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  1. 1. Supercharge Salesforce1 Mobile Adoption Eric Bensley Salesforce1 Product Marketing [email protected] @ericbensley Mike Gerholdt Admin Evangelist [email protected] @mikegerholdt Matthew Miller Salesforce Admin, SolarCity [email protected]
  2. 2. Todays Speakers Eric Bensley Mike Gerholdt Matthew Miller Salesforce Admin, SolarCity [email protected] Admin Evangelist [email protected] @mikegerholdt Salesforce1 Product Marketing [email protected] @ericbensley
  3. 3. Head to the Success Community for Q&A Dont wait until the end to ask your questions! We will answer questions throughout the webinar. Ask your questions in the Admin Webcasts Group. Stick around for live Q&A at the end Speakers will tackle more questions at the end, time- allowing.
  4. 4. Go Social! #AwesomeAdmin ButtonClick Admins Salesforce Admins The video will be posted to YouTube. This webinar is being recorded! Q&A:
  5. 5. Tell us your favorite tip for driving Salesforce1 Mobile Adoption in your company! We will choose our favorite and winner will get a Salesforce SaaSy! Post your idea in Admin Webcast Group with #mobiletip: Winner announced at end of webinar. And a Giveaway! Q&A:
  6. 6. Agenda Salesforce1 Mobile App Overview & Landscape How to Supercharge Mobile Adoption Salesforce Adoption Manager Free Tools for Tracking App Adoption Best Practices for Training and Engaging Mobile Users SolarCity Mobile Adoption Success Story Q&A Q&A:
  7. 7. Salesforce1 Mobile App Brings Your Apps Forward Brings Your Customizations Forward Works Seamlessly Across Your Mobile Devices Q&A:
  8. 8. Custom Apps 4M+ companies using the Salesforce1 Mobile app 100K ISV Apps + 300+ Salesforce1 Mobile Landscape Q&A:
  9. 9. Salesforce1 Mobile Survey Results Faster Response Times Employee Productivity Faster Collaboration Faster Time to Find Information 24% 25% 27% 29%
  10. 10. Salesforce Adoption Manager Q&A:
  11. 11. Salesforce Adoption Manager 100% opt-in by org admin for orgs in US, UK, AU Program recommends features based on usage Drives adoption and keeps users engaged Users can opt-out any time Smart email journeys to help your users get the most out of the Salesforce1 Mobile App Q&A:
  12. 12. Adoption Manager has 3 distinct email journeys Week 1 with Salesforce1: Onboard new mobile users Download: Get existing users to download the app Bring users back: Remind users about the app
  13. 13. Invite to download the Salesforce1 Mobile App First journey: Download the app Download the app from your phone directly from the email. or text a link to your phone from the email on your desktop. Who gets this email: Users who do not have the Salesforce1 Mobile App.
  14. 14. 5 tips the first week after users download the app Second journey: Week 1 with the Salesforce Mobile App Who gets these 5 emails: Users who downloaded the Salesforce1 Mobile App within the last 60 days. Day 1: Access Records Day 2: Take Action Day 3: Collaborate Day 4: Review Dashboards Day 5: Access Files
  15. 15. Users reminded if they dont use the app for 30 days Third journey: Bring users back Who gets this email: Users who stop using the Salesforce1 Mobile App for 30 days. *Each user can only receive this email once.
  16. 16. Turn it on today! Enable Salesforce Adoption Manager in set up. Available in US, UK, AU. Q&A:
  17. 17. Tips for Driving Adoption Q&A:
  18. 18. Use Chatter Groups for Help, Training & Sharing Success Share tips, tricks, success stories and top use cases in Chatter Group. Chatter Groups are also a great place for Q&A, training videos, resources. Q&A:
  19. 19. Gather User Feedback & Ideas Q&A:
  20. 20. Adoption is Top-Down. Get Execs on Board! Q&A:
  21. 21. Create On-Demand Training Videos Simulate the mobile experience using tools like or Chrome Extensions. Easily record how-to videos using video programs like Camtasia or Ezvid. Q&A:
  22. 22. Share Use Cases for Different Roles Q&A:
  23. 23. Best Resources for User Training and Engagement Salesforce1 Mobile Overview Salesforce1 Mobile Resources ces.jsp Salesforce1 Rollout Guide guide/ Salesforce1 Success Community Salesforce1 Emulator Q&A:
  24. 24. Tips for Tracking Adoption Q&A:
  25. 25. Tracking Mobile App Adoption Track Salesforce1 Logins using the Salesforce1 Adoption Dashboard and Reports AppExchange Package Track specific Actions using Custom Fields and Default Values on Custom Actions Q&A:
  26. 26. Tracking Mobile App Adoption Create a checkbox that is automatically populated to track creation of records through Salesforce1 CustomActions Create a timestamp field to track when records are modified through Salesforce1 CustomActions
  27. 27. SolarCity Success Story Q&A:
  28. 28. Matthew Miller Salesforce Admin SolarCity Q&A:
  29. 29. SolarCity drives Salesforce1 usage with Adoption Manager Americas #1 solar provider Field Agents create leads and log cases from anywhere Adoption Manager drives Salesforce1 usage easily Salesforce1 Adoption Dashboard gives visibility and insights into usage patterns Q&A:
  30. 30. Q&A Eric Bensley Mike Gerholdt Matthew Miller Salesforce Admin, SolarCity [email protected] Admin Evangelist [email protected] @mikegerholdt Salesforce1 Product Marketing [email protected] @ericbensley Q&A: