUILD???While waiting, rent fur-nished 2 bedroom,, 1bath. Includes China,S i l v e r , Linen s etc.Cooking utensils, Lawncare, electric, water,gas, T.V., enclosed ga-rage. $180. monthly.Call 395-3119 Owner.

    $150. per MONTHOne Family Home 3 bed-rooms, 2 baths, 5 yearsold. Completely furnish-ed. Ultra modern kit-chen. Apply Owner, JohnLake, 201 N.E. 5th Ave.395-4158.All Electrfc Cozily Fur-nished 2 bedroom 2 bath,home, Fla. Rm. Call forappt. 395-0974.Available 3/1 FurnishedPompano Beach. Adultscall 395-1878.Furnished 2 bedroom 1bath & Den $90. permonth, Rental to Dec.31. Option to Buy. Call395-0289.

    Homes tor SaleHouse with income$9500. 3/2 (1 bedroom &Bath with Private En-trance) excellent finan-cing $74. per Mo. Call278-4419 aft 6:BUILDER'S SACRIFICEBrand new Deluxe 3/2,with Panoramic Kitchen,Walk in Closets, LargeScreened Patio etc. Sav-ings & Loan Appraisal at$17,125. Sacrifice for$15,990. First mortgage$13,700. Down payment$1,500. See this bargainat: 1632 N.W. 5th St.,Country Club Village,Boca Raton, Fla.Owner5 s sacrifice $2000below replacement al-most new, 3/2, extralarge lot, Country ClubVillage, 501 N.W. 13thAve. 395-4383.

    WATERFRONTS.W. 8th St. & 10th Ave.Completed Dec.31,1964.$15,500 plus homesite.$7500 down.2 bedrooms 2 baths onbeautiful W. CaminoReal. Furnished. 1055S.W. Camino Real, BocaRaton. Phone o w n e r395-4024.

    Sale by OwnerBeautifully landscapedfenced corner Lot onprotected Canals, twodocks. Completely Fur-nished. 3 bedrooms 3baths, Central Heat &A/C enclosed heatedpool 2 car garage. Callfor Appt. 278-0951.

    FOR SALEBy owner 3/2 CentralA/C & Heat. 90'xll0'lot. Plenty shrubbery$17,500. - Aft. 6 PM.395-1579; Days 395-2445.

    Homes fdrJSaleBy Owner 2 bedrooms 2baths, Carpets & Drape-ries, G.E. Kitchen. 998SW 4th St. Boca Raton.395-6820.Owners Sacrifice 3/2Split level E. of Fed.Phone 395-3565 aft. 6-P.M.



    Charming 3 bedroomhome and pool, Excel-lent floor plan by oneof Boca's best builders.Gorgeous carpeting anddraperies, . and manyother "extras." Peace-ful v i ew over water.Priced considerably un-der cost at $25,000. Anexceptionally good buy!MacLaren & Anderson

    151 E. Royal Palm Rd.PH. 395-1333.

    Boca Raton a Real Bar-gain, move right in tothis completely furn.Home. Winfield Park,A/H 2 bedrm 1 bath,Fla. Rm. L o v e l yGrounds, .Sprinkler Sys-tem, Awnings, Shuffle-board, Fruit Trees, LikeNew. 395-1953 for Appt.Boca Square: Airy Fla.Rm. P l u s screenedPorch, Closed Garage,2 bedrm 2 bath, manyextras. 1399 SW 4th St.Boca Raton.

    BY OWNER2 Bedrooms 2 baths,$450 Down, $80 Mo. Call

    JPCorner Property, 2 bed-room, 2 bath, all electrickitchen, patio, carport,partly furnished. Sacri-fice $13,500. 942-4242.

    MOVE INNow or later. NEW 2bedrooms, Central AC/H, Garage, Sprinklers,Sewers, etc. Moderateprice - Much under cost.Royal Oak Hills area.Owner 395-7195.

    BOCA SQUARE1156 SW 14th St. Ownerwill Sacrifice Beautifulnew 3 bedrooms 2 baths,Family room must beseen. Furniture Option-al. 395-6190.

    ESTATE SECTION866 Sevilla Dr. 3/2-1/2Custom Built Home. Nota builders speculationhouse. Automatic gar-age doors, central aircond. All elec. kitchen.Disposal, Dish Washer,etc. draperies, W/Wcarpeting. Corner lotwith perfect exposure.Many extras, call 395-1884.





    BOCA RATONFROM $13,500



    Fur Rest! with OptionMew 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

    Central Air-CondiiionedGarage, Family Room


    801 W. CAMINO REAL

    $700 DOWN

    Buys this 3 /2 Air Conditioned Home withCarpet and Draperies. Located near Schoolsand Shopping Center.

    Harriet JackmanJ. Stuart Robertson, Inc., Realtors395-4624 395-1329

    ONLY $1300 DOWNThis 3 bedroom Home with 2 com-pletely tiled Baths has full AIRCONDITIONING and Central Heat.It is located on a 90x110 lushlylandscaped lot in the prestige sub-division of BOCA RATON SQUARE.This Home has a 2 Car Carport andLarge enclosed Florida Room; TheCarpeting is included in the Pur-chase Price: Price also includesthe Refrigerator and Draperies.Move right in and have a low month-ly payment.

    See at 634 SW 9th Aveor call owner at 395-4838


    1061 BANYAN ROADone short block fromOcean. Lot 100x164.Fine Trees. LargeScreened Pool & Patio,3 bedrooms, 2 baths,Plus Cabana Bath. 2 cargarage. Reduced from$45,000. to $37,500.

    A GREAT BUYBrochure on Request at:



    $350 DOWN

    $75 per month $10,600total price. East of Fed-eral, 2/1, good neigh-borhood.


    Boca Raton 395-2244DEERFIELD BEACH

    Deluxe and open to of-fer. Owner ReturningMid-West. Must sell.Newly decorated^ lg. 2bedrm, 2-1/2 bathhomeCentral ht. hot point kit-chen, lg. screened pa-tio with canopy diningarea. Beautifully land-scaped. 1342 SE 7thCt.,Cove Section 399-3245.3 BEDROOM 2 BATH

    $650 DOWN$ 97 MONTH

    Walking distance to P.O.Downtown & Ocean. 434N.E. 3rd St., Boca Ra-ton, Fla. Call L a k eWorth 1-965-1929 or1-965-5724.MUST SELL-ILLNESSOne year old house,Royal Oak Hills, Boca.2 Bedrooms, Large liv-ing area. Central aircond. & heat. Closed ga-rage, sewers, carpet,drapes, etc. Asking only$18,750. Make an offer.Owner 395-7155..New 2 bedroom 2 bathsCarpets & Drapes,Sprinklers, Big Savings,Furniture Optional.SNOW CONSTRUCTION

    399-5922Muve in now. i-TIced tosell. Partially furn., 3bedroom, 2 bath, cornerlot, excellent residen-tial section East of Fed,Many extras included.Close to churches,schools and shopping.Financing available. 611S.E. 10th Ave., Deer-field Beach. 399-1076.

    Homes for SalePUBLIC NOTICE

    Special offering ofBuilder's Model Home.2-4 bedrms 2 bath withpool. 4-25 Bedrooms 2bath. All centrally heat-ed & air cond. with manyextras. Exceptional val-ues. NO REASONABLEOFFER WILL BE RE-FUSED. 395-5294 - 399-6790.



    FOR BIG BIG HOUSEThis 3 bedroom Homewith 2 completely tiledBaths has full AIR CON-DITIONING and Centralheat. It is located ona 90x110 Lushly Land-scaped lot in the pres-tige Subdivision of BO-CA RATON SQUARE.This Home has a 2 Car-Carport and large en-,closed Florida Room.The Carpeting is in-cluded in the PurchasePrice: Price also in-cludes the Refrigeratorand Draperies. Moveright in and have a lowmonthly payment. Call395-4287.

    Homes for SaleCOUNTRY CLUB

    VILLAGE3/2 Central Heat, A/CDish Washer, Disposal,City Sewer, Sprinklers,Sacrifice. 395-7359.$14,900. Sacrifice.. Spa-cious 3/2, Electric Kit-chen, good neighborhood243 NE 26thSt. 395-2473call after 4 p.m.

    ONLY $600 DO,WN$95. per month, 3/2,Florida Rm. Close toshops.


    Boca Raton 395-2244


    PLACE AU S0LE1LOn the west bank of tha


    GULF STREAMEntrance s miles north ofDslray's Atlantic A-venue,


    DIFFERENT HOMES1 bedroom 3 baths on water, u j $42,5002 bedrooms 1 bath furnished


    William F. Koch, Jr.Realtor

    CR 6-4474

    $45,000For this beautiful 3 Bedroom VA Bath

    House. MANY EXTRAS - Located in exclusiveROYAL PALM.

    For further information callHarriet jackman

    J. Stuart Robertson, Inc.395-4624 395-1329


    MODEL ROW HOMESPalmetto Park TerraceBeautiful three bedroomModel, Central Air Con-ditioning Large LeisureRoom, 2 Car Garage,Deluxe Kitchen withG.E. Dishwasher Dispo-sal and Refrigerator.ONLY $1650 DOWN. NOLOAN COSTS.


    141 S.W. 11th Ave.395-5313 Boca Raton


    Air, Family Room, Screened Patio,Complete Kitchen with

    Self-Cleaning AMERICANA OVENComplete Kitchen Appliances


    Calf Boca Raton 395-1818



    "The Real Estate Corner"J. STUART


    Realtors60 South Federal Highway BOCA RATON 395-4624


    Beautiful 3 bedroom, carpeting, draperies, airconditioned, 2 car garage, sprinklers, etc.

    $& $53,500 NOW

    SuiteAn AMMU O| Dututcttwt



    A Limited Number of Offices Available NOW !$ftnoo

    From 80 a m o n t hINCLUDED AT N O EXTRA COST

    * DeLuxe Furnishings * Heat* Receptionist * Lights* Telephone Switchboard * Ample Parking* Air Conditioning * Janitor Service

    (Public Stenographer Available on Fee Basis)

    Call Today . . .M.N. WEIR & SONS, Realtors

    395-4000For Appointment To Inspect

  • 8A May 2, 1965 BOCA RATON NEWSHrimfes for Sdl£

    N e a r University 2/2family jroom. 100'xl60'$15,000. 3774 NW 5tfcrAye. Boca 395-2670Beautiful corner Home,completely landscapedwith circular drive. 3Bedroom, 2 bath, beau-tiful kitchen with' wallrefrigerator, disposal,dishwasher/ deluxe ovenand stove. Washer &Dryer & plenty of cabi-nets. Drapes throughout.Must see to appreciate.Cost $24,700- Moving -must sell. $18,900Completely furnished.Can retain mortgage to$18,000. Call for appt.Owner 395-7053.BpC A RATON ESTATESFinest section betweenOcean & Intracoastal. 2Master bedrms, lg. liv-ing rm., Fla, rm., Den/guest rm., patio, dbl.garage. Washer, dryer,lg. elect, kitchen. Manyclosets. Beautifullylandscaped lg. grounds.Must sell.Call 278-4477,or write Boca RatonNews, Box #110, BocaRaton, Fla.

    ROYAL OAK HILLS3/2 Screened patio poolon one of the most de-sirable corner lots indevelopment. Approx.100' front by 110' deep5 Tempered glass pan-els facing pool, automa-tic sprinkler system,landscaping, by Land-scape Architect. At costof $2500. Hurricanepanels, alum, awnings,wall to wall carpeting.GE washer & dryer, GEWethertron air - condi-tioner and heater, plusGE fully equipped kit-chen. Call 395-0807for appointment.Lake Rogers Waterfront834 NE 33 St. luxury3/3, unfurn. H/A, gar.dock. 395-1486.ROYAL OAK HILLS 2bedrm 2 bath home, Den,Must be seen Owner forAppt. call 395-4885.


    2 & 3 Bedroom Homeslocated in Ft. Lauder-dale, Pompano Beach,and Margate for sale toanyone. N.O. NELSON,Realtor, 972-6451, VAManagement Broker.WATERFRONT HOME 3bedrm 2 bath 80' front-age, electric kitchen, lg.sun rm., heat & cool,enclosed garage, manyf r u i t t r e e s . Price$21,500 Mtg. $17, equity on 2/2apt... Phone 395-3684.Attractive Colon ia l ,Large 3/2, Extra largeliving room, huge walk-in closets. Many extras.Sprinkler System. Own-er 395-4758.Corner Lot, Sewers,beautiful 3/2 CBS, Dbl.Garage, Dishwasher,Disposal, Screened Pa-tio, Marble Baths, Base6 Sills & Foyer.Sprink-ler system, A/C & Ra-diant heat; Drapes, rugs$3500 Down. 1248 N.W.7th St. Country Club Vil-lage,Unusually designed 4bedroom 2 bath house.Centered around largelandscaped s c r eenedpatio. Air-cond. heated,garage, large G.E. kit-chen. Completely equip-ped. Near schools &University. Only 2 yearsold. 450 N.W. 15th St.Boca Raton. Seen byappt. only. Call ownerat 395-0614.Dock by IntracoastalScenic privacy; luxury3/3, den, h/a, gar; un-furn. Rent with option.834 NE 33 St. 395-1486

    the bestrecipe


    to!©€i HdtOffiTake one phone call (or couponbelow), add hostess with basketsof gifts and information about thecity, stir in genuine hospitality,and you'll have a generous anddelightful welcome. Just phone

    WELCOME NEWCOMERS!Use this coupon to 1st us know you'reh»rs.

    I Addftn

    : anPleas* h»» Va Welcome W«gonHostess «t l on m« -

    PI I would Ulu to subscribe to theBOCA RATON NEWS

    • 1 Wait aibicrit!. to tfw• BOCA RATON.NEWSFill out coupon ind mail to CirculationDipt..

    Five CompetingFor /Miss' Title

    Five j u n i o r s havebeen selected as final-ists in a Miss Boca Ra-ton High School contest.

    The contest, first inthe school's history,will end with the crown-ing of "Miss Boca RatonHigh School" at theschool's second annualSpring band and chorusconcert Thursday, May6.

    The girls were chosenfrom ten contestants.Finalists are Mibi Les-ter, Carol Jane Kolin-ski, Lynn Yeater, KathyNelson and Diane Walk-er.

    Singer Will SpeakAt Nursing Meet

    So Leonard Singer,di-rector of learning re-sources at Florida At-lantic University, willbe keynote speaker atthe biennial conventionof the National LeagueFor Nursing in SanFrancisco Monday, May3.

    The subject of his talkto be delivered in theSan Francisco Arena,will be "Challenge of theAudiovisual Media to theEducator."

    Deaths" F " Clifford ShockleyFuneral services will

    be held at 10 a.m. Mon-day for " F " CliffordShockley, 65, 1189 SW4th St., Boca Raton.

    Mr. Shockley diedThursday at an Atlantahospital following an ex-tended illness. He cameto Boca Raton threeyears ago from St. LouisMo., where he was asso-ciated with Standard OilCorp., Indiana. He wasa member of B a d g e rLodge F&AM, L a -C r o s s e , Wise, pastpresident of the Kiwan-is Club of Huron, S. D.-,and chairman of the Hu-ron Red Cross.

    Survivors include hiswife, Laurine; a sonRobert L. of Del r a yBeach; a stepson, Mer-le J. Cameron of Mil-waukee, Wise; a dau-ghter, Mrs. Joanne Han-sen of Ames, Iowa; threesisters, Mrs. Roy C.Pulver of Orinda, Calif.Mrs. Bert Beveridge ofDelray Beach, and Mrs.Gladys Lines of Det-roit, Mich.; a brother,A. Del Shockley of St.Paul, Minn., and s ixgrandchildren.

    Ralph McCahan,Christian Science read-er, will conduct the ser-vices Monday at Krae-er Funeral Home here,followed by entombmentin Lauderdale Memor-ial Gardens Mausoleum,Friends may call from2 to 4 p.m. Sunday atKraeer Funeral Home.

    George C. RotheGeorge Charles Ro-

    the, 74, 141 E. PalmettoPark Rd., died last Sun-day morning in a Pom-pano Beach Nursinghome following an ex-tended illness.

    Mr Rothe came toBoca Raton 20 yearsago from Chicago, ELI,

    He is survived by twosisters, Mrs. Ruth Pat-terson and Mrs. EmmaArnold, both of Chicago.

    S e r v i c e s were heldFriday in Kraeer Fun-eral home by Rev. DanM. Gills, pastor, F i r s tMethodist Church. Bur-ial was in Boca RatonCemetery.

    Arnold E. Schnell

    Arnold E. Schnell, 42,Evansville, Ind., diedTuesday while attendinga convention in Boca Ra-ton.

    Mr. Schnell came toBoca Raton for a com-pany meeting of GeneralFood Corporation.

    He is survived by hiswife Virginia, Evans-ville; two sons and twodaughters.

    Services and burialwill be in Evansville.

    Kraeer Funeral Homewas in charge of localarrangements.

    can easily buildthis superb home yourselfAll you need is a good nine months of uninterrupted

    time, a homesite in a select neighborhood, a good strong

    back, a working knowledge of masonry, carpentry,

    roofing, plumbing, air-conditioning and heating installation,

    electrical wiring, plastering, painting, cabinetry,

    haggling for the best materials and various other

    esoteric trade skills . . . any one of which

    takes a good decade to achieve any real ability in.

    And with no guarantee of the final result, all it'll cost

    you is about $60,000. Of course, that includes

    treatment and medications for the ulcers and strained

    back you developed over those nine months.


    You can choose from 12 superb Camino Gardens homes.

    Select aii}r of three elegant elevations for your choice.

    Customize to your heart's content. Put it on an oversize

    waterfront or waterview homesite in beautiful Camino

    Gardens (or on your own homesite, if you prefer). Then just

    sit back and consider the future, in a community set apart

    by a 7-acre botanical garden with its own scenic lake and

    island.. .a community that offers privacy, landscaped

    beauty, graceful waterways, and rolling hills . . . and all of the

    conveniences of bustling Boca Raton, only minutes away.

    Oh, yes. . . the Camino Gardens home pictured above

    will cost you just $33,950. Guaranteed. Pool and all. (And

    just think — you've saved yourself about $26,000

    . . . nine months' time... and a nasty ulcer!)

    See all of the distinguished two- and three-bedroom homes ofCamino Gardens. Priced from $25,500 to $50,000 (slightly

    higher on waterfront). Located in beautiful Boca Raton.

    GARDENSin the heart of



    Remember the beauty of Africa, U.S.A.?Camino Garden:! now occupies the samegently roiling terrain.

    A P O W D R E L L A N D A L E X A N D E R C O M M U N I T Y

    • •

  • * Women's News * Club Activities * Church News * Editorials * Real Estate

    SECTION 2May 2, 1965

    * . ' •

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen van Pelt Quackenbush

    Newlyweds Will Moke

    Palm Beach Their Home


    AnnouncedMr. and Mrs. Robert

    P. Pfanner, 783Conven-try St., have announcedthe engagement of theirdaughter Sharon Ann toMichael D8 Kopytchak,2182 N.E. Fifth Cir.

    Kopytchak is the sonof M r s . Anne Wells,Binghamton, N.Y. andMichael Kopytchak, Mi-ami, Fla.

    Miss Pfanner attend-ed Lake W o r t h HighSchool, Lake Worth, andis employed in BoyntonBeach.

    Kopytchak is a grad-uate of Central HighSchool, Binghamton. Heattended Florida StateUniversity and is pre-sently at Florida At-lantic University, wherehe's a member of PhiKappa Tau National So—cial Fraternity, andcompleting studies foradegree in Business Ad-ministration.

    A fall wedding is plan-ned.


    Scholarship a First for Seacrest

    Local Girl Gets AwardJoan Wyllner, Sea-

    crest High School stu-dent, daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Edgar Wyll-ner, 1300 N.W. SeventhSt., has been awardedPalm Beach County Pa-rent Teacher's Asso-ciation Council's teach-ing scholarship.

    This is the first timea Seacrest High Schools t u d e n t has won theaward, since the fundwas established in 1955.

    The scholarship ispresented each year toa graduating senior inPalm B e a c h Countyschools.

    . The grant, $400 annu-ally for college study, isfrom the council's scho-larship fund to whichPTA units throughoutthe c o u n t y contributeeach year. Proceedsf r o m • Seacrest PTA'sthrift shop sales go to

    the fund.Miss Wyllner plans

    to attend Palm BeachJunior College.

    She is a member ofthe high school chaptersof the Future T-eacher'sof America and the RedCross, and the JuniorExchangette Club,

    She was presented theaward at the PTA's fi-nal meeting of the schoolyear.

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Oxl ey

    Sharon Ruth Becomes

    Bride of Tom Ox/eyJanice Carol Burque,

    daughter of Mr. andMrs. Joseph J. Burque,owner and operator ofBoca Iron Works, ex-changed wedding vowswith Stephen van PeltQuackenbush, III, son ofStephen van Pelt Quack-enbush, Jr., Palm Beachand Elk Lake, Pa., andMrs. Edward Giddons,Takoma Park, Md., Sat-urday in St. VincentFerrer Church, DelrayBeach.

    Rev. Walter Roux of-ficiated at the doublering ceremony.

    The bride appearedat the arms of her fa-ther in a floor-lengthgown of re-embroideredAlencon lace over silkorganza.

    Appliques of lace withseedpearls e x t e n d e ddown a chapel train at-tached to the skirt ofthe gown.

    Her fingertip Frenchillusion veil featured acrown of seedpearls andcrystal tear drops. Sheheld one white rose seton lace and seedpearlcovered missal.

    Music was providedby D. Hugh Albee, solo-ist, and M i s s LetheMadge Royce, organist.

    Maid of honor, Kath-leen Clark chose afloorl e n g t h antique greensheath with a train. Boththe gown and train werea c c e n t e d with limegreen.

    Elaine B u r q u e ,bride's sister, wore apale lime green floorl e n g t h sheath with atrain, accented by an-tique green. Both car-ried a spray of yellowcarnations.

    Best man was Jan B.Quackenbush, bride-groom's brother.

    The bride's motherw o r e a powder bluesheath dress trimmedwith silver metallic, a

    An Atlantic auto ferryhas been proposed by aEuropean ship line forservice in 1967. Thepresent test schedulebetween Haifa and Romewill help decide on con-struction of a 20,000-ton ocean ferry.





    chiffon powder b l u estole, a blue floral pill-box, and a beige orchidcorsage.

    A buffe t receptiongiven by the bride's par-ents at the Town Housefoftowed the ceremony.

    The bride chose anaqua blue sheath dresswith matching eveningcoat and shoes, whitepill box and white glovesfor her wedding trip toPonte VedraClub, Jack-sonville. The b r i d e isa graduate of SeacrestHigh School and PalmBeach Junior College.

    The .bridegroom is ag r a d u a t e of GeorgeSchool, Newtown, Pa.,and has completed fouryears with the U.S. Na-vy. He is presentlyin his second year atPalm Beach Junior Col-lege and a member ofthe Naval Reserves.

    The couple will liveat " L o n g Shadows,"Tangier Avenue., PalmBeach.

    Miss Pfanner


    Is PlannedA Mother's Day lun-

    cheon will be held bymembers of the Pedia-tric Care Center Aux-iliary Tuesday, May 4in the Officer's Club,Fort Lauderdale.

    Chairman of the lun-cheon is Mrs. RobertD'Amore, Boca Raton.

    S h a r o n Lee Ruth,daughter of M r . andMrs. Carl S. Ruth, Jr.,395 N.W. 23 St. ex-changed wedding vowswith Tom Oxley, sonof Mr. and Mrs. JohnOxley, Tulsa, Okla.,April 24 in First Bap-tist Church, D e l r a yBeach.

    Rev. Carl Storey of-ficiated at the doublering ceremony.

    The bride appearedat the arm of her fa-ther in a white silk or-ganza gown with an em-broidered front panel.

    She held a bouquet ofw h i t e shasta daisieswith yellow centers.

    Matron of honor wasCarol Oxley; best man,Jack Oxley.

    A r e c e p t i o n at thehome of the bride's par-ents followed the cere-mony.

    The bride, a graduateof a high school in Tam-pa, attended B r o w a r dJunior College for oneyear.

    The bridegroom willbe a senior at FloridaAtlantic University inSeptember.

    The couple's honey -moon trip was in thesouthern part of Flori-da. They will live inT u l s a following thebridegroom's gradua-tion from FAU.

    Competition amongairlines in in-flight en-tertainment has drivenone carrier to install aseven - channel soundsystem in addition tomotion pictures. Amongthe choices are lightc l a s s i c a l , popular,stage and jazz musicand recordings for chil-dren.

    Miss Marie Tuck, honor English teacher and head of the scholarship com-mittee at Seacrest High School, '(left) and Mrs. William Eckler, presidentSeacrest High School PTA presented the County PTA Council's teachingscholarship to Joan Wyllner, Boca Raton. Allen Vogl Photo

    IT'S MAYand time for

    This is the time of year ivhen

    a truly fine professional

    portrait is a necessity

    I n



    Distinctive photography for the discriminating


    aMONEYPeriodic review of your Will

    with your lawyer, in the light

    of current conditions, may

    well spare your estate much

    needless loss.




    1st AVENUE and ROYAL PALM RD. 395-4420 J

    OPEN FRIDAY EVENING 4:30 to 6:00 P.M.

  • 2B May 2, 1965 BOCA RATON NEWS

    Mrs. Robert Good (left) Xi Gamma Sigma Chapter, and Mrs. Charles Winn-ingham, Kpsiion Pi, were named Beta Sigma Phi "Women of the Year" ata founder's day banquet April 28. The banquet marked the 3 Hh anniversaryof the national soroity and the 10th anniversary of Xi Gamma Sigma Chapter.Mrs. Good is a charter member of the group. Both women hold the ErskineFeldmann Bowl which was presented to Mrs. Winningham. She will keepthe bowl for a year then present it to next year's "Woman of the Year" fromthe Kp.silon Pi Chapter. Mrs. Good also received a trophy from her chapter.

    School WillHold Prom

    St. Andrew's SchoolJunior - Senior P r o mwill be held Saturday,May 8 at the Boca-Ra-ton Hotel and Club, Ca-bana Club.

    Steve Billing is chair-man of the formal invi-tational dance, RustySchoenthaler, chair -man of entertainment;J a m i e Waken, invita-tions; and Tim Warbur-ton, decorations.

    Dancing will be from8:30 p.m. to 12:30 the Surf Room, Caba-na Club.

    Faculty* guests willinclude Dr. and Mrs*Joseph Gould,- dance ad-visors, Headmaster andMrs, E. J. Curtis, Jr.,Mr. and Mrs. F r e dBurr, Dr.-and Mrs. M.L. Howe, Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Flynn, Mr. andMrs. W i l l i a m Posey,Mr. and Mrs. KennethAnthony, and Mr. andMrs, Kenneth Garside.

    Women Plan

    InstallationInstallation of the

    first officers of BocaRaton Chapter, UnitedChurchwomen will beheld at a f e l l o w s h i pmeeting Friday, May 7in F i r s t MethodistChurch.

    Meeting will beg inwith a coffee hour at9:30 a.m.

    O f f i c e r s are Mrs.John Lynn, First Metho-dist Church, president;Miss Nellis Clift, Uni-ted Church of Christ,vice president, Mrs,Roy G. Henderson, FirstPresbyterian Church,treasurer; Mrs. PhilipS. B e e s e, MoravianCHurch, secretary.

    Music will be provi-ded by Mrs. Robert Ag-new and Mrs.' LillianParker.

    Reservations for thecoffee hour may be madeby 1 p.m. Wednesday,May 5 at the First Meth-odist Church, 395-1244.

    Meeting to discuss plans and distribute tickets for a card party to be givenby Boca Raton Garden Club was held in the home of Mrs. William Steers, chair-man of the party. The party will be held at 8 p.jti. Thursday, May 13 in theCommunity Center. Mrs. Leslie Eames (left), ticket chairman, distributestickets to Mrs. Alexander Beckman and Mrs. Howard Secor.

    Mrs. Joseph Gola, Jr., (left) new president of Woman's Club receivesthe club gavel from Mrs. Vincent J. Welp, installing officer, and Mrs. HaroldArcher, retiring president.

    Happy HouseBy Claire Archer

    Do you have a questionpertaining to interiordecorating? Replies willbe made when returnstamped envelope is en-closed.

    Request from Mrs.J.S. — We're doing overour family room and Ihave most of myproblems solved exceptwhat to do about an ar-rangement for the top ofa Colonial dry sink. It

    has been used for a spotto collect books, papers,magazines, or the child-ren have used it to holdtheir small toys. It'ssuch a handsome pieceof furniture that it de-serves something spe-cial for the top. Willyou please help me.

    Dear Friend: For oneside, I have always likedseveral red clay flowerpots filled with brightgeraniums. On the otherside, you could think

    Mrs. LifkaIs Elected

    Mrs. Charles Lifka,Boca Raton, will be in-stalled vice presidentof Women's OverseasS e r v i c e League, FortLauderdale Unit, at ameeting Saturday, May8.

    The meeting will beheld at noon in BrowardHotel, Fort Lauderdale.

    Anyone in the BocaRaton area interestedin the league may con-tact Mrs. L i fka , 276-6233.

    Club InstallsNew Officers

    Mrs. J o s e p h Gola,Jr., was installed presi-dent of Woman's Clubat a meeting last week.

    Installing officer wasMrs. Vincent J. Welp,West Palm Beach, dis-trict 10 director.

    Other officers areMrs. Oliver Chambers,f i r s t vice president;Mrs. Ben Rich, secondvice president; Mrs.Roger Shaul, recordingsecretary; Mrs, Wil-liam Maxfield, corres-ponding secretary, andMrs. Charles deVault,treasurer.

    about an important look-ing ceramic farm ani-mal. Then dare yourfamily to use this spotfor a collection box.

    Happy house to you.

    The average girl ac-cepted as an airline ste-wardess is 21, stands5 feet 5-1/2 and weighs125 pounds.

    The value of Japanesehousehold sewing mac-hines exported to theUnited States last yearwas a record $28,273,-847, a figure 19 percent higher'than in 1963.The m a c h i n e s totaled1,013,584, a quantity ex-ceeded only in 1959 with1,092,928.

    Royal Palm Women's Golf Association hastwo groups of women playing golf, the eighteenhole and the nine hole group. The nine holeplayers ended their season with a guest dayluncheon in the Yacht Club Thursday. Among

    those who attended the luncheon were (left)Mrs. Frank W. Regan, low gross champ,'Mrs.A.H. Gillmore, • new chairman of the group;Mrs. G.F. Reiman, immediated past chairman,and Mrs. John A. McCormick, low net winner.

    Jolly Mixers

    Set LuncheonJolly Mixers Club will

    hold a pink luncheon at11:30 a.m. Wednesday,May 5 in El Sirocco Ho-tel.

    Pink will be the colorscheme for the women'sdresses and luncheondecor.

    Cards will follow theluncheon. Mrs. VirgilHeck will preside ashostess.

    Victoria, British Co-lumbia was founded in1843 as a.fort for theHudson's Bay Company.It has been a naval basesince 1865.

    Mrs. Palmer Craig presented a film on India at Royale Woman's Club Inter-national tea last week. Chatting with Mrs. Craig (center) about her travels inIndia are (1 eft) Mrs. Glenn Smithson, chairman of the tea, 'and Mrs. Allan B.Millar, Royale Woman's Club president.

    Rev. GathersWill Speak

    Rev. G. E. Gathers,Pompano Beach, will beguest speaker at a St.Gregory's Churchwo-men meeting Monday,May 3.


    we will pay cashor... act as yourBROKERSee KARL