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My notes from the 2014 SXSW Interactive festival.


  • 1.1 South By Southwest (SXSW) 2014 #sxsw2014

2. 2 What is SXSW? Interactive Media, Film and Music Festivals in Austin, TX 75,000 or more participants each year in the three festivals Interactive Media: Hands-on training to big-picture analysis of the future 30,000 participants 74 countries 21st year 3. 3 Before and After Before Panel Picker: Crowdsourcing panel selection SxSocial: Social app/site for those going (NDSU connection) After LinkedIn Internship possibilities Guest lecturer Opportunity to test software SXSW App screen shot 4. 4 Key Takeaways We live in a period of significant disruption in the arts, media and communication industries. Technology has removed the gatekeepers. Social media builds fans, mobilizes critics. Content drives monetization. Data informs decision-making. We are at a crossroads in discussions about privacy. How can we teach our students to develop meaningful ideas and content? 5. 5 Workshop Longer periods to learn about a topic Visual Storytelling Move audience from what is to what can be Audience is the hero STAR moment Nancy Duarte conducts a workshop on visual storytelling. 6. 6 Entrepreneurship Topics Regionalization of entrepreneurship Using infrastructure and apps to disrupt traditional business practices Must have a network around your product Sharing economy Steve Case, founder of America Online, interviewed by Emily Chang, reporter for Bloomberg Media. 7. 7 Digital Manufacturing Digital manufacturing has reduced the cost and scale of manufacturing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel demonstrates a CNC milling machine with Inventables founder, Zach Kaplan. 8. 8 Chelsea Clinton Im obsessed with diarhea in children. Apps used Need for transparency Need for common health metrics and a neutral site to track and measure international health data Chelsea Clinton interviewed by editor of Fast Company, Robert Safian, following her keynote presentation. 9. 9 Are We All Producers? Netflix is changing the distribution process Engage the second screen Know your audience--50 Shades 30% of Sundance movies were crowdfunded Have a good story Dana Butelli, Producer of House of Cards, 50 Shades of Gray and others, interviewed by Randi Zuckerberg, of Zuckerberg Media (and the sister of Facebook founder, Mark.) 10. 10 Instagramming the News Instragram goes alongside traditional photo work (iPhone as second camera) Instragram has power to influence international action Stories told in real-time Head of Time photo department interviews Dan Toffey, who runs community program of Instragram, and Daniel Guttenfelder, photojournalist. 11. 11 12. 12 Dr. Neill deGrasse TysonDr. Neill deGrasse Tyson "How much do you still wonder about the world around you?""How much do you still wonder about the world around you?" 12 13. 13 Adam SavageAdam Savage "Art and science have always been the twin engines pushing our species forward." 13 14. 14 Leadership Insights Flatter organizations Power is not based on knowledge Coaching more than managing Tolerance for making mistakes Employees are measured like never before More autonomy to staff Work and personal are merging Collaborative work space Recharge and reflect on weekend Culture of the company comes from the top " Joanna Coles, editor of Cosmo, interviews Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable, and Olivier Fleurot, CEO of MSLGroup, a strategic marketing company. 15. 15 Branding Everything 16. 16 Awards and Competitions Student Entrepreneurship competition Interactive Media Awards Accelerator sessions 17. 17 Parties Networking Opportunities Showcase of New Products Opportunities to Promote a Brand Free food and drink