summer wedding ideas & more!!

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  1. 1. Summer Wedding Ideas & More!
  2. 2. Summer Swing! Well folks, summer have been just around the corner, and the weather here is finally starting to make that apparent! And now that we are in full Summer swing, were kicking things off with tips for beating the heat at a summer wedding. The warm weather has got me thinking about all that can be offered at a summer wedding to get your sunshine at, youll find the perfect tips for staying cool as a cucumber. A2ZWeddingCards UK
  3. 3. Tropical Refreshment Nothing tastes as good cooling you down as a tropical refreshment. These Pina Coladas fit the bill and make for the prettiest signature cocktails. Refreshing cocktails greeting your guests are sure to be an instant hit and a fun way to add a splash of personality to your cocktail hour. Some warm-weathered beverages that we cant get enough of? Margaritas and scrumptious Mojitos. A2ZWeddingCards UK
  4. 4. Summer Florals Go bright is our summer wedding motto. Flowers are blooming and they come in many a pretty color. Have fun mixing big blooms and different hues. Nothing gussies up your trip down the aisle like a gorgeous pot of poppy floral. Choose a hue that works with your palette, and let these potted pretties decorate your ceremony, serve as centerpieces or even give away to guests as favors! A2ZWeddingCards UK
  5. 5. Fan Programs Beat the heat with fans or umbrellas to keeps guest cool and comfy during your outdoor affair. Place one on each chair or have them waiting for guests at the entrance of your ceremony. Take the wedding fan one step further and turn it into programs that guests can use to beat the heat Southern belle style. A2ZWeddingCards UK
  6. 6. Al Fresco Footwear Sandals are a must when trying to beat the summer heat. From guests to Brides, this open air sandal works like a charm. Perfect summer shoe wardrobe can do wonders for your confidence and sartorial self-esteem. After all, when it's too hot and humid outdoors to load up on a bunch of accessories. The best way to let your style shine is by wearing great key staple pieces, like the perfect dress and shoes. A2ZWeddingCards UK
  7. 7. Canopy Party Perfect for a sunny ceremony or cocktail hour naughtiness, these paper parasols offer a shady spot to keep cool. These Sail Shades create shaded areas in your garden which allows greater use of patios, decking, pools & hot tubs during periods of hot weather and strong sunshine. Ideal for when you want to spend time outdoors without the risks that long periods of exposure to the sun entail. A2ZWeddingCards UK
  8. 8. Causal Cool Forgot the heavy formal wear and bust out your favorite summer dress. Choose a wedding dress for summer? Fabrics that work well in the warmer months are chiffons, light satins and silk, maybe with just a glimmer of lace. the silky chiffon skirt gives it the flow and lightness you need for a summer wedding. As you walk down the aisle, the sparkling beading will shimmer in the sunlight. A2ZWeddingCards UK