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political mailing supporting Washington Governor Gary Locke and Presidential candidate Al Gore and their support of childrens health care, and hitting candidate G.W. Bush and his record in Texas


  • Tell us: Who has the best health plan for these kids?

    GARY LOCKE HAS!Governor Gary Lockes plan is for every citizen of our state to have access to quality, affordable health care, especially our children. Governor Lockes plan puts an emphasis on women and childrens health care:

    Gary Locke expanded the Washington Basic Health Plan so that 500,000 needy children can get free medical care.

    He acted so that 133,000 working families can get medical coverage.Since he took office, Governor Locke has dramatically increased prenatal care, new-born care, childrens immunization and other vital prevention programs.

    The Bush health care plan resulted in Texas being:

    49th of 50 states in the percentage of children without healthinsurance. More than 1.3 million children are uninsured. (Childrens Defense Fund Yearbook 2000, Census Data 97-99)

    49th of 50 states for uninsured Americans - 23% of its residents are uninsured. (Associated Press, 10/12/00)47th of 50 states in public spending on health. (Washington Post 10/24/99)

    A federal Judge ruled that the Bush plan did not provide adequate health care for 1.5 million children and ruled that Texas must take immediate corrective action.

    (Dallas Morning News 8/30/00, U.S. District Court Opinion,

    Judge William Wayne Justice, 8/14/00)





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    AL GORE HAS!Al Gore and the Administrations plan worked to ensure that two million childrenwere able to get free medical care under the Administrations Childrens HealthInsurance Program (CHIP).

    Al Gores plan continues to fight for childrens health care:Gores number one health care priority in the next four years is tohave every child in America covered by health care.He will hold states accountable for signing up eligible children for healthinsurance.He will expand health care coverage to working families by extending CHIPto parents.Al Gore will work to pass a strong Patients Bill of Rights so health care decisions for children are made by their families and their physician, not insurance company bureaucrats.

    Its time to stop talking.Washingtons children need Al

    Gores and Gary Lockes health care plans.





  • Paid for by:Washington State Democratic Central CommitteePaul Berendt, ChairP.O. Box 4027Seattle, WA 98104

    Non-Profit Org.US Postage PAIDWashington StateDemocratic CentralCommittee

    There has been a lot of talk about

    health care reforma lot of talk...

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