surviving the 6 th grade having a successful year in mrs. payne’s class

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Surviving The 6 th Grade Having a successful year in Mrs. Paynes Class Slide 2 My Contact Information There are many ways to stay up to date on what is going on at school! Slide 3 My Blog I have started a blog for this school year. On the blog you will find information about what we are studying, clarification on homework, and other information you need to know. I will update this blog at least once a week. Visit Mrs. Payne's Blog at Slide 4 Other Ways of Contact: Email: [email protected] School phone number: (706)234-4118 Parent Conferences Slide 5 Expectations The following slides explain the expectations you should have of me as well as the expectations I have for you! By following these expectations, you will have a successful year in 6 th grade! Slide 6 What You Can Expect From Me, As Your Teacher: to teach you to help you learn, but you have to help me to care for and love each and everyone of you to be consistent and fair to reward good behavior and to impose consequences to bad behavior to trust you that I do what I say and say what I mean Slide 7 My Expectations of You I expect you to: listen try be respectful follow directions the first time given do your work come prepared for class work well in groups have a great attitude be responsible Slide 8 Polices and Procedures These are the rules, policies, and ways we do things to make our classroom run smoothly! Slide 9 Work It is your responsibility to keep up with your work. Binder You need a 1 inch to a 2 inch binder and 2 sets of tab dividers for math and 1 set for each other subject I teach. Graded each Friday afternoon, and twice each 9 weeks Any work not put in your binder will be turned into the work bin Put this work in the correct bin. This will be graded each Wednesday and sent home in your weekly folder. You will also have a not done folder. Any work you are not finished with when we move on will go in this folder. All not done work will need to be completed and turned in (or put in your binder) every Friday. Slide 10 Homework I try to only give homework Monday through Thursday nights. H.O.T. (Homework On Time) card Each day, when you turn in all your completed homework assignment(s) on time, you get a punch on your card. 10 hole punches gets you a special treat. The card is your responsibility to keep up with. If you dont have it with you, you forfeit the punch you would have gotten. If you lose your card, I will give you another one, but you will lose all the punches you already had on the lost card. Slide 11 Late Work All binder work should be in place by Friday to be graded. All bin work is due on Wednesdays. If you turn in your work late, you will lose 25% off the grade each week it is late (example: an assignment is due August 5, but you turn it in 2 weeks late August 19, the maximum grade you can earn is 50%) After the fourth week, late work will not be accepted. Slide 12 Group Work You will often be asked to work in pairs or groups to: Complete class work and projects Read Group members will be randomly selected. You are expected to work cooperatively in a group. Do not argue or complain about who else is in your group. Ask your partner(s) any questions before you try to ask a teacher for help. You are put into groups to work cohesively and to help each other out. Slide 13 Grades This is how your grades will be calculated: Class work 20% Homework 10% Binder grades 10% Tests 30% Quizzes 15% Participation/behavior 15% Slide 14 Personal Items Do not leave anything in your desk or in the classroom that you would mind being lost or taken. I am not be responsible for items Please remember, that there will be no going back to the other class to get any work or forgotten materials. It is your responsibility to come to class COMPLETELY prepared with everything you need. Slide 15 Behavior In order to learn, you must follow the classroom rules as well as the school wide rules. Remember, your behavior affects others, not just yourself! It is a factor in your grade as well! Slide 16 Classroom Rules Our classroom rules are: Always have a good attitude Always respect others Always stay in your seat and on task Listen to and follow directions the first time given Raise your hand and wait to be called on Slide 17 Discipline Steps If you fail to follow the rules, this are your consequences Warning Note sent home requiring a parent or a guardian to sign and return Silent lunch Detention assigned Office Referral Marks do carry over from my class to Mrs. Corbins. Slide 18 Disrespect Any disrespect to a faculty member will result in an assignment of detention no matter what mark you are on. Disrespect can include (but not limited to): Smacking your lips at an adult Talking back (including trying to argue) Making fun of an adult Rolling your eyes Slide 19 Bullying Bullying is NOT ok and it is NOT tolerated in my classroom. You will be given a mark each time you make fun of someone or try to bully them. It is still not ok even if you say you are playing, there is no playing like that in the school! Every time I hear an inappropriate comment you will get a mark and progress up the discipline process. This includes baby cussing and telling others to shut up There are no second chances when it comes to inappropriate comments. Slide 20 Hallway Behavior You are to be in line in your assigned order Second square Quiet Hands are by your side You are right behind the person in front of you. Marks will be given out if you do not follow these rules. Slide 21 Detention If detention is assigned by me, it is served in my room and lasts for 30 minutes after dismissal. I will send a note home explaining why you earned detention and explaining what date you will be expected to serve your detention. This note must be returned to me the very next school day after it was sent home. If this note is not returned the next school day, you will be assigned another day of detention (now you will need to serve 2 days). If the second notice is not returned either, you will be written up. If you skip detention, you will be written up. Slide 22 Morning Routine When you come into the classroom, there is a routine for you to follow: come into the room quietly unpack only what is needed for my class and put your backpack up make sure you have 2 sharpened pencils begin on your morning work You will have until 8:10 (or 10 minutes after the start of class for the second section) to complete your morning work. Slide 23 Bathroom You may only go to the restroom once per day in my classroom. You may not go during the time I am teaching, you may only go during work time. If you need to go to the restroom, raise your hand and wait to be called on. When allowed to go, move your magnet to the appropriate side. Slide 24 Lunch Procedures No talking as you enter the lunchroom and are standing in line to get your lunch until at your seat. You will be sitting in your assigned order during lunch. Use your inside voice, and only talk to the people close to you. If you are talked to about your noise level or your behavior, you will get a behavior mark. If you need to be talked to again, you will be placed on silent lunch. You are only allowed to go through the line one time. Stay in your seat. Clean up after yourself! Slide 25 Absences It is your responsibility to ask for any missed assignments due to absences. You will have one day for each day you were absent to make up any missed assignments. You will only be given make up work for excused absences (after your guardian sends in a note). Slide 26 Dress Code Skirts must be longer than the tips of your fingers. Shoes: No flip flops, slides, slippers or any shoe that shows your toes or heels. Your shoe laces must be tied. Your shirt must be tucked in at all times. If your pants have belt loops, you must wear a belt. Pants must be up around your waist. If a teacher/adult talks to you about a dress code violation, you will get a discipline mark. Slide 27 Parent Signature If you return your parent signature pages tomorrow, you will get a surprise reward. You must turn in both of them (from your Survival Guide and the Blog Picture form) and they must be signed by your parent or guardian. Slide 28 Congratulations, you are now an expert in what goes on in Mrs. Paynes classroom! We are going to have a great year!