superhero activities, apps, & tools to empower kids

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Superhero Activities, Tools & Apps to Empower Kids Photo by Anders Ruff Custom Designs: I’m Invincible!

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  • 1. Im Invincible!Superhero Activities, Tools &Apps to Empower by Ross Goodman: Ruff Custom Designs:

2. I believe there's ahero in all of us,that keeps ushonest, gives usstrength, makes usnoble, and finallyallows us to die withpride...- Spider-Man 2Photo by kindercapes, 3. 3000-, 4. How many students have you impacted?How many will you impact this year? 5. How will your studentsimpact the world?Photo by kindercapes, 6. A hero is someone who has given his orher life to something bigger than oneself.Photo by WhiteDesertSun: Joseph Campbell 7. Photo by Malabooboo: WritingLiteracyPoliticsHistoryGeographySelf-Esteem 8. It is through educationthat the daughter of apeasant can become adoctor, that a son of amineworker canbecome the head ofthe mine, that a childof farm workers canbecome the presidentof a great nation.- Nelson MandelaPhoto by Anders Ruff Custom Designs: 9. Reading in Peace by Susana Fernandez, aboutsuperheroes! 10. Superhero Books 11. Marvel Comics AppCharacter Texts Students get in pairs They chose characterthey want to be They text to each othera conversation theyimagine the 2 characterswould have now Take screen shots, poston blog & discuss 12. Superhero High 13. Superhero Song from BC 14. Superhero song 15. Photo by Feans, N Tell The student says,Im a superhero Ican Demonstrates theaction with the toy 16. Photo by DadaAce, upDay Each demonstrates asuper power Tells a weakness Explains why they admirethis superhero Play hero games & music 17. Explore asuperheros journeyComic byCarmen Soto with 18. Photo by Kindercapes: a newsuperhero to solvea problem 19. 20. 21. Create a Superhero App All Devices 22. Make Me a Superhero Android 23. LittleBirdTales.Com 24. Invent & createsuperhero gearPhoto by Lance Neilson, 25. 26. Invent asuperheroapp!Photo by JD Hancock: 27. Students toysrescue each other! Pair students and givethem a scenario or theycan come up with their own After a 1 to 2 minutes,they switch partners 28. Give badges(Girl) Scout Troopers by JD Hancock, 29. 30. CitizenshipAchievementExperienceScoutbyGregWes/all, 31. 32. 33. Free public domain images 34. 35. Celebrate what youwant to see more of.- Thomas J. Peters 36. Photo by Ross Goodman: them givebadges to each other 37. Virtual LearningEnviroments (VLEs)with Kid-FriendlyBadges 38. 39. 40. They may forget what you said butthey will never forget how you madethem feel. - Carol Buchner 41. Dear Mr. Storm,!You have changed my perspective onnot only school but life But!most of all you taught me how toryeoaullry lleigvaec yyo. uArn dli fwe oarndds lcivaen utp etvoen!describe how thankful I am forthat.!From a 6th grader in Shawn Storms! 42. 43. @ShellTerrellGet my book!