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2011 hipster runoff#SXSWThe greatest week of my lifeIt was like 80% of the most important ppl in the world showed up2 generate tons of buzz for multiple brands, startups&startup buzz brand bandsI met so many influencersSo many early adoptersSo many buzzbandsSo many buzzblogsSo many buzzhumansHit up so many relevant partiesI have a friend who works for _______and who happens to know __________So we were able to get backstageand hit up a relevant VIP lounge that only had influencersI got VIP status at everything that I attendedGot tons of wristbandsJust wore a sleeveless shirt bc I basically already had a sleeve of wristbandsWhat is SXSW?What is SXSW?Celebration of creativity & innovation across Interactive, Film & Music

21 years of interactive10 days (5 Interactive)40,000 attendees 1,322 talks2 M @mentions w/ 2B social reach

If Cannes is a celebration of the past, SXSW is a celebration of the future...

Plug the Fast Co Oral History:

Big year of change for the conference Beyond app launchesTech huge part of our livesKeynotes: Julian Assange, Edward Snowden not CEOs of tech cosTech overload break Yoga, meditation offered on-siteGOOGLE GLASS IS ALMOST HERE.

Flickr Andrew Law Yahoo Space

Crazy milestones - Think about a venue thats been open for 10 yrs of iconic brand Same for Flickr/FacebookFB went all out - Facebook Live event w/stars and director of Neighbors. Zac Efron, Seth Rogan, director Nicholas Stoller, on hand to answer questions in front of a live audience1st Facebook Live event sincea Q&Amoderated byMashable with the cast ofThe Hunger Games: Catching Fireat Facebook's California headquarters in November.

What is SXSW?What was SXSW trend-wise?2012Ambient location awareCurationMobile 1stSocial storytelling

2013Big data + contextDistribution > ViralityCreative collaborationHumanized tech

2014Paranoia -> Anonymity premiumCurrency alternativesBody/brain hacks/historyIntegrated interactive intuition


Technology/Digital Innovation created to make our lives easier, simpler and better - We willingly give out our personal data - hand over to companies and brandsIdeally: our data creates engaging experiences, motivates action and creates more personalized relationships to drive loyaltyDark side security People are wary Ex. Targets data security breach - Finally seeing private sector tread data like weve been forced to or at least pretendKey: make people feel secure by being open and transparent. - Tell consumers how datas being used/anonymized/storedOwnership is huge Consumers catching on that access, store & take-back requests happen when want to sever ties w/brandsIrony of NSA whistleblower Snowden using Google Hangout?Ex. Secret App"This is just hurtful without being helpful. It is invective without accountability. It is the true nature of Secret at scale." - Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth

Symptom of the paranoia around data -> tweens as the cutting edge w/SnapChat/Confide Same w/WhatsApp a closed loop social networkBoth apps Secret & Whisper - allow users to share secrets without sharing their identity. Whisper posts can sometimes read like high school bathroom, Secret offers more Silicon Valley gossip.Getting better at knowing what to share where - response to data permanence, understanding its consequences re. judgement/bigger audiencesRadical rise in Snapchat, Whisper, Secret, Confide and Wicker - engage with others without fearsIllustrates how little we have to say to personal profiles cant force into convos get invited by being creative+relevant - Cant appear intrusiveiris agency + Mindy Project both working on Tindr Dominos campaign & profiles for shows charactersCloak is latest - actually helps people avoid friends in the real world based on their social media interactions

"Anonymity on its own does not cause poor behavior. What causes poor behavior online is lack of community standards." -Clive Thompson, author.Behavior change

It turns out that it's not just trolls who say nasty things under the cloak of anonymity. Last year,a studyfrom researchers at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University found that most people who commented on the Internet anonymously engaged in both "anti-social" and "pro-social" activities meaning they both said nasty things and gave people helpful advice.Also TOR service redirects internet traffic via w.w. network to protect anonymity; resists censorship, provides entry point to Deep Web many referencesYou have decided not to tell Facebook your home phone number. Guess what? They know it. Its in a friends contacts and she forgot to conceal it. Often there are 40 or more trackers taking note of your IP and cookies. Your meta data reveals where youve been, who youve been with, how long youve been there?

Currency alternatives

its very obvious to all of us that cryptocurrencies are inevitableTheres a lot of value to it, (but) theres a danger to it not being regulated. - Jared Cohen, Dir. Ideas, Google Big picture is Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin was the butt of many jokes but was discussedDigitally-native currencies have appeal to brands -Shift mass commerce onlineCuts out middle man - Corps save Ms in transaction feesIncreases speed for transactionsStability ties to black market payment security -> downsideNew forms of coin like Dogecoin is going to stay alive - More major merchants will accept & legitimize bitcoinEx. Airbnb, Uber, Taskrabbit

Not to be a total hippiebutSharing economy long-time fueled by the internet thrivingMicrocsm of high-tech at SX you observe how latent behaviors & trends reach scaleThe citys limited in hotel rooms -> Airbnb, Uber, TaskRabbit saves lots of time/energy/money/brainsOutsourcing daily needs to larger community = happiness, productivity, efficacyBehavior changeData shows that new forms of peer-to-peer sharingwill double in adoption over the next year. Jerimiah Owyang

Crowd Companies FounderIncl. custom products, loaner cards, crowdfunding Body + brain hacks + history

GlassholesCame up last year w/humanized theme - Wearable technology - enhances access to fitness information (i.e. FitBit), or information of all kinds (i.e. Google Glass), Beyond now G-glass is out there consumer friendlyWorking towards developing products that can adapt based on behavior

Ex. 23andMe

Daily data - Calories burned, time spent in R.E.M., and now our personal genome, mapped and tapped.Your DNA will help you track your ancestors, determine the source of your personality traits, and maybe even prevent disease in both you and larger communities.Founder Anne Wojcicki previously worked on Wall Street investing in companies that made money off of treatment rather than prevention. Treatment of preventable diseases obesity and diabetes for example is a multi-billion dollar business. But lots of companies compete to make money off of treatment. Why not make money off of prevention?Consumers will come to expect and even rely on data about their health, DNA, lifestyle, energy consumption and more. New moral issues breeding better offspring will challenge social and legal standards.Behavior change

In the future we may be a different species Tech-enable humans with optimized brains. Anne Wojcicki

Telepathy brain-computer interfaces + emotion recognition technologyBrands want to map your brainUnderstand minds/moodsReact according personalized responsesSensor-equipped workout wear cardiovasular/respiratory activityWearable solar apparel biggest marketing presence Subway, promoting Flatizza. Set up big booth at the convention center-strapped brain monitors onto convention-goers and asked them to "think" about the Flatizza. The person who thought the hardest won some swag. In theory though, the brain monitors can't tell specifically what you're thinking about, according to one of the Subway marketing guys at the booth.

current Wearable Tech is pretty much uselessalmost always an attempt to replace something smartphone does. not enough to make it transformative. Its novel. opportunities to expand wearable tech and data it produces to create smarter systems that provide information we can use to drive behavioral changes.

Integrated interactive intuition

Quips like, thats over my head, her looks could kill or hes cold-hearted reveal deep connections between our physical senses and our emotional experiences. Today scientists are discovering new truths about visceral understanding through language metaphors. Bodies and minds are not separate, unified and dependent, shape thoughts and experiences, and how knowledge helps designers reignite their intuition and creativity to design better human experiences.George Lakoff, the UC Berkley professor of linguistics and pioneer of embodied cognitionBeyond smart hardware -> Smart UX design serves up content based on what we need vs. outright requestApp can orient design b.o. proximity to a device Designing platform can offer suggestions on how to reine b.o. tasteCalendar can predict what day should look like b.o. prev. routinesThis frees us time spent on inputting data -> consumers will have freedom to focus on ideas, action & application

Ex. JellyIf we were going to create a search engine today, would we want to search only the web? Or all the people we are connect to at any given moment. Biz StoneBiz Stones new thing searches your friends & your friends friends 2 degrees of separation

Behavior change

Visual vocabulary Clarity through image shorthandPopularization of emojis new semioticsFinding stories in data, visualizing them, speeds comprehension, summarizes the complex, shows hidden relationships, reveals patterns & moreCreating products, services, systems based on how connected we are with each otherAutomakers rethinking system placement to iconography. Each player is vying to develop the user interface that will set the industry standard. Smart device makers can build on their UI experience to disrupt the market and usher in the era of connected cars.

Ideation & Maker Culture4D VR Software - Oculus Rift

3D-Printing for commercialization/customization

4D demo Oculus Rift aq. By FB after SXGame of Thrones 4D exhibit by HBO w/Oculus Riftmaker movement will go mainstream. Larger brands, retailers, big box stores will modify business models to accommodate the new interest. A smaller percentage of goods will be made in ChinaWhat was SXSW?2012Ambient location awareCurationMobile 1stSocial storytelling

2013Big data + contextDistribution > ViralityCreative collaborationHumanized tech

2014Paranoia -> Anonymity premiumCurrency alternativesBody/brain hacks/historyIntegrated interactive intuition