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Stop thinking, start doing

Andrew Halliday| SEO Manager | @ahalliday

About Me

So Ive been in search marketing for about 4 or 5 years.Used to work at as head of SEO and PPCCurrently SEO Manager at Satsuma LoansaBeen doing SEO since I created my first website back at 6th form and that involved adding white text to rank for them keyterms (how times have changed)What I usually speak about at conferences is techncial SEO, server logs being my favorite area (doing Moz Webinar in Nov)But today I am going to talk about something abit different GSDAlso big shout out to MMU who are one of the sponsors I was only asked yesterday to speak it was them teaching me the skills that allows me to create a presentation in 24 hours (or me liking a good time and leaving to the last minute I will let you chose which is more likely)


Two great examples to help you get shit done


Great Speakers

We have seen some great presentations today, and Ive learnt quite a bit which I will be taking back to the officeDont try and do everything pick 3 or 4 quick wins that will make a difference to the companys bottom lineFuture conferences get signed off easier If you only get 2 good things from your next conference take an idea from here and implement it (ur boss doesnt know when you learnt it)


To Do Lists

Creating a beautiful todo list may look nice but Google doesnt wait and ur boss wants results todayDevs need work nowYou need to deliver resultsDoes your boss want an amazing spreadsheet or an improvement in sales (if its the first please let me know I am good at excel)


Never accepts a list from an agency of more than key points Put responsibity on their shoulders for picking the quick winOnce complete ask for next listEasier to managerNever give a list to devs, pr team, content team etc that is more than itemsThey can see the results and more willing in future


Get Back to the office

Do some shitDestroy your long to do lists (well dont as all the items need doing but create smaller to do lists)