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Sony Slovenia photo classroom March 2015 Welcome

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  1. 1. SonySloveniaphotoclassroom March 2015 Welcome
  2. 2. Studio photo workshop Model Date: 7. 3. 2015 Location: Photo studio, Sloveneva c. 24,Ljubljana Timing: 11.00 15.00
  3. 3. Sony classroom invitation was posted on Ambassador FB profile and was booked in 1 day Interest for photo class is higly appreciated
  4. 4. Sony disclaimer C O N S E N T 2015 March 7th, Ljubljana Hereby I agree that SONY Photo School organizers have a right to use pictures I have made during SONY Photo School workshop ... day ... month 2015. Also, SONY Photo School organizers have a right to use pictures with my image taken by SONY Photo School other participants or organizers. Mentioned above pictures can be used free of charge in any kind of communication channels and points of SONY products sales in purpose to promote SONY Photo School. I understand the essence of statements in this document.
  5. 5. Themes presented: Making and studio preparation Photography with use of constant lights Working process with model on fashion photography Presenters: Sony ambassador Klemen Udov Make up artist: Martina Borak Art director: Martina Jeras Number of participants: Total participants 25 Registered photographer 10 Visitors 15
  6. 6. T&T Products SLT: A99, A77II ILC-E: A7R, A7S, A6000, A5100, A5000 RX: RX1, RX10, RX100III
  7. 7. Workshop CE: Ambassador Klemen Udov 80 Make up artist Martina Borak 80 Art director Martina Jeras 61 Studio rent 80 Beveriges 7 Sum: 308
  8. 8. Feedback of participants:
  9. 9. Studio set up
  10. 10. Thankyou.