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Super Bowl Marketing Extravaganza By: Natasha Da Silva Asako Kiaka Zainab Anwer Rien Zubaedah

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  • 1. Super Bowl Marketing Extravaganza By: Natasha Da Silva Asako Kiaka Zainab Anwer Rien Zubaedah
  • 2. Background Popular sporting event in U.S and Canada 111 Million American Watched 171 Million people excited
  • 3. Cost Other sports association super bowl Companies advertising products 30 second commercial = $3.5 -4 million American Advertisers =$4 million = worth it
  • 4. Cost Audience = 100 million south 6 million = Canada $100,000 = 30 sec = Canada Major Sponsors = Soft Drink, Beer, and car makers
  • 5. Regulations U.S ads = cant broadcast Canadians have to wait for the U.S ads U.S ads = teasers on YouTube Yet some of them want to keep surprise.
  • 6. Marketing Tactics Doritos = runs a contest. Some Examples for Doritos contest Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Entry: Make Your Own eature=player_embedded Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Entry: Mans Best Friends feature=player_embedded
  • 7. Coca-Cola Social Media Domination Polar bear mascots the big game & the ads! check the bears Twitter/ Facebook /mobile Red scarf support the N.Y. Giants Blue & grey scarf for the New England Patriots become microsite show their reactions to game Patriots bear raise his hands for touchdown sign Giants bear will hold his head in his hands.
  • 8. Social Media Command Center Super Bowl XLVI - host city Indianapolis -deal with managing the worlds sporting event 1st social media command center! Monitor the digital fan conversation -Facebook/Twitter/platforms Tweet directions to fans in -Search of parking -Direct to Indianapoliss attractions -Provide information in case of disaster
  • 9. 2012 American Ads posted on YouTube weeks before the Super Bowl aired Volkswagen The Bark Side: w&feature=player_embedded Chevy Happy Grad: w&feature=player_embedded
  • 10. Canadian Super Bowl Ad: Hockey? Budweiser Canada idea for 2012 Super Bowl ad: -Surprising 2 recreational hockey teams byOntario filling the arena rabid, fans for a random night game.
  • 11. Super Bowl Greatest Commercials Viral Video Chart creates Super Bowls commercials based on the shares on Facebook/Twitter/blogs Volkswagen The Force: uHQna0&feature=player_embedded 9/11 Budweiser Commercial: uHQna0&feature=player_embedded Budweiser Wassup!:
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