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@VEREGO @SXSW – Thanks for all the great opportunities made in Austin for South by Southwest, count the Verego Team in for the next @SXSW and @SXSWEco

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Verego - Truth and Social Responsibility pushes out Digital Roots at SXSW in Austin Texas.


  • [email protected] @SXSW Thanks for all the greatopportunities made in Austin for South by Southwest, count theVerego Team in for the next @SXSW and @SXSWEco

2. SXSW ECO LAUNCH PARTY Thanks [email protected] and @SXSWEco for bringing some greatpeople together working on #sustainability. @SXSWEcoOctober 8th-13th tweet @Geostellar #initfor #Power #Glory 3. KEYNOTE ELON MUSK - #askmusk as he talksabout SpaceX and Tesla . Electric vehicles to reusable rocketsas he presents the first ever showing @SXSW of a successfullaunch and landing of a SpaceX rocket test. 4. DAVID JONES Not only does @Verego connect thetools of Social media and the Truth in Social Responsibility.David Jones CEO of HAVAS finds and connects how SocialResponsibility drives Social Media. 5. SHIPPING CONTAINERS South by [email protected] had hundreds of these containers spread acrossAustin. They provided food, work spaces, shopping and more.#GoGreen @SXSWEco. 6. HARI MARI Giving back $3 to cancer patients for everypair of sandals purchased. Made from all purposebiodegradable materials. #VeregoCommunity#VeregoEnvironment 7. NIKE FUEL BAND The Verego Team uses [email protected] Fuel Bands for workplace health and wellness as theyracked up the Fuel points walking to @SXSW events,sessions, panels and networking parties. 8. LIVING THE #STARTUPLIFE Entrepreneurs,Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors talk about startups. They allwatched how @Veregos @JustinGauvin wins an electric bikefrom WahWah app bringing together Radio and Friends 9. GO GREEN Tents, stands and charging [email protected] and @GEOSTELLAR has @VEREGO pick the bestbooths @SXSW Lets keep America the world beautiful