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  • STOAT/ERMINE/RØYSKATT (Mustela erminea)

    We have put together this: 2 days, one night – targeting Stoat( Mustela erminea )in Varanger


    Participants meets in Varanger, Vadsø municipality , Vestre Jakobselv in the morning day one.

    Transportation by snowmobile/sled to this cabin:

    Varanger Birdpark cabin

  • The cabin has 3 bedrooms, 8 beds, and is preheated. Charging of batteries/phones at nighttime,

    using power-generator. Outdoor toilet.

    We starts to look for the Stoat soon after arrival - all together. You will have a guide with you that

    know the animal and its behavior. It is rigged two feeders for Stoat. Our portable hide will be a part

    of it all. If the Stoat is seen on feeder outside the hide – you get in there. Distance to feeder will be 5-

    6 meters.

    Portable hide, without set-up.

    Nevertheless, the Stoat is very much all over the place – and it is important to know that the

    mainthing probably will be handhold photographing, sitting directly on the ground/snow while the

    guide feeds the Stoat. The distance beetween us and the Stoat will then be around 4- 8 meters.

    When the action starts, our guide will start feeding the Stoat – while photos is beeing taken. Many

    times, the Stoat has been as close as under 1 meter. One session can be – when feeding – up to 30

    minutes and longer. The guide will at one point stop feeding the Stoat – and everybody needs to

    respect that.

  • Day 2: We continue the same way as day 1. Afternoon: Transportation back to the road using


    This is clearly the most cooperative Stoat we ever have had. The long duration on the event is set to

    ensure that the happening became a success. Possible to wait indoors in the cabin for those that

    prefers that. No quarantees is given, Remember – this is an wild animal – and a bit of patient is


    Maximum 3 persons pr. tour. Minimum 2 participants pr. tour.

    Price: 3300,- NOK pp. Included: Accommodation, transportation, dinner/coffe/tee, guiding. Access to

    photohide passerines while waiting. NB: Owls in the area. We will also try to get on hold of those.

    Dry food (lunsj/breakfast): You bring your own. Everyone brings with them sleepingbags. Possible to

    rent bedsheets if you dont have sleepingbag. 150,- NOK pr set. Overalls available for free/no extra

    costs. Remember good winter-shoes and in general good clothing.

  • If main-goal, the Stoat, is achived early, and anyone wants to leave the premises earlier – no

    discount/refounds is given.

    Passerine hide info: From the passerine hide, you have a view to one Owl-box where it seems quite

    possible that a pair of Northern Hawk Owls is planning to breed. Most regular passerines to see on

    feeder wintertime: Siberian Tit, Willow Tit, Great Tit, Greenfinch, Bullfinch, Common Redpoll /

    Arctic Redpoll and House Sparrow.

    Most important is to listen to what the guide says during a photo-session with the Stoat, and follow

    what is beeing said. Certain human behavior can scare off the stoat for the rest of the day and

    worse. In case that happends, the person that have done something wrong – have to pay the fee for

    the day that the other participants has paid. Furthermore, those that do such things has to leave the

    premises after paying for the whole session himself. Some of the worst things to do, is to move

    towards the Stoat during a session not listening what the guide is saying, or devide from the group

    during photo-session so that the Stoat get pressed to much – and takes off. Further instructions

    about our behavior will be given.

    The main-guide is Øyvind Zahl Arntzen – manager and owner of Arntzen Arctic Adventures. Normally

    it is him that do this guiding. He has long experience with the Stoat. During photographing of Stoat,

    he uses a 70-300 lens.

    Finally, be most welcome to look at or photograph the Stoat – a real animal-rockett 

    If questions regarding the birdlife in Varanger Birdpark – we prefer that you call us instead of asking

    by e-mail, or have a look at

    Contact info:

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Phone: +47 90760412

    Web: Facebook: 7.March 2016. mailto:[email protected]

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