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Activity Week Trip To Suzhou By Salwa 7w

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Activity Week

Trip To SuzhouBy Salwa


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rides Rickshaw ride was fun and

pleasure. They also have a

great use in Suzhou , people there used rickshaws to make the life

there easier because it is a

cheap transportation , they

also made these rickshaws

for tourist's and so that they can earn money , tourists also use them for

sight seeing.

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l tour

Suzhou had lots of canal because it rains a lot there , it’s a part of human ingenuity because people created them to make life easier and different than what it would be to be surrounded by water. Tourist even us them for having a tour on the canals

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Silk spinning


Silk in Suzhou is a famous reason to earn money because it is the biggest silk factory and it produces lots of silk , with the silk they make lots of stuff like pillow , blankets , clothes etc. then this stuff is sold out in different countries and states.

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This silk is produced by a

silk worm who first is a moth

, then the moth lays eggs

and when the eggs hatch

and grow they become silk

worms but then they turn

them into cocoons . These

cocoons are then boiled and

made soft and unwrapped

and made the silk using the

machines .

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hillThis name to this hill was

given by the gate which was

shaped like the head of the

tiger. It also has a lining tower

which is quite tall and old and

in there is the coffin of the

creator who created it. Many

tourist also come there to

have a look at the famous

tiger hill. And there was a also

sword testing rock where you

test how sharp the sword is.

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‘s we





On the third day we went to

the children’s welfare Institution where we saw some children who were mentally disable to do thing, I

liked the part when they performed for us with drums

ad also when we played games with them and also

when we gave them gifts and

they were so happy. They

made these schools only for

special people who cant do

stuff that we can do.

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