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  • 1. Super Bowl XLIII Enjoyed by: Joe, Tony and Rich

2. Introduction

  • Here is a summary of our Super Bowl experience.I hope that you enjoy it.

3. Arrival

  • After missing a connection in Atlanta on Friday night, Tony, Rich and I arrived in New Port Richey on Saturday morning.We did, however, make up for lost time.

4. Topic One

  • Details about this topic
  • Supporting information and examples
  • How it relates to your audience

5. Friends

  • We made some great friends at a terrific establishment; Brick Oven Pizza.Jack and Ken are the best hosts in Florida.

6. Topic Three

  • Details about this topic
  • Supporting information and examples
  • How it relates to your audience

7. Game Prep

  • After a long day of enjoying the best Brick Oven Pizza had to offer we decided to hit a Steelers Bar in Tampa Tanks Tap Room.There were some interesting people sharing our love for the Steelers

8. 9. 10. Next Steps 11.

  • We also made some new friends.

12. 13. 14. Beautiful People

  • Who said all Steeler fans are drunk slobs?Tony and Richie know how to spot them.

15. 16. 17.

  • There was also some activity outside of Tanks.Are Richie and Joe drinking Iron City Beer?

18. 19.

  • After that many beers, Tony thought this was Mean Joe.

20. 21.

  • I guess the lines in the bathroom were a bit long.

22. 23. 24. Gameday

  • I saw my Dentist at the game.I promised to floss after eating my Kielbasa and Sauerkraut

25. 26. Party time

  • Tony and I were lucky enough to be given tickets to the NFL Tailgate Party.

27. 28.

  • We saw John Legend
  • and Miss America.

29. 30. 31.

  • I stuck this one in for my wife and in-laws.

32. 33. Gametime!

  • Tony and I made it to our seats in time for the kickoff.

34. 35.

  • Here is Fast Willie trying to score.

36. 37.

  • The best defense always resides in Pittsburgh!

38. 39. We are the Champions!

  • Tony and I enjoyed the game and managed to move down to field level.

40. 41.

  • Where we saw
  • Mr. Rooney receive the sixth Lombardi.

42. 43.

  • Mike Tomlin speak of his team.

44. 45.

  • And Big Ben tell the NFL Network how he managed to put that pass into Santonios hands.

46. 47. Culmination

  • After a season of tailgaters and games, planning for this trip, praying for tickets and the spending of way too much money
  • It was all worth it!