super nintendo entertain ment system - develop from nes,

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Super Nintendo Entertain ment System - develop from NES, - h ave a g raphic t echnology 16 byte - t he best console in that years for 90 generation Nintendo 94 Nintendo Gamecube. Nintendo DS S eries E ra. Revolusioner portable game (2004) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY W. Chan Kim and Rene Mauborgne

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - develop from NES, - have a graphic technology 16 byte - the best console in that years for 90 generation

Nintendo 94Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo DS Series EraRevolusioner portable game (2004)Features : - first touchscreen game - wi-fi connection - mikrofonNDS types : - NDS Lite (2006) - NDS DSi (2008) - NDS Dsi XL (2010) - NDS 3DS (2012)

Nintendo Wii Series Nintendo Wii (2006) Nintendo Wii U (2012)

StrategyCompete in turbulent, high-velocity market.3 ways to compete in turbulent, high velocity market:+ Reacting to Change+ Anticipating Change+ Leading Change

Nintendo Wii Case Nintendo will face several risk. The most Important thing for Nintendo. Nintendo reconstruct the rule of the game. With Wii, Nintendo can influence significantly the sales of Sony Playstation.

ConclusionGamepad Wii U and the new control system is not quite intuitive and innovative responses to take gamers as its predecessor , the Nintendo Wii

SuggestionNintendo had to license the IP to the developers of mobile games and put it on the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance , allowing gamers back to Nintendo and created a new market share .