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  • 1. Battle of thesuperheroes

2. A magical diamond was created millionsof years ago, but the magic was sopowerful that it had to be locked inside a box. 3. It was taken across the ocean on a boatbut the boat sank on the journey. One day,a diver found the box and decided to sell it to make some money. 4. That very day, Saw was cycling past when he noticed the magic box. 5. He wanted the magic power all for himself but 6. as soon as Saw touched the box,the other superheroes knew they hadto stop him! 7. The Good Guys: Batman and Ironman 8. The bad guys: Saw and Hulk 9. And Superman. (somewhere in between) 10. As Saw sat happily with his boxMy treasure 11. FIGHT! 12. Whos that leavingPOWW! 13. Whats going on here?!? HULK! 14. !!!!!!!! 15. Lets get the diamond back together!Help!! 16. Ironman returns to the good side 17. The Bad Guys The Good Guys 18. Whats going on?! Did I missthe party?!Superman arrives! 19. Superman has a difficult decision tomake.Join usJoin us 20. Lets open the box together!A long, long, long time later.(awwww) 21. And what will it be.! 22. Oooops. Oh no!*#*!*#!!