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Presentation for Joomla Chicago user group discussing the benefits of marketing and communication with social media tools. Brief history and myths are discussed initially prior to examining a mock case study for a self-run social media campaign. Remove the hierarchy, remove the middle men, and just start learning about yourself and others.


  • 1. Stop the Propaganda AND Start Talking A 2008 Angelos Production
  • 2. The Word on Andy Angelos Angelos 2008 He started working for media focused technology startups in 2006. He refers to his occupation as Information Zealotry, which makes him the worlds first Information Zealot. Since 2006, he has launched several publications and contributed to leading blogs like Mashable, CenterNetworks, and NewAssignment.Net. He is currently a consultant for Zocalo Group a Digital Word of Mouth Agency located in Chicago, IL, Planet Earth. Contact him at [email_address]
  • 3. Frustration with Telephone Game Angelos 2008 In our society, he who thinks can no longer act for himself; he must act through the agency of others, and in many cases he cannot act at all. Jacques Ellul in Propaganda (1973)
  • 4. Managing the Telephone Game Angelos 2008 Corporation Creative Agencies Messaging Where is the participation?
  • 5. The Promise of Web 2.0 Angelos 2008 Get out of the way so internetworked employees can converse directly with internetworked markets. The result will be a new kind of conversation. And it will be the most exciting conversation business has ever engaged in. - Cluetrain Manifesto (1999)
  • 6. The Highly Linked Crowd of Everybody Angelos 2008 Idealism surrounding the Web 2.0 revolution ignores the development of large crowds . The if you build it mentality is still pervasive nine years after the cluetrain arrived.
  • 7. Angelos 2008 Google told businesses to care about pageviews. Google is a billion dollar media company. Businesses listen to Google. Businesses give Google money to talk to their customers. Social Networking, Blogs, Microblogging, etc this culture of sharing is based not on the ability to share with millions but the ease of connecting quickly and remotely with small, passionate groups. It Does NOT take a Nation of Millions
  • 8. Angelos 2008 How can you ride the social media train? blogging social bookmarking social networks online video photo sharing microblogging crowdsourcing virtual worlds life-streaming wikis widgets podcasting live events alternate reality games RSS
  • 9. Angelos 2008 Companies have employees. Companies have marketing teams. Combine the two and allow employees to market through social media. Mismanaged Media
  • 10. Angelos 2008 Steves Solar Tubes Putting the Fun in Sun Since 2008. Steve recently launched an Evacuated Solar Tube startup in Chicago, IL. Currently, the company has 35 employees with twenty staff members dedicated to research, manufacturing and installation. How can Steve optimize the remaining 15 employees (sales and administrative) for marketing? How Can Social Media Assist: A Mock Market
  • 11. Angelos 2008
    • Steve and his employees can participate in social media by learning four simple components for the desired platform.
    • Etiquette
    • Identification
    • Conversation
    • Measurement
    Consistency: A Mock Market
  • 12. Etiquette: A Mock Market Angelos 2008 Subject: Meeting today U still on for this evening? Dear Sir or Madam Yours Truly Roger Over and Out Hello, Andy speaking Im eating dinner
  • 13. Angelos 2008 @ = signals reply to thread DM = direct message for private info RT = Acknowledgement of reuse # = Hashtag for tagging posts Follow = Decision to receive content Etiquette: A Mock Market
  • 14. Angelos 2008 Friend = I know this person Poke = Saying hello without words Wall = Acknowledgement of reuse Privacy = Controlling your presence Status = What I am doing Events = Organizing my network Etiquette: A Mock Market
  • 15. Etiquette: A Mock Market Angelos 2008 Identify optimal contact times through usage monitoring sites like Tweet Stats . For example, I am most available via Twitter Monday evenings around 8 pm.
  • 16. Angelos 2008 Location: A Mock Market Twing Forum Search Engine Icerocket Social Media Search Twitter Search Blinx Video Search
  • 17. Angelos 2008 Location: A Mock Market
    • Google Insights for Search
    • Regional Search Habits
    • Preferred Search Terms
    • Rising and Falling Search Terms
  • 18. Angelos 2008 Conversation: A Mock Market Rich media allows for exploration prior to joining discussion
  • 19. Angelos 2008 Conversation: A Mock Market Identify Research Respond
  • 20. Angelos 2008 Monitor Engagement through tracking condensed URLS or depth of conversation. Measurement: A Mock Market
    • Define ratios for Twitter habits
    • How much do you share?
    • How much do you collaborate?
    • How much do you chatter?
    • Followers vs. Following
  • 21. Angelos 2008 The Angelos Methodology AND PARTICIPATE IGNORE THE NORM MAKE IT PERSONAL
  • 22. Make Yourself Ubiquitous Angelos 2008 Maintain your personality in multiple locations YOU
  • 23. Manage Your Ubiquity Angelos 2008 Comments, Posts, Alerts, Feeds, News, Search Phrases, Blogs, Forums
  • 24. Angelos 2008 SO REMEMBER: The ideology of originality is arrogant and wasteful The pleasure of recognition warms us on cold nights and cools us in hot summers Conversation through social media (and in the real world) is like constructing a quilt. Conclusions Visit for contact and additional information.
  • 25. Measuring Social Media Campaigns Angelos 2008 Height: Measure the overall volume of content (both static and kinetic) concerning your brand Width: Capture the availability of content on social media outlets designed for sharing Depth: Examine the relevancy of existing content based on the appearance and sentiment of brand keywords By establishing a Digital Footprint Index for measurement, progress with large scale Social Media campaigns becomes visible.
  • 26. Best Practices Appendix Angelos 2008 Big Brands & Facebook Forrester 2007 24 Ways to Market Your Brand Inside Facebook Facebook Group And Brand Page Best Practices Social Media Explorer The Facebook Marketing Toolbox Inside CRM
  • 27. Best Practices Appendix Angelos 2008 Use Twit